Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Another version of invitation for organisations to join Dam Sleeping Action

So many of us, squatters are supporting so many organisations, actions, demonstrations etc.
So many organisations, NGO's, activities begone in squatted places
So many are still there.
So many cultural centres, social houses thankfully squatting movement was toked away from "free" market.
So many festivals, events, traditions etc. have their roots, their moments in squatting movement.
So many i would like to see showing/ presenting themselves (on the stands, performances, shows, movies etc. ) and their connections and solidarity with the our movement in those critical situation.
This is great opportunity for You to show to wider audience what are You busy with and to find volunteers along the squatters. Together We are stronger. Together we are power !
We hope with You to show to the whole society that squatting its not only struggle for affordable houses for all of us, but something more. Much more. That's fight for tolerance, freedom, equality, peace, human and animal rights, for clean environment and future of our children... etc. That's struggle for better world for all of us and not only for elites.
So lets make together in this Saturday not only squatters manifestation, but also anti racist, Anti capitalists, for human rights, against repressions and wars, ecologic, animal rights, supporting oppressed nations, refugees and political prisoners all what squatters were ever \(and still would like to be) busy with.
Diversity is power of the society like power of our movement. Lets stop making outcasts/criminals from the minorities !
Solidarity is our strength !
Manifestation at the Dam square in Amsterdam would start at 19.00 and will last till morning.
This manifestation would be beginning of actions days for squatting which will follow.
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