Monday, September 13, 2010

KSU Oost Sok announcement

KSU Oost Sok announcement

Statement made at SOK by KSU Oost on Thursday 9 September.

Kraakgroep Oost will start a series of workshops and info-evenings covering several different subjects related to squatting. The program will span about two months and feature practical as well as theoretical courses. The start will be in the second week of October and the whole series will most probably be finished before Christmas. There will be one course per week, and the courses will take between 2 and four hours.

The following courses are planned (not necessarily in this order)

Legal issues - Laws related to squatting, housing and immigration

Political campaigning - How to approach the political parties in your city and the country, how they work, and how to use them

Media campaigning - How to generate positive publicity and to manipulate the media to further your political aims.

Real estate development - Understanding policies concerning gentrification, transformation of neighbourhoods and the main players on the property market.

Social cohesion - How to organise your living group and how to support each other well and protect each other.

Home improvement 1 - Gas, water, electricity how to build and how to maintain them

Home improvement 2 - Structural work, barricades, walls, windows, doors and how to build and fix them

Opening doors - Locks, doors, shutters etc ... how to open them if you do not have the key

Communication - How to use and not use the internet and phones to communicate and publish information safely and effectively

The Neighbourhood - About dealing with neighbours, both friendly and hostile ones. Campaigning with and for neighbours

Research - How to find out things about your house, the owner, his/her business etc.

Capitalism & Housing - Explaining speculation, the mechanisms behind the market and the broader economic context of housing.

We would like to ask YOU to not only come and participate but also help giving the workshops. If you think you can contribute to one of them and are going to commit, we would be really happy. The more people giving workshops, the more diversity in skill and knowledge we can share. If you want to participate in this, send us an email to By the last week of September we should have a meeting with all or at least most of the workshop people to decide on the final roster and who is going to do what.

If you can think of a workshop that is not on the list, feel free to suggest it now and we will put it in.

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