Monday, February 21, 2011

Callout for "Training for Trainers" activist training project

Callout for "Training for Trainers" activist training project - Ljubljana,
Slovenia - May 16th-23rd 2011.

It is a one-week training for activists, especially in East/South-East
Europe, to develop collective organising skills, action tools and
effective skills-sharing. Workshops will include Consensus
decision-making, Facilitation techniques, Dealing with conflict within
groups, Working within coalitions, Campaign and strategy tools, Affinity
groups and Action tactics, as well as tools for training others and
sharing these skills.

Two training collectives from which some members will be involved are:
- Tripod training collective -
- Seeds for Change -

If you are interested to participate in this training send an email to
**training[at]** by latest **MONDAY 14th MARCH** answering the few
questions below.

We will respond to all emails after the deadline.

**Please forward this email to anyone who might be interested to
participate in this training**


EYFA Collective


1 - where are you from and what is your age?

2 - what kind of groups or collectives are you involved with?

3 - have you ever used consensus decision-making or facilitation in your

4 - within your group/city/country, how does skills-sharing usually happen
amongst activists?

5 - would you like to organise follow-up trainings in your country to
share the skills that you learn with others? do you have the time to do

6 - what is your level of understanding spoken-English? will you need

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