Saturday, November 16, 2019

Tantra Movement next module in Massage Course

Hello Lovely People! 💜

Like almost every 5 days, we begin a new module of Massage Course or "All Aspects of Love - All Aspects of Tantra" course. Whenever you're ready you're welcome to join <3
The coming course would contain 3 parts in 3 days:
Day 1: Short but powerful Tantric Massages
Day 2: De-Armouring Massage
Day 3: Full Body Orgasm without Touching Massage

Day 1
Short but powerful Tantric Massages

We going to play with different intuitive, tantric massages, what we use usually at the course "All Aspects Of Love, All Aspects Of Tantra". We will play with polarities, with mixing the energies of whole elements and chakras. In the meantime we would learn and practice of Tantric Massage, what would be great preparation for the coming days

Day 2
De-Armouring Massage

This time we going to sharing something not very intimate at all but very healing and liberating. What we are going to experience during this workshop is a massage, where by pressing particular points, you are brought to your limits of pain and then you stay there. In this way, we are getting rid of our physical pain, emotional pain and our energetic pain, what we have been carrying sometimes all of our lives.

Full Body Orgasm without Touching Massage

This massage is based on the energetic touch that doesn't require physical touch. Still, you may be able to bring the person to very deep full body energetic orgasm or if the body chooses to deep energetic healing. This technique is also very useful in cases when people are blocked for touch.
I feel that nothing explain better than the video with me as a model for my teacher and student Flaviu Pop:

Check the website or ask for more info
Michal Kali Griks

Monday, November 11, 2019

The beautiful work in crisis!


We are looking for employees working remotely.

My name is Lela, I am the personnel manager of a large International company.
Most of the work you can do from home, that is, at a distance.
Salary is $3500-$7000.

If you are interested in this offer, please visit Our Site

Best regards!

Thursday, November 7, 2019

[AGA-Nieuws] Anarchist Film Festival - full program

The program of the Anarchist Film Festival is out! The full program with 
all the film titles is published here on our newsletter. Find the list
of films and screening times below.

Please join us for our three day Anarchist Film festival, with a special
6 hour screening on Monday, featuring a broad spectrum of anarchist
film, ranging from deceptively childlike animations to in-your-face soft
porn, from candid documentaries to surrealist explorations of human
Alongside the movies on Fri/Sat/Sun we will have vegan food and baked
goods and merch stands for groups like Abortion Network Amsterdam, the
Spanish CNT and the Zapatistas National Liberation Army!

Don't miss out!



FRIDAY 15th November

16:00 - Voices of Bakur + Distant

Voices of Bakur
Two Rivers and a Valley / 2015 / Turkish, Kurdish, EU + USA / 32 min
English subtitles.

A highly important documentation of an under-reported popular
insurrection for autonomy covering democratic autonomy, women's
liberation, self-defense and the civil war in southeastern Turkey. The
film features interviews shot on the ground with various Kurdish
organizers, many of whom are now facing jail sentences, are already in
jail or were killed. It also features footage from various news sources
which have now been shut down and banned by the state. The film was
created by Two Rivers and a Valley, a collective of Turkish, Kurdish,
European, and US radical filmmakers.

Leyla Toprak / 2016 / Syria + Turkey / 16 min
English subtitles.

The Syrian Kurdish militia defending Kobane against the Isis terrorists
are one third women. In this short film about war and the love of life,
two female fighters describe why this struggle is also one for women's
freedom. Their optimism is contrasted with the ruins of the city.
Through short, precisely composed shots the camera explores the
possibilities of new life among ruins through which a mysterious dancer
is moving.


17:30 - To Wait or Provoke + Crowbar

To Wait or Provoke
Matthieu Quillet / 2018 / France / 17 min
English spoken.

A filmed letter from the text "Crowbar chronicles, fragments of a life
from breaking and entering. A subversive, offensive but also
self-critical testimony of 15 years (and more) squatting life

Matthieu Quillet / 2016 / France / 80 min
French spoken. English subtitles.

