Sunday, February 27, 2011

R O T O N D E P R O T E S T - 1 M A A R T - 8 . 3 0

Filmpje van vorig protest

Stuur het door met facebook en deel het evenement (naam evenement is "Rotondeprotest tegen huidige coalitie")

------E N G L I S H ---E N G L I S H-----E N G L I S H----E N G L I S H---E N G L I S H --- E N G L I S H ---

Roundabout protest


Come Tuesday morning 1st of March to the roundabout on the Haarlemmermeerplein in Amsterdam. We will cycle from 8.30 – 8.45 (AM) sharp. By cycling in endless rounds we will block all traffic. We do this in order to protest against this government, and call on everyone to take away their power by voting for parties that will not support Wilders in the Eerste Kamer. This roundabout protest is a call for all people with a social heart to go out and vote!


The roundabout protest will be held simultaneously in Amsterdam and Utrecht. Join us!


There are 3 rules:

- no violence;

- if the police come to end it, we go away (we will be back);

- give way to ambulances and fire trucks.


Roundabout protest! See you on Tuesday!

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1015vv amsterdam
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