Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sleeping at the Dam or massive awakening ?

Sleeping at the Dam or massive awakening ?
Off course it's not just about "sleeping". This word it's just used to show our disobedience, to do something that one day with the low and military force was forbidden. To brake the low, and in the mean time show and initiate our awakening ourselves as awakening of whole society.
Awakening to the fact that right wing, capitalist government already begin minority which is in their opposition - squatting movement, split in the eye of profit related government, just one efficient brake against speculations and in the same time shelter from homelessness for those who doesn't feet in to small social help.
 That's also Awakening of our movement to even more increased resistance, more increased Activity in the new situation. This awakening would be not limited just to the action days but hopefully for months, years, decades.
That's also awakening of the society for that what squatting movement is busy with i with what would be, against that fact that government is trying that we will shut the door. Yes we will shut them but just only before police but never for the society. We will still constantly fight for affordable houses for everyone. We will still give a shelter to all those activities which for their not commercial, free or/and critical character they could exist or start thankfully to the squatting movement. That's why we also asking them that they will awake together with us and even if they found place behind the squat seen that would not forget their roots and would show the solidarity with us but also with all those organisations and people which are benefiting from squats now or will in the future. "Sleeping" at the Dam ( Squatting of the Dam ) it's giving possibility to show this solidarity but also to present all Your activity to bigger audience.
That's also awakening for politics of government which subsidising banks would like that we all would pay for their crisis and for their profits, which is doing social cutting at the same time, which is creating for their own profits ( big majority of VVD that's houses speculators ), that homes are to expensive and in the same time they are forbidding the squatting. 
"Sleeping" at the Dam that's in reality Awakening. That's just beginning !

Dam "Sleeping" Action poster

Download, copy and spread around.
Posters are also in Info Point in the Halen at Belamy plein 3 (?), which is open every day from 18.00 - 20.00 as far i remember

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