This documentary on the everyday life and struggles of squatted social
spaces was made between 2014 and 2018 featuring squats, a self-managed
space, a neighbourhood, occupied land and their hundred inhabitants in a
medium sized city in France, following their meetings, parties and how
they manage their space.


20:30 - Lasting Marks + Raspberry Reich.

Lasting Marks
Charlie Lyne / 2018 / UK / 15 min
English spoken.

The story of a group of men with shared sexual desires, lucky to have
found each other yet unfortunate to be considered criminal for
expressing them and the vice investigation (named 'Operation Spanner')
that followed when the police acquired a video tape of these acts being
performed. At once heart-breaking and heart-warming, this short
documentary tells the story of sixteen men prosecuted for sadomasochism
in Thatcher's Britain.
Presented in vertical format, a presentation Lyne put a lot of thought
and research into, the film is created entirely out of photocopied
documents (newspaper clippings and trial transcripts) with a friendly
voice-over sharing a perspective that was suppressed at the time – that
of a participant in the infamous orgy.

Raspberry Reich
Bruce LaBruce / 2004 / Germany + Canada / 90 min
English spoken.

As hilerious as it is hot, the film showcases what LaBruce calls
"terrorist chic", cult dynamics, and the "innate radical potential of
homosexual expression". The story follows a contemporary terrorist group
consisting of several young men, and a female leader named Gudrun (after
Gudrun Ensslin) who are continuing the work of the Red Army Faction.
They call themselves the "Sixth Generation of the Baader-Meinhof Gang"
and "The Raspberry Reich". - "Reich" is a reference to communist
sexologist Wilhelm Reich, and the term "Raspberry Reich" was coined by
RAF leader Gudrun Ensslin to refer to the oppression of consumer


A queer electronic musician and rapper based in Amsterdam, bringing sexy
beats, hardcore bass, souly vocals and tight rhymes filled with hope,
using music to share, to connect, to dance, to release and as a weapon
against the structures of oppression, in particular those of gender and
racism, this society is based on.

PARTY - until 1:00


SATURDAY 16th November

Boy and The World
Alê Abreu / 2013 / Brazil / 80 min
No dialogue.

A deceptively simple yet emotionally complex Brazilian animation that
truly exemplifies the power of imagery and music in combination as more
than enough to portray a powerful and deep message. It shows an
adventurous quest of a heartbroken young boy searching for his father,
illustrating the issues of the modern world through the eyes of a child.
A cautionary tale of globalization, The Boy And The World teaches above
all the dangers of the massification of the economy, of the mind, and of
the soul.


The Fig House
Pitzi Kampouroglou / 2019 / Greece / 107 min
Greek spoken. English subtitles.

Ten persons of different nationalities, refugees and activists (plus a
cat), are living for seven months in a squat in Thessaloniki while
trying to reach Germany through the Balkan route. While working to
achieve their goal, they come across the everyday troubles and risks
familiar to those who live on the edge of society.


Hamburger Gitter
Steffen Maurer + Marco Heinig / 2018 / Germany / 80 min
German spoken. English subtitles.

The state lost control of Hamburg in the summer of 2017 during the G20
protests and is now trying to regain it. 170 investigators are working
on hundreds of cases against militant demonstrators and people involved
in rioting and looting. Harsh punishments were demanded and imposed in
more than 40 cases so far. This documentary focuses on how the protests
were dealt with and state security policy, paying attention to why
freedom of assembly, freedom of movement and freedom of the press are
important when considering the changes in police strategies. Could
fundamental rights be suspended during protests? Are there judicial and
legislative grounds to react differently to violent protests? Which
methods of repression of the "exceptional G20 situation" in Hamburg
could become the norm? Hamburger Glitter follows up by documenting the
relevant events, talking to people on both sides and interviewing
experts on the history of protests, fundamental rights, security policy
and the overall political situation.


