Thursday, March 21, 2019

Tantric Wikipedia

Hello Lovely People!
Following my universal call and energy of Equinox and Full Moon, I would love to share the idea about Tantric Wikipedia where we could share all tantric practices. 
When someone can  create something like this technically, I'm willing to share the practices from my book "Tantra Teachers and Students Guide: All Aspects of Life - All Aspects of Tantra"
We are leaving in the times that tantra(not only) is urgently needed to create solutions what humanity is facing nowadays. Time to share Love Unconditionally not just in words but also in actions <3
Mother Earth, humanity needs solutions, healing, transformation like never before.  Most of us, teachers are living already in abundance.
Let's share! I pray I wish, I choose that others will follow this example. 
Share when you care <3
Thanks in Advance
Questions? Suggestions? Contributions? - Connect <3  
Michal Kali Griks

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

"How to make Yoni Massage Masterclass"

Hello Lovely People! Happy Equinox and Happy Full Moon!
Another practical video what no one dear to share. After "How to make Full Body Orgasm Massage Without Touching" and "How to make De-armouring Massage", now time for "How to make Yoni Massage Masterclass"
I wish with these videos, I inspire other teachers to share their wisdom. We are leaving in the times that tantra(not only) is urgently needed to create solutions what humanity is facing nowadays. Time to share Love Unconditionally not just in words but also in actions <3
Probably if I would be smart I could sell this video and pay my debts but I choose to be wise and share that Love Unconditionally because the Mother Earth, Womanhood, humanity needs solutions, healing, transformation like never before. This is more urgent than my personal wishes. Most of us living already in abundance. Let's share! I pray I wish, I choose that others will follow this example. 
Share when you care <3
Thanks in Advance
This is one of the greatest gifts that I may give to humanity. At this lecture, I will share my wisdom about the tantric yoni anatomy and I will explain how to give the yoni massage. 
Yoni and lingam massages are used in different ways in other types of tantric massage.
There many important reasons for massaging the genitals.
Thankful yoni and lingam massage you may explore much higher types of orgasm and ecstasy than typical peak orgasm, what you may compare as kindergarten to university ๐Ÿ™‚
Besides being a great source of pleasure, yoni massage can be a great source of healing for a woman. There are many points where past memories are stored, along with emotional pain, conditioning, prejudices, anxieties, fears, anger, etc. Most of them are highly connected to our sexuality.
It's not commonly known that the yoni and lingam are the most reflexological active zones in the human body. By stimulating its different parts we are bringing health to all parts of the body.

This is why for me, one of the most important aspects of Neo Tantric Massage is to do it from the heart.
For those who like to go deeper and go for practice, we invite you for our course:
Connect, get informed, share Love and enjoy life <3
Michal Kali Griks

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Conversations with God in Tantra Movement Cosy Cinema

This movie as the book is far from religious but very spiritual, inspiring and uplifting.

Based on Neale Donald Walsch's trilogy comes a film you won't want to miss! Conversations with God is an entertaining yet practical exploration of perhaps the most spiritual experience a person can have, regardless of their faith. See why everyone is talking about this exciting, empowering film!  

The dramatic true story of a struggling man turned homeless who unexpectedly becomes a spiritual messenger. In the wee hours of the morning, overcome with anger and bitterness, Walsch writes an angry letter to God, demanding answers to his questions.
Our Cosy cinema doesn't have a big screen but has comfortable mattresses :)
After the movie, you're welcome to discuss and hang around :)
We would continue regularly, every Wednesday, to show tantric, inspiring and meaningful movies in our Coco Villa Center. Sometimes you may meet with our students especially during the retreat because our movies are the part of the education. This one is tantric in the aspect of spirituality
About the movie "Don't Look Down" (2008)
"...When his melancholy father dies, Eloy imagines that his father visits him at night; the explanation is more pedestrian - Eloy has started sleepwalking. Things change abruptly: while sleepwalking, he falls through an open skylight into the bed of Elvira, a young woman from Barcelona visiting her grandmother. Elvira invites Eloy to become her lover and teaches him Tantric sex. Eloy discovers bliss. And his father?..."
Cosy Cinema every Wednesday
20.03.2019 at 7 PM
Tantra Movement Coco Villa Center
Sri Thanu, Koh Phangan, Thailand,99.9825338,16z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x3054ff11740435b3:0x440ab6b5d1874d76!2sTantra+Movement+Coco+Villa+Center!8m2!3d9.7475616!4d99.9868791!3m4!1s0x0:0x440ab6b5d1874d76!8m2!3d9.7475617!4d99.9868794

