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Critical Mass.Climate Action Camp Liege Video

Here we are. First video form first action at the climate action camp in Liege. Great bicycle critical mass was one of the best way to see the City. Come to the camp. Be a part of creating the movement. Be a part of saving the planet :)

Climate Action Camp Belgium
Climate Action Camp Belgium

Spirit Of Squatters Collective
Spirit Of Squatters Collective

Spirit Of Squatters Collective : This is solidarity action(like most of our videos). The solidarity is stronger when it is seen by as many people as possible.So...Please use it ! Pass this info to everybody who could be interested !!!
Feel free to embed,link it,send it,screen it etc. Use it=don't loose it. Reclaim the media with us !

... So get inspired. TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER !!!

Everything you need to know about the climate camp

The start of the camp, on July 29, is approaching fast! Below you can find some last-minute practical info you may want to know. Only a few days remain to invite others to the camp; Tell your friends, and bring them along to the camp!


Location of the camp

You may have noticed the exact location isn't mentioned anywhere. We will be squatting the terrain where the camp will take place, so we don't want to draw any attention until the camp has started. The exact location will be displayed on the website at 00:00 on July 28. A delegation of the climate camp will also be present on July 29 between 9 and 13h at the square in front of the train station Liège-Guillemins, where they will guide you to the camp site. We're also reachable by phone (0484 380148).


Non-violent direct action

The big action of civil disobedience will take place on Monday August 2. On Sunday we'll have a whole day of action trainings and briefings. To guarantee the success, all information regarding the target and the action will be provided and discussed during the camp.

Next to the big action, everybody is welcome to set up 'Do It Yourself' actions, or propose secondary actions the the rest of the campers.


Minimal ecological footprint

The camp strives to be low ecological impact. Therefor we ask you:

  • to come by bicycle (which may be handy during the camp as well), on foot or by public transport. If you do come by car, please consider helping us with camp logistics (transport of materials and such); Let us know at the Welcome Tent. There is no parking space in the vicinity of the camp site.
  • to use your cellphone as little as possible. It won't be possible to recharge your phone at the camp site; Charge it before you come to the camp if you want to use it.



Self-organisation is a central concept before and during the camp. Everybody is invited to join one or more working groups and help out with common tasks. Some of the working groups you can join in: welcome team, security, safety (electro, water, fire), toilets/waste disposal, children, legal, facilitation (coordinating meetings based on consensus), translation, medical, etc. If you feel like helping out in any of these groups, you can also let us know beforehand at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . At the start of the camp, we'll inform everyone about the different groups and tasks.

We're also still looking for extra materials and equipments, such as big tents, solar panels, tables and chairs, etc.



Organizing the camp is quite costly, but we want it to be accessible to anyone! Therefor we ask a free contribution to participate in the costs of food and infrastructure. Every day we will indicate the amount received compared to the global cost, hoping that with all our contributions we can cover the total cost. Those who want can already transfer their contribution or donation on our account: 001-4334900-46 [International : IBAN: BE33 00143349 0046 | BIC: GEBA BE BB | Bank: BNP/Fortis Bank


No-logo policy

To avoid publicity or recuperation, we decided on a no-logo policy at the camp site. The camp is an effort of many individuals and supporting organisations. There will be room for flyers and other promotional material at the Welcome Tent.


In conclusion

  • To participate you will obviously need some basic camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, mat).
  • A food collective from Ghent will provide us all with vegan food.
  • We ask you not to bring any animals (especially dogs) to the camp. Do bring your identity card.
  • There is a team of medics as well as a lawyer permanently present at the site.
  • Bring t-shirts to the camp to imprint them.
Support us !
  • Financial support: 001-4334900-46 [International : IBAN: BE33 0014 3349 0046 | BIC: GEBA BE BB | Bank: BNP/Fortis Bank

  • Promotional support: Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you want to dsistribute flyers or simply get some for your organisation. This e-mail address is protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Any other promotion is also welcome!|

  • Logistical support: Expecting around 400 people, we need a lot of material. If you are able to borrow us some material, you can contact us via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

    Non-exhaustive list of needed material:

    Tents, tables and banks, solar panels/ wind turbines, tractor, dry toilets, solar oven, hay bales, tabs to use outside, water containers and any other material that could be useful for the camp...

  • Active participation: From the set up of the camp till the end we will need a lot of people willing to do all kinds of tasks. In particular we need people to take care of the water supply, electricity generation, safety, as well as providing legal advice, help with conflict resolution, kitchen, translation, police liaison, medical support, dry toilets...