Concerning Violence
Göran Olsson / 2014 / Sweden, Finland, Denmark + USA / 90 min
English spoken.

Reporting the most daring moments in the struggle for liberation from
colonial rule, this documentary based on Frantz Fanon's essay,
Concerning Violence, from his 1961 book The Wretched of the Earth,
narrates the events of African nationalist and independence movements in
the 1960s and 70s which challenged colonial and white minority rule.
Fanon's landmark book, written over 50 years ago, is still a major tool
for understanding and illuminating the neocolonialism happening today,
as well as the violence and reactions against it.


The Exterminating Angel
Luis Buñuel / 1962 / Mexico / 93 min
Spanish spoken. English subtitles.

Luis Bunuel's "The Exterminating Angel" (1962) is both a macabre comedy
and bitter view of human nature that suggests we harbor savage instincts
and unspeakable secrets, and a scathing satire of the ruling class in
Franco's Spain, who having set a banquet table for themselves by
defeating the workers in the Spanish Civil War, sit down for a feast
only to
find it never ends. Trapped in their own bourgeois cul-de-sac and
increasingly resentful at being shut off from the world outside, they
grow mean and restless; their worst tendencies are revealed. Take a
group of prosperous dinner guests and pen them up long enough, Bunuel
suggests, and they'll turn on one another like rats in an overpopulation



Generic pissed off raw punk destruction from Amsterdam and Nijmegen.

PARTY - until 1:00


SUNDAY 17th November

12:00 - Homotopia + Born in Flames

Eric Stanley / 2007 / USA / 27 min
English spoken.

Set sometime in the future-present, Homotopia chronicles a group of
radical queers dedicated to exposing the trouble with gay marriage,
dismantling the State, undoing Empire, while looking totally fierce.
Woven into the story of Yoshi's adventures in love, resistance, and sex,
is a critique of the crushing violence of homonormativity and its deadly
perpetuation of US patriotism, conservative kinship structures and
affective accumulation. Homotopia holds cinematic assumptions hostage
through its motley assemblage of never-passing crew. Race, gender,
ability and desire are reworked through an anti-colonial take of queer
struggle creating a visual rhythm of melancholic utopianism that knows
there may be no future but still hopes today is not their last.
Love revolution, not State delusion, Homotopia.

Born in Flames
Lizzie Borden / 1983 / USA / 90 min
English spoken.

Inspiring a generation of feminists, this science fiction is set ten
years after the most peaceful revolution in United States history, a
revolution in which a socialist government gains power, this films
presents a dystopia in which the issues of many progressive groups -
minorities, liberals, gay rights organizations, feminists - are
supposedly dealt with by the government, and yet there are still
problems with jobs, with gender issues, with governmental preference and
violence. In New York City, in this future time, a group of women
decided to organize and mobilize, to take the revolution farther than
any man - and many women - ever imagined in their lifetimes.


If A Tree Falls
Marshall Curry / 2011 / USA + UK / 85 min
English spoken.
The remarkable story of the rise and fall of an Earth Liberation Front
cell, focusing on the transformation and radicalization of one of its
members, Daniel McGowan, who was arrested in a nationwide sweep of
radical environmentalists involved with ELF, a group the FBI has called
America's "number one domestic terrorism threat." For years the ELF
launched spectacular arsons against dozens of businesses they accused of
destroying the environment: timber companies, SUV dealerships, wild
horse slaughterhouses, and a $12 million ski lodge at Vail, Colorado,
while operating in separate anonymous cells without any central
leadership. Part coming-of-age tale, part cops-and-robbers thriller, the
film interweaves an honest chronicle of Daniel on house arrest as he
faces life in prison, with a dramatic recounting of the events that led
to his involvement with the group.
Pom Poko
Isao Takahata (Studio Ghibli) / 1994 / Japan / 119 min
English dubbed.

