Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Protest against discrimination at Lowlands fest leaflets

Click on the leaflets to see them bigger then print the, copy as much as possible and spread them around.
"The Security Company" supposed to provide safety on Lowlands festival, instead security workers had abused human rights by discriminating some of the visitors based on their nationality.

Many people were expelled from festival terrain. The reason was they collect too many cups for deposit money. There were mostly people with polish passports.
More info:

We won't tolerate discrimination towards any nationality or race! We are against xenophobia, sexism and homophobia!

Let's meet on Friday (03.09) at 16:30 in Amstelveen.

The Security Company

Bouwerij 30

1185 XX  Amstelveen

The Security Company:

Bring your banners and flags!
Solidarity is our weapon!
Lowlands = Low Standards

Tomorrow we have meeting in the evening. If you like to help, join us in A'dam.
Information about time and address:
E-Mail: mgriks(at)

Inicjatywa Spoleczna "Wspolna Sprawa"
(Social Initiative "Common Cause")

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