Thursday, September 23, 2010

[A*Dam] Pre-program for the Action Days

[A*Dam] Pre-program for the Action Days

Confirmed activities for the Action Days starting on the 26 Sept. If you would like to add something you can still send an email (whatever AT and we'll add it to the program (final version coming soon). Bring your knowledge!!!!!

Workshops & talks:
* Security and privacy on net
* Security and privacy on street
* Special effects workshop
* Graffiti jam
* Banner painting session
* Introduction to DIY laser cutter
* Barricading 101
* Political campaign
* Action filming,editing,uploading workshop by Spirit Of Squatters Collective
* Infotalk about the repressive situation in Russia & Belarus
* Historical review of free software presentation
* Federated & secure communication systems: Diaspora code review + discussion
* Media center Computer point open all days to upload and share activist's videos, photos and other media
* Art exhibition open all days
...and more!

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