A community of magical shape-shifting raccoon dogs struggle to prevent
their forest home from being destroyed by urban development. The story
begins in late 1960s Japan when a group of raccoons are threatened by a
gigantic suburban development project on the outskirts of Tokyo which is
cutting into their forest habitat and dividing their land. The story
resumes in early 1990s Japan during the early years of the Heisei era,
when the economy and consumerism is booming. With limited living space
and food decreasing every year, the raccoons begin fighting among
themselves for the diminishing resources, but at the urging of the
matriarch Oroku ("Old Fireball"), they decide to unify to stop the


Skye Fitzgerald / 2018 / USA / 40 min
English spoken.

With the political climate increasingly hostile to immigrants and
refugees, this documentary focuses on the civilian impact of the Syrian
conflict by following the people desperate enough to risk their lives in
rubber boats leaving Libya in the middle of the night, despite a high
probability of drowning, and the volunteers of Sea Watch, a German
non-profit with few resources, who fight multiple governments to save
migrants from sinking rafts, certain that civil society must intervene.


A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night
Ana Lily Amirpour / 2014 / USA / 102 min
Persian spoken. English subtitles.

In the Iranian ghost-town Bad City, a place that reeks of death and
loneliness, the townspeople are unaware they are being stalked by a
lonesome skateboarding vampire  who preys on men who disrespect women.
The first Iranian Vampire Western ever made, Ana Lily Amirpour's debut
basks in the sheer pleasure of pulp. A joyful mash-up of genres,
archetype, and iconography, its prolific influences span spaghetti
westerns, graphic novels, horror films, and the Iranian New Wave.


MONDAY 18th November

La Commune (Paris, 1871)
Peter Watkins / 2000 / France / 5 hrs 45 mins
French, English subtitles.

In this war drama blurring the lines between documentary and fiction,
the working class and the bourgeoisie of 19th century Paris are
interviewed and covered on television, before and during a tragic
workers' class revolt. A gripping historical re-enactment in the style
of a documentary on The Paris Commune, "La Commune de Paris", a radical
socialist and revolutionary government that ruled Paris from 18 March to
28 May 1871.

The film will be shown in two parts with a 30 minute intermission.


Tickets -
€3 - €5 suggested donation. First come, first serve.
All proceeds are going to the Anarchist Defence Fund.

Sign up for a Volunteer shift!
We will be needing a few extra hands during the festival- we might need
help with the bar, stands, or a quick trip to the supermarket. Each
volunteer will get two free movie tickets!

Anarchistische Groep Amsterdam
postbus 16521, 1001 RA   Amsterdam

stuur een email naar
om je te abonneren op onze maillijst en
nieuws van de AGA te ontvangen.

bezoekadres: Anarchistische Bibliotheek
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iedere zaterdag van 14:00-18:00
Eerste Schinkelstraat 14-16  Amsterdam

lezen: Directe Actie
onregelmatig verschijnend gratis blad van de AGA

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Sunday, November 3, 2019

Tantra Movement Program 2019/20

Hello Lovely People!

I'm so exited, so happy and looking forward. In a few hours, I would be back home at our tantric island, Koh Phangan in Thailand. 

4th year, this time for good, like never before.

From the beginning with the strong intentions and actions into creating the community of volunteers around Tantra Movement. 

We are constantly growing not only spiritually, but also we are expanding in Love, in ecstasy, in abundance...

Join us! One way or another! We are looking forward to connecting.

The time is Now!. 

Golden Thought between the announcements:
"One from the most essential, most healing and most beautiful things what you may learn, experience and exercise at the tantra workshops is to express, to respect and to share your own and partner's boundaries. When you feel them your partner, respect them, it may be one of the most liberating and healing experience. The workshop save space creates a comfortable playground to stretch them when you're ready for it." - Michal 2019

 PROGRAM FOR 2019/2020 

From November till June, we would give an ongoing program of 3 days/one-month courses.