Follow the signs "Tantra Movement School" into a sandy road. There is a hill, which can be a bit hard to drive because of sand/stones. If you want an easier route, follow the following description to our Center:
Go up to Seven Eleven (coming from Sri Thanu on the middle road to Thong Sala), turn left just before (concrete road). Take again the first small concrete road on the left, leading up a hill though palm plantations; After the top of the hill go a bit down on a sandy road. Take the first bigger sandy road on the left; our house will appear after five minutes on the left side (also with Tantra Movement sign, visible from the street).
So three times left.
Donation based:
Suggested free donation - 200 THB
Check our Website for more information:  


Sunday, March 17, 2019

Tantra Movement Videos. Michal Kali Griks


"ะ‘ะตะท ั„ะพั€ะผะฐั‚" - ะขะฐะฝั‚ั€ะฐ - ะฟัŠั‚ ะบัŠะผ ั‚ั€ะฐะฝัั„ะพั€ะผะฐั†ะธั

How to Protect Yourself in Tantra by Michal Kali Griks

Tantra Kriya Yoga Breath. Powerful!

Tantric Healing.Taste of Tantra workshop introduction talk by Michal Kali Griks

Rainbow Gathering 2013 Greece.Is Tantra Political?(part 1)

Know how to use it, don´t lose it basic tantra

Yoni Massage Explanation by Michal Kali Griks.Rainbow.Slovenia 2016

Male and female by Michal Kali Griks in TMS, Sri Thanu

How to make Full Body Orgasm without Touching Massage.Instructions by Michal Kali Griks

Train Your PC Muscle.Basic of Tantra & Health

Full Body Orgasm without touching

Masturbation vs Self Love

Oneness through Tantra

Transfer Energy up to avoid ejaculation. Basic of Tantra & Health part 2

5 love languages by Michal Kali Griks at Rainbow,Slovenia 2016

Wim Hof Method by Michal Kali Griks

Authenticity and Tantra

Tantra,Love & activism

Clitoris in Tantric Yoni Anatomy(1)

10 Best Tantra Advice

Valentine's day for Singles

Tantra Association Koh Phangan ?

Tantra Movement - its a life experience. Logo

Truth and Contentment through Tantra.Michal Kali Griks

5 Love Languages. Zen Beach. Koh Phangan Thailand

Requirements from the Tantra Teachers

Sacred Sexuality Workshop

G-spot.Tantra Yoni Anatomy by Michal Kali Griks part 2.

Tantra-Strongest Spirituality

Yoni Mapping

Love Yourself. Zen Beach

10 Best Tantra Teacher qualities according to Tantra Movement School

Yoni Healing

No Partriarchat,No Matriarchat but Partnerchiat

Importance of Sexual Chakras

Inner woman.Inner man(Es)

Neo Tantra Massage.Yoni, Lingam Massage

Healthy Ego by Michal Kali Griks

About Tantra Massage by Michal Kali Griks(Spanish translation)

Rainbow Poland 2018 My Tantra by Michal Kali Griks

How to do De-Armouring Massage by Michal Kali Griks

10 best teachers qualities

Snorkeling as Spiritual Practice

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Fwd: [Doorbraak Info] Massale demonstraties voor een radikaal andere wereld

