Saturday, February 5, 2011

First Foolish Training Kunduz Police at GreenLeft congress

First Foolish Training Kunduz Police at GreenLeft congress
Rebelact - 05.02.2011 22:46

The Kunduz Police should start to get education anywhere on the planet. No better place Saturday, February 5th than the GreenLeft congress in Utrecht! Around 10.30 the first recruts showed up and tried for the first time to secure a building where (you never know!) Taliban could have been hidden. Unfortunately the coördination with other uniformed forces wasn't always the way it should be...

Several times trying to enter the hall failed dramatically. Security guys didn't know about the new urgent mission and pushed the battailon of the Kunduz Police out of the building. The only remaining option was to go on with our foolish training outside the building. Happily there was professional support of the Dutch police from Utrecht - who loved to exercise with us! Playing with them was really fun!

We know the next Dutch contribution to a NATO mission isn't very cheap: starting with 500 million Euro. But then you'll get something beautifooool! We learned for example the typical Dutch polonaise and sang: "Olé, olé, olé - we're going to Kunduz - we're going to Kunduz!"

To be honoust: Kunduz Police loves to sing! What else could you do in a country where you're part of a corrupt regime! Another great line we sang was: "Oh, oh, oh Kunduz - i really don't know what we could do there!"

And there was also that fantastic old song from Country Joe McDonald. We used it with just a small adaption:

"1, 2, 3 What are we fighting for? Don't ask me I don't give a damn. Next stop is Afghanistan! 5,5,7 open up the pearly gates. Well I ain't got time to wonder why - whoopee! we are all gonna die!"

Next to it we learned crawling (slowly crawling to the main entrance), running around and freeze! and also checking people if they are from Taliban. But maybe the best part of this impressive first lesson was learning to negotiate effectively with our Dutch police collegues about almost getting arrested...
They even ordered 2 police vans especially for us and sveral nice motor drivers. Wowww, these bikes are amazing!

You'll understand we're looking forward to join the rest of this educational programme. GreenLeft first wanted a police mission from the European Union in Afghanistan (that's what they told in their election programme last year) but we really love to be part of this NATO shooting party! Therefore it's wonderfooool GreenLeft helped the rightwing minority government with their first crucial victory a month before elections. It's needed! Especially now!

We don't know if there's any Green Left, but for sure they are Right!

Pictures and film will follow

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