Sunday, September 19, 2010

Schoolstraat amsterdam under threat!!!

From tomorrow onwards (monday 20th), the squats on the even side of the schoolstraat (4, 6, 8, 10, 14, 16 and 18) are under threat of eviction by unhelmetted cops (platte pet). They lost a courtcase despite the facts that there's still an unremovable renter as well as anti-squatters moving in constantly, who're told they have months to stay ahead of them...

Woningbouwcorporatie Eigen Haard states that (after years of neglect) they've finally got a plan together to demolish everything behind the facade and turn these old social housings into nice apartments bound for the "free" market. So far nothing new. They want to do the whole block at one time, but don't really have all the permits though (kapvergunning, sloopvergunning, and there's still an appeal running against the bouwvergunning), and they don't have a building contract either. This was not convincing enough for the judge though, who believed that Eigen Haard would be tearing out asbestos two weeks after evicting the squatters AND the anti-squatters that have just taken over from the temporary renters a few days back. In contradiction to this belief, the judge did back up one brave Asterix that Eigen Haard apparently had overlooked with the rehousing-plans due to mixing up the streetnumbers, and who has built up housing rights the last seven years. Since the verdict allowed him to stay and Eigen Haard has thus far only offered him too expensive or temporary houses he was not allowed to see on forehand, he's not going anywhere. Meanwhile, anti-squatters that are flooding the even side of the street are told by their dodgy anti-squat bureau "scam-a-lot" (also known as Camelot) that they could either stay two months or even up to half a year. So far Eigen Haard's Urgent Stake (spoedeisend belang) which the judge found proven.

The squatters, having repaired the houses when they came to live here two or more years back (replaced removed floors, restore destroyed sanitary, windows and burnt away floor - Eigen Haard has really acted like an ordinary speculator as one can see), are feeling at home and planning to enjoy the Schoolstraat for a long time to come, come what may.

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