  • Workshops: We are looking for people who would like to hold a workshop on issues widely related to climate change. This can be anything from a practical workshop on composting to the tension between work and environment. If you have any suggestions, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Flyer / Poster

The new flyer design is here!


Download, print, en help us making some promo!

(They're in A4, but vector-based PDFs so you can scale to whatever size you want)


Call for 26/8: solidarity actions coinciding with the trial in Copenhagen of Tash Verco and Noah Weiss

-.-.- Climate Justice Action Network International Coordination List -.-.
UNSUBSCRIBE: send a blank email to

At the European Social Forum in Istanbul a call was made by the climate
justice participants including the coming trials against Climate justice
activists in Copenhagen within four weeks. See below. You find this and
other statements from ESF I Istanbul with pictures at

The trials are historical. If the accused are sentenced any organizers of
political activities that may result in civil disobedience can be
criminalized. It is of general interest to all popular movements to jointly
protest. The trials are grotesque leaving juridical traditions of individual
responsibility for acts behind replacing this with vague collective
responsibility. You can find back ground material about the trials at "The
Whole World On Trial"
There are more recent material in Danish in newspapers as Information and

It would be especially important to know how the accused would like us to
act in solidarity and which organizations are interested in doing something.
It is of importance also for the coming prote4sts in Cancun at COP-16 to set
an example and not allow repression become totally arbitrary. Summit hosts
often look at each other.

In hope for strong collective protests in Denmark and internationally


Tord Björk

Friends of the Earth, Sweden

From the climate justice network
³System change, not climate change!
A just transition towards a good life for all²
6th ESF Istanbul, 3rd  July 2010

The newspapers may speak of financial and economic crises, but when we look
around ourselves, we don¹t see derivates and financial markets ­ what we see
is the destruction of communities, of our social and natural environments,
of our relations to each other. What we see is capitalism destroying us.
Against this destruction, and the austerity that follows in its wake, people
are resisting, people are fighting back, people are beginning to create the
new worlds we know to be necessary: from Ghana to Greece, from Copenhagen to
Cochabamba, from Bangkok to Brussels. We from climate and social justice
movements gathered at the European Social Forum in Istanbul, are a part of
and inspired by these global processes of resistance and creation, but also
realise that we need to fight where we stand: to create another world, we
also need to create another Europe and tear down the walls of the fortress
that surround it.
Against those who try to create divisions between social and ecological
justice, we assert that they do not contradict each other. They are and have
to be complementary. Our vision is of a good life for all, not a nightmare
of authoritarian eco-austerity.
Against those who oppose people¹s desire to have good and well-paid jobs and
to move beyond the madness of infinite growth on a finite planet, we are
calling for a just transition in the way we work, in the structures of
production and consumption. While there are many things we need more of,
there is much we need less of. For example, we need to stop the destructive
energy production practices involving coal, oil, nuclear and hydropower, or
to end the madness of building individual cars for everybody. At the same
time, we need to expand community-controlled renewable energies, food
sovereignty as well as public services that contribute to our goal of a good
life for all, like free public transport, health, housing and education.
This would create millions of socially and ecologically useful jobs.
This is what we mean by just transition, by climate justice: it does not
mean having the Œright¹ position on what is being negotiated at UN-climate
summits. It¹s not about parts per million of carbon in the atmosphere.
Although it is important to change our individual behaviours, climate
justice is about fundamentally changing our model of production and
consumption of food, goods, energy, of our entire lives. It is about finally
making amends for the ecological debt we owe the rest of the world.
We in Europe are only now starting on the road towards climate justice,
creating and resisting in many different ways, such as direct action, the
building of local alternatives, civil disobedience or public campaigning to
name a few. There are many opportunities already such as:

-    26/8: solidarity actions coinciding with the trial in Copenhagen of
Tash Verco and Noah Weiss

-    Summer 2010 : Climate and No Border camps are happening all over Europe

-    29/9: European trade union day of action

-    between the 10th and the 17th of October, different networks are
calling for action on climate justice: the 12th will be a day of direct
action for climate justice; the 16th a day of action against Monsanto

-    From the 29th of November to the 10th of December, the 16th UN-climate
summit will be held in Cancun, Mexico: we will be creating a Œthousand
Cancuns¹ to protest their false solutions and point the way towards real
climate and social justice


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Belgian climate camp - Occupation of the camp done: Support needed!

