Monday, September 13, 2010

Call for public workshop: GM FIELD LIBERATION

 Call for workshop from a new action group in Belgium. If you want to know more email them (see at bottom call text), want to help a bit and have time on wednesday at 16hr in BXL already, mention that in your email to them)


On Thursday September 16th the Movement of Voluntary Field Liberators will present the first ever public workshop in Belgium on the theory and practice of GMO field liberation. It will take place on the doorstep of the European Parliament.

Meeting point is at 11.30am at the centre of Place Luxembourg in Brussels. You're all invited!!!

The aim of the workshop is to advocate direct action against GMOs throughout Europe by sharing techniques on how to effectively clear fields of GMO crops. In spite of strong public resistance, the EU is about to finally open the doors for widespread GMO cultivation, giving in to the pressures of the biotech multinationals. In Belgium, it is particularly the regional government of Flanders that has unashamedly embraced the GM industry.

It is again time to take matters into our own hands. The Movement of Voluntary Field Liberators is inspired by successful field liberation movements in France, Germany and elsewhere, and will aim to stop the proliferation of gmo-crops anywhere in Flanders, Belgium or Europe.

During the workshop, different forms of action will be explained and put into practice. We will practice field liberation by cutting "GM maize" with scythes. You can recieve an informative handbook on the spot.

Genetically modified crops do not reduce hunger in the world, nor do they help combat climate change, as the industry wants politicians to believe. On the contrary, GMOs are at the heart of an industrial agricultural system that is destroying millions of livelihoods and increasing pesticide use, soil erosion, water depletion and the destruction of biodiversity.

The biotech industry is aiming to dominate the entire food chain. Even in the EU, there is no independent scientific assessment of the safety of these food crops. Contamination to other fields is threatening non-GMO and organic production.

Enough reasons to get together, defend our food sovereignty, and prepare to act. Let's continue creating GMO free regions and join in this collective struggle until we have a GMO free world.


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