Nieuwe artikelen

Beelden van de klimaatdemonstratie vandaag in Amsterdam

Vandaag demonstreerden ongeveer veertigduizend mensen in Amsterdam in de
stromende regen voor een beter klimaatbeleid. Met Doorbraak sloten we
ons aan bij het zeer strijdbare en levendige blok voor radicale
klimaatrechtvaardigheid. Zo'n vijfentwintig organisaties hadden daarvoor
opgeroepen, waaronder ook Doorbraak. Lees meer:

Veel strijdbaarheid en creativiteit bij de vrouwenmars vandaag in
Amsterdam (beeldverslag)

Het was vandaag heel erg druk bij de intersectionele vrouwenmars in
Amsterdam. "Het gaat in 2019 niet alleen over vrouwen. Het gaat over ons
allemaal (v/m/x). Op elke manier. Omdat alle onderdrukking met elkaar te
maken heeft: all oppression is connected", aldus de organisatie. Dat was
goed terug te zien in de vele strijdbare en creatieve spandoeken en
actieborden. Lees meer:


15 maart, Den Haag: landelijke onderwijsstaking

"De hele onderwijssector stelt nu: genoeg is genoeg! Van het primair
onderwijs tot het wetenschappelijk onderwijs is men de bezuinigingen en
werkdruk zat! Daarom gaat WOinActie, samen met studenten, leerlingen,
docenten, bewegingen, vakbonden en andere organisaties 15 maart het
Malieveld op! Alleen met velen kunnen we regering onder druk zetten te
investeren in onderwijs. Zorg dus dat je er bij bent!", aldus de
gezamenlijke oproep van onder meer WO in actie, MBO in actie, ASVA en
LSVB. Vrijdag 15 maart. Van 12:00 tot 15:00 uur. Malieveld, Den Haag.
Lees meer:

17 maart, Groningen: demonstratie tegen racisme en discriminatie

Op 17 maart organiseert het comitรฉ Groningen Tolerant een manifestatie
met aansluitende demonstratie in de binnenstad van Groningen. "Voor
gelijke behandeling ongeacht afkomst, huidskleur, gender, religie. Tegen
racisme, homofobie, transfobie, xenofobie, islamofobie, seksisme en
antisemitisme. Met de verkiezingen รฉn de internationale dag tegen
racisme (21 maart) voor de deur willen we iedereen oproepen geen stem te
geven aan discriminatie en racisme. Zowel in het stemhokje als erbuiten.
Er komen sprekers, spoken word en muziek. Aansluitend demonstratie in
binnenstad Groningen!", aldus de oproep. Zondag 17 maart 2019. Van 14:00
tot 16:30 uur. Grote Markt, Groningen. Lees meer:

23 maart, Amsterdam: demonstratie tegen racisme

Op 23 maart organiseert het Comitรฉ 21 Maart in Amsterdam de jaarlijkse
demonstratie in het kader van de internationale dag tegen racisme. Het
protest begint op de Dam en voert naar het beeld van de Dokwerker op het
Jonas Daniรซl Meijerplein. Doorbraak roept iedereen op om aan de
demonstratie deel te nemen. Om inhoudelijke redenen hebben wij het
manifest van het comitรฉ echter niet ondertekend. Demonstratie. Zaterdag
23 maart. Van 14:00 tot 17:00 uur. Dam, Amsterdam. Lees meer:

1 mei, Leeuwarden: debat over de actualiteit van het vrij socialisme van

"Op woensdag 1 mei zullen we een bijeenkomst houden in Zalen Schaaf.
Hetzelfde onderkomen waar ruim 125 jaar geleden duizenden Friezen
opkwamen voor het recht op de achturige werkdag. We zijn benieuwd naar
de actualiteit van Domela's gedachtegoed en doen dat door terug te
blikken naar een debat tussen Piter Jelles Troelstra en Domela
Nieuwenhuis van weleer", aldus de oproep. Woensdag 1 mei. Vanaf 19:30
uur. Zalen Schaaf, Breedstraat 48, Leeuwarden. Lees meer:

Nieuws elders

Carnaval is geen vrijgeleide voor racisme

Intimidatie bij abortusklinieken

Actie van het "Nacht und Nebel anti-binair satanistisch front voor
vrijheid van seks" tegen Civitas Christiana

IMS Groep buit personeel uit!