We focus on two courses:

All Aspects of Tantra and

Tantra Massage

Below you have the dates, however, for more details, we invite you to the website and/or to our FB events (links below)

Looking forward to hearing from you and see you soon at Koh Phangan.

5 November Welcome party

7-9 November Massage 1st Module

11-13 November Massage 2nd Module

15-17 November All Aspects 1st Module

18-20 November Massage 3rd Module

22-24 November Massage 4th Module

26-28 November All Aspects 2nd Module

29 November – 1 December Massage 1st Module

3 December Opening Heart, Breast Massage Ritual

5-7 December Massage 2nd Module

9-11 December All Aspects 3rd Module

13-15 December Massage 3rd Module

17-19 December Massage 4th Module

21-23 December All Aspects 4th Module

27-29 December Massage 1st Module

2-13 January Journey of Love and Intimacy

16-18 January All Aspects 1st Module

20-22 January Massage 2nd Module

24-26 January Massage 3rd Module

28-30 January All Aspects 2nd Module

1-3 February Massage 4rth Module

5-7 February Massage 1st Module

9-11 February All Aspects 3rd Module

14-16 February Couples retreat

18-20 February Massage 2nd Module

22-24 February All Aspects 4th Module

27-29 February Massage 3rd Module

3dr March 42nd Birthday

6-8 March All Chakras Course

10-12 March All Aspects 1st Module

14-16 March Massage 4th Module

19-21 March Massage 1st Module

23-25 March All Aspects, 2nd Module

27-29 March Love Yourself Course

2-4 April Massage 2nd Module

7-9 April Massage 3rd Module

11-13 April All Aspects 3rd module

16-18 April Massage 4th Module

20-22 April Massage 1st Module

24-26 April All Aspects 4th Module

28-30 April Massage 2nd Module

2-4 May Massage 3rd Module

7-9 May All Aspects 1st Module

11-13 May Massage 4th Module

15-17 May Massage 1st Module

20-22 May All Aspects 2nd Module

24-26 May Massage 2nd Module

29-31 May Massage 3rd Module

For more details you may check our website:

and our fb events

Video: How to make Yoni Massage?

How to make Yoni Massage.Masterclass by Michal Kali Griks
Masterclass by Michal:
"This is one of the greatest gifts that I may give to humanity. At this lecture, I will share my wisdom about the tantric yoni anatomy, and I will explain how to provide the yoni massage. "

For those, who would like to see the videos before we upload them here, we invite you to subscribe to our YouTube supporting channel:

We are very much looking forward to welcome you to one of our Retreats.
Spread love in the world!

Michal Kali Griks

Tantra Movement School introduces you to the path of tantric practice and lifestyle. It's a way of deep experience, abandoning concepts, exchanging energy, gaining awareness and entering a truly intimate relationship with yourself and others. It expands you to the deepest and highest levels of love and ecstasy through exploring all dimensions possible to you. From the place where you are, we support you on your journey of growing into your full potential.

We facilitate our workshops and retreats worldwide: during summertime, you find us all over Europe, in beautiful and natural centres and spiritual festivals in Spain, Netherlands, Romania, Bulgaria and Germany. Every winter we give Tantra Retreats on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan.

We love to see you in one of our life-changing Retreats – join us!
If you have any questions, CONTACT US!

