Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Invite organistations to the Dam Sleeping Action

We would like to invite your organisation to The Dam Sleeping Action that will take place on the 25th September.
As we know many organisations have their roots in the squatting movement/are supported by the squatting movement. Our movement is in a critical situation and we ask for solidarity.

With the help of your organisation we hope to show to society that squatting is not just about the struggle for affordable houses but is about something much more. The very essence of the squatting movement is a struggle for tolerance, freedom, equality, peace, human and animal rights, environment.
The Dam Sleeping Action is really an awakening. It is not only a squatters manifestation, but also anti-racist, anti-capitalists, human rights, against repression and wars, ecologic, animal rights, supporting oppressed nations, refugees and political prisoners.Diversity is the power of a society, a power of our movement.
Solidarity is our strength !
  Please bring lot's of information about your organisation so that information can be spread wide and far.
  The Dam Sleeping Action starts at 19:00hr on Dam Square Amsterdam on the 25th September 2010.

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