Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Attacks at Rabobank. Statement

Preliminary Statement Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, Dutch Cell

We demand the following attacks directed against Rabobank. The reason we have conducted the attack and will implement a system that represented Rabobank. A system that reigns over a community and distributed and murdering!

Investments in arms industry

It is a known fact that Rabobank invested in the arms industry onmoral people play against each other and let the blood that flows out to earn them. An arms industry that supplies weapons to countries (even the Netherlands) that arms again against a community uses (including defense and police in the Netherlands).
The arms industry has dropped bombs on children, babies, families, animals, including in Palestine.

Rabobank calls this justifies action, and we also get Shell, ING, ABN-Amro, Randstad. All these mentioned fascists company's of the system are paramount in their view that they justify the action.

The attacks on Rabobank justify what we call action! Future attacks on Shell, ING, ABN-Amro, Randstad these companies accountable!

In Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, the above mentioned companies and / or subsidiaries that have been attacked by splinter cells called the Fire. A truth that is not released by the representatives of the syteem. This shows our strong international solidarity.

Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, Dutch Cell

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