Friday, February 4, 2011

Day of Departure

Any social criticism of the current situation in Egypt and Tunisia should also include a description of a progressive position regarding foreign policy suited to these countries.

These countries have for long had a major role in the region supporting US and their western allies. Mubarak and Ben Ali along with others in the region have been puppets securing western interests whilst imposing their citizens and people throughout the region with unspeakable misery, war, political emancipation and economic hardship.

Western governments have been enjoying for decades a comfortable platform through these regimes to safeguard their interests and to launch their repressive policies against people and any opposition to their colonial agenda. That has included continuous interference in countries' internal affairs, wars and plotting new ways to maximise their political and economic gains.

A political opposition which does not want to lead their people towards an independent foreign policy i.e. rejecting their countries' hitherto puppet role has left itself open to regaining that role at a later time. People's lives in the region have been directly or indirectly affected by foreign powers and now it is time to decide what their revolution should do with those powers. There is a dangerous political position which tries to harness and limit the aspiration of these revolutions and to keep the door to the known old role of their countries towards the West.

The revolutions in these countries must get clear with their past. They should reject the West and especially Israel which has committed too many crimes for too long to have any eligibility to play any role in the future of these countries. Mubarak and Ben Ali are the symbol of those repressions to which the fury of the people in the street is directed as a rejection of the colonial role and a cry for change. Any attempt to suppress or ignore their demand is a deliberate move towards, while shaping their countries according to, the western governments agenda.

Down with the colonial puppet!
Down with political and economic slavery!
March towards real freedom!

The sacred and courageous revolutions in the regions will wipe out the stronghold of slavery and bring dignity and prosperous future for the people. And that helps us in the West to root out the empire which has dominated the world too long and committed too many atrocities to deserve to keep their title. The empire of capitalism is shaking!

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