Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kraakverbod webpage update

There is now a new webpage ( for centralizing info about different actions and campaigns about the kraakverbod.

From now on the webpage will be kept updated so people have a place that links to all the information around.

For everyone working on different actions in any city, please send the information to the contact address: so we can put it on the webpage.

You are also encouraged to send nice motivational texts, information, designs, links to relevant news etc. Think there is not just one way to explain or see things, and we would like to have all of those represented!

If you think something on the webpage can be improved or isn't right, please also tell us through the email contact address and we will fix the problems, you can propose any improvements, better styling or anything that you feel important, we're there to support YOU.

For people who want to get responsible of the webpage, you're also welcome to get in touch, this is a collective process and you can be part of it.

"What it is is up to us"

- E-Mail: Website:

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