Studenten boos over demonstratie Civitas Christiana

VS: Ongedocumenteerde activisten die zich laten opsluiten in
deportatiegevangenissen om daar te organiseren (video)

Waarom komt de staat met de vervolging van Joke Kaviaar weg?

Koerdische hongerstakers bij Omroep West (video)

Edouard Louis: literatuur is een wapen (video)

Solidariteit en repressie bij lawaaiactie voor Joke in Nieuwersluis

Dwangarbeid in Den Bosch

Politieagent klaagt over "bepaalde bevolkingsgroepen" (video)

Ecologische politiek betekent niets zonder anti-racisme

Middelstegracht 36a, 2312TX Leiden

eveneens te bereiken op dit postadres.

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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Tantra Massage Introduction tonight

Hello Lovely People!
We would like to invite you for Intro evening to Tantric Massage TODAY <3
After knowing those basics, you would step up with your intimacy and love skills, you would surprise your future lovers by giving them the experience they may not feel before. 
Use it. Don't lose it!
We wish to see you here tonight.

Michal Kali Griks

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Unite Tantra Festival

The intention of this whole day festival is to connect in unity, liberate, expand in love and experience Oneness.
Let's celebrate a beautiful life together!

 8.30 Creating Sacred Space Meditation
 9.00 Introduction, Connection Rituals + Cacao
 9.30 - 11.00 Tantra Kriya Yoga
11.00 - 13.30 Awakening the Senses Ceremony
14.00 - 17.00 Introduction to Tantra Massage
17.30 - 18.30 Dance with Tantra workshop
18.30 - 20.30 Ecstatic Dance
20.30 Fire, Live Music
22.00 Sharing, Closing Circle Ritual

Tantra Movement Coco Villa Center // Koh Phangan // Sri Thanu   

5th March 2019

Price: - includes teachings in a beautiful location, fruits and water.

Before the event:
2500 BHT
Links for the transfers you may find here:  

At the door
3000 BHT  
When you could not join the whole event you may participate partly and this costs 700BHT per part
Ecstatic, live music and Fire only 400BHT

Most of the events would be guided by:
Michal Kali Griks
Check the website for details and do not hesitate to ask further questions

Monday, February 25, 2019

Snorkelling as spiritual practice video

A free event, any time, everywhere
Here and now. Spiritual, conscious snorkelling.
Use it, don't lose it! Enjoy!

Michal Kali Griks

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Call for Assistants and Volunteers for Tantra Movement

Hello Lovely People!
We are constantly growing and as follow, we are expanding. To share our love, abundance, and wisdom more efficiently, we would like to invite you as an assistant, volunteer, task manager, community member or any other helping hand. 

We offer participation in our teachings and opportunities to grow in your process as individual or/and as part of the movement. Together we are stronger. Together is more fun :)

We are opening up for co-creating together, sharing space. 

For more information contact us a PM and do not hesitate to ask further.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Michal Kali Griks

Uniting Tantra Festival Meeting

Uniting Tantra Festival

I have one wish for my birthday:
That all tantric (and not only) people would unite together in co-creation, brotherhood, sisterhood and togetherness.
That together, in the best ways, we would celebrate life, love and joy.

The main idea is that spontaneously (yes there is not so much time left), we co-create together something that could be approachable for beginners but also nice for advanced practitioners. 

How we would like it to happen it's all up to us.
Tomorrow we meet at 18.00 at the naked part of the Zen beach to tie up the last treads and set up the program. Send us your offer beforehand, especially if you could not come.

We have a place, we have some ideas, we have spontaneity, nice enthusiasm. Now we wait for your good mood and initiatives what would contribute to this beautiful celebration :)

Let's enjoy the oneness together <3

Michal Kali Griks