Sunday, September 26, 2010

Home Sweet Squatted Home at the Dam "Sleeping" Action

Home Sweet Squatted Home

A beautiful spot at the Dam square was already empty for years, so the protest against the anti-squatting law in Amsterdam on Saturday, Sept 25th was the Right time to squat! As rebel clowns we squatted the place for a long, inspiring night and established our Home Sweet Squatted Home.

Nederlandse tekst volgt nog / Dutch text will follow.

We celebrated the 'anti-anti-squatting' law which will hopefully give more space to people who need to live somewhere. The good news is: waiting 1 year to use an empty building is no longer needed! So maybe everything will turn out fine with that new OUTlaw!

First we had some ideas to use our brandnew squat at the Dam for our own rebellious clown activities, but with many of hundreds protesting people in 'our garden', we had to adapt. Being flexible is also a clown quality. That's why our space quite soon changed into a lively living room: loads of visitors chatting and drinking with us, for a while we were guesthouse for someone lightly wounded, nice musicians playing guitar in and nearby our home, someone gave us her very big delicious birthday cake (Thanks and congratulations!), we received 2 books (one from John Irving and another about summit protests. Great!) and of course we also killed time with giving interviews. We were in good company: several visiting people showed rebellious respect by wearing a red nose!

You'll understand it was a great night which made perfectly clear squatting will go on! There's a lot of work to do. You don't need to look very far. At the Dam square: a nice palace and a big office. Both empty! And a bit further you'll find much more spaces screaming to get used! Enjoy that new OUTlaw!

Pictures and film will follow.

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Anonymous said...

I was stumbling through Amsterdam this weekend and came upon these fine young people. Thank you for the experience.