Copyright © 2019 Tantra Movement, All rights reserved.
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Our mailing address is:
Tantra Movement
Amsterdam, Nh 1011 AA

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[Doorbraak Info] Opnieuw kritiek op onderzoek naar dekolonisatie Indonesië

Nieuwe artikelen

Vijf redenen waarom ik niet meedoe aan de "witte staking"

Wetenschappers van meerdere universiteiten kondigden vrijdag een "witte
staking" aan vanwege de te hoge werkdruk als gevolg van een tekort aan
financiële middelen. De eerste actie is een automatisch antwoord op
emails, waarin het universitaire personeel aangeeft het "te druk te
hebben om binnen redelijke termijn te reageren". Ook schrijven ze in die
mail dat ze geen overuren meer werken en zich daarom "beperken tot
aanstellingsomvang". Assistant professor Mathijs van de Sande doet om
vijf redenen niet mee, schrijft hij. Lees meer:

Tweede open brief van Pondaag en Pattipilohy met kritiek op onderzoek
naar koloniale oorlog in Indonesië

n november 2017 namen Jeffry Pondaag en Francisca Pattipilohy het
initiatief om samen een open brief te sturen aan de Nederlandse
regering, in verband met hun kritiek op het door de overheid
gefinancierde onderzoek "Onafhankelijkheid, dekolonisatie, geweld en
oorlog in Indonesië, 1945-1950". Deze brief werd breed ondersteund, ook
door Doorbraak. Onlangs hebben zij aan minister-president Mark Rutte,
minister Ank Bijleveld van Defensie en minister Stef Blok van
Buitenlandse Zaken opnieuw een open brief gestuurd. Pondaag en
Pattipilohy vinden dat hun bezwaren niet serieus worden genomen.
Hieronder de integrale tekst van die brief. Lees meer:


4 november, Den Haag: bijeenkomst over de Soedanese revolutie

"First up we are hosting a panel discussion on the Sudanese Revolution.
As you had probably noticed the wave on Instagram of the blue profile
pictures or the iconic imagery of Alaa Salah in white chanting during a
protest. However, some of us do not know what really happened or why
profile pictures were changed to blue. Therefore, we have invited Dr.
Karin Willemse who is a researcher on North Sudan, to give a
introduction to the country's history and the revolution. Additionally,
we have Ms. Mekka Abdelgabar who is the executive director of Women in
Dafur United for Peace and Progress. Ms. Abdelgabar will discuss her
work as a mediator in Sudan and her organisation. Finally, Mr. Walid
Ahmed and Mr. Abdulrazik Khamis are Sudanese activists in the
Netherlands, and they will discuss the current situation in Sudan, and
what it is like to be a Sudanese activist in the Netherlands and on
social media. We will end with a panel discussion among the speakers and
the audience", aldus de oproep van Afro Student Association (ASA) op
Facebook. De bijeenkomst vindt plaats in het kader van de
"#AfroKnowledge Series". Maandag 4 november. Van 18:00 tot 20:00 uur.
Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs, Zaal 3.48, Leidse
Universiteit, Turfmarkt 99, Den Haag. Lees meer:

27 november, Amsterdam: Bijstandsbond-bijeenkomst over de
Participatiewet en de beweging #Samenvoor14

Op 27 november organiseert de Bijstandsbond in Amsterdam een
discussiebijeenkomst over evaluatie van de Participatiewet, over de
beweging #Samenvoor14 en over kwijtschelding van gemeentelijke
heffingen. Woensdag 27 november. Van 14:00 tot 17:00 uur. Tet-Theater.
Bilderdijkstraat 165-b, Amsterdam. Lees meer:

Nieuws elders

Oprichter Riffijns-Nederlandse nieuwssite: "We weten dat Marokko ons in
de gaten houdt"

Dagelijks deportatiegeweld: Afrikaanse vluchteling wordt geboeid,
geslagen en gewurgd

Anti-kraakbureaus zijn de aasgieren van de woningmarkt

Vader geterroriseerd Joods gezin: "Dorp weet wie daders zijn, maar houdt
zijn mond"

Middelstegracht 36a, 2312TX Leiden
Telefoon: 0641206167
Versleuteld mailen met Doorbraak kan ook:

eveneens te bereiken op dit postadres en mailadres.

Opgeven of afmelden [Doorbraak Info] mailinglijst:
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List help: <>

Friday, November 1, 2019

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Thursday, October 31, 2019

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