Thursday, September 9, 2010

ADM Bliksem festival Music video

Welcome to the ADM Lightning Festival website

Lightning is a electric discharge in the atmosphere

The ADM is a social, political and creative discharge in the Amsterdam Harbor

WEATHER FORECAST SEPTEMBER 3rd, 4th and 5th 2010:

The friction between megalomaniacal politics and reality becomes more and more

The friction between control and the idea of freedom as well

The friction between a consumption society and that of a sustainable community is growing and growing...

And the friction between art grants and inspiration has reached it's peak

In between these high- and low pressure area's a void is created where the thunder is like music

After the Water-, the Air- and the Earth festival, the Lightning will hit the ADM during the first weekend of September!

The lightning strike is part of the logo of the ADM and also of that of the squat movement

By using this we want to stress the fact that soon the new no-squat law will be implemented

Come out to the ADM and celebrate with us the last days of squatting freedom!

Because from October 1st. we will all become criminals....

Squatting will continue!

More info on the ADM:

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