Copenhagengroup mailing list

Hi there,

the occupation of the camp side has been done this morning
successfully. Now, the police has arrived. Therefore, we invite...

...those who have time, please come and support the people on the camp!

How to reach it: Go to the corner where the 'Rue haut des Tawes' meets
the 'Rue coupee' in Liège (close to the station Liège Palais). There
is a field nearby where you find our friends.

Legally speaking, the police cannot do anything: Once the side is
occupied, the occupants have the legal right to stay (unless they get
a legal notice from a court, but that takes 2-3 days minimum). This
means the police cannot remove the tents. However, the police could
try and intimidate the people who are now occupying the terrain. So
any support will be welcome :-)

See you sonn!!!!


Cop15-mobilisatie mailing list

Monday, July 26, 2010

Climate Action Camp Documentary

Here it is! Big step forward! First such long documentary made by Spirit Of Squatters Collective. Big progress.
Soon this week the second belgian Climate Action Camp will start. To mobilize You to come and join we made this video. To make similar action to inspire, to educate, to show the truth. Enjoy and paas it further !

Climate Action Camp BG.Videos to mobilize+some info

Some links

Climate Action Camp Belgium
Climate Action Camp Belgium

Spirit Of Squatters Collective
Spirit Of Squatters Collective

Spirit Of Squatters Collective : This is solidarity action(like most of our videos). The solidarity is stronger when it is seen by as many people as possible.So...Please use it ! Pass this info to everybody who could be interested !!!
Feel free to embed,link it,send it,screen it etc. Use it=don't loose it. Reclaim the media with us !

... So get inspired. TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER !!!

  Here below You can watch particular parts what were used or not in the movie. Below some info about the camp in Belgium and in other country's.
You can use the playlist:
Or choose what You like
Police violence towards eco activists blocking coal terminal.Climate Camp
Climate Change and Meat Consumption.Climate Action Camp Belgium.

Action Lange Wapper Sint-Anna Forrest.Climate Action Camp Belgium.
Clown Action against Nuclear Energy.Climate Action Camp Belgium.
Climate Action Camp Belgium - Clown Action against Nuclear Energy - Press Conference
Climate Action Camp Interview nr 1
Climate Action Camp int nr 2
Father's interview at Climate Action Camp
Street Medic Interview at Climate Action Camp
Interview About Anti Coal Action Climate Action Camp
Nuclear Lobby Support Anti Coal Action.
Eko Toilets at Climate Action Camp.Video
Pedal Power. Sustanaible Electricity at the Climate Action Camp

about the camp in this year from :
Climate Action Camp Belgium

29 July – 4 August


Copenhagen has seen just one important spark of hope that should empower us to build our movement in the future: while the "official" climate summit was a total failure, lots of people showed to be determined to take action themselves. Despite all the repression and the obvious lack of ambition during the talks on the inside, during the street protests outside we could hear the call for change. There we could find the seeds for our movement, the roots for climate justice. It has become clearer than ever: we must not expect real solutions from our political 'leaders', but become active ourselves!

Similar things are happening on a daily basis: many current politicians, the media and corporate world play with the green hype while contiuing as before. Their solutions are all about greenwashing and trying to maintain the current, intenable market capitalist system, by proposing measures which conform to the free market. The current market-oriented approach is clearly far from effective. Corporations are making huge profits by trading emission rights, while the real problems are concealed: a foolish economic system, based on profit, unlimited growth, and increasing social inequalities. The current economic and climate crises more than ever show their disastrous consequences.

Climate change is happening ... now!

In the meantime, global climate change is moving forward. The consequences for the ecosystem and human beings become clearer everyday, especially in the south, among poor people and in the most vulnerable ecosystems. The current country commitments will lead to a 3 to 4°C increase of temperature which is equivalent to catastrophic climate change.


It is time for real action. Tens of thousands demonstrated for a socially just and effective climate policy in Copenhagen. Thousands of activists tried to enter the conference venue during the Reclaim Power Action in order to push for another, socially just climate agenda.

In the light of the political situation, the global movement for climate justice is gaining momentum, favouring alternative and real solutions. Our ideas and proposals are
in line with the demands of CJA, an international network on Climate Justice.

Some of the big asks:

* We need to leave fossil fuels in the ground. Instead, we must invest in community-controlled renewable energy, and drastically reduce the current society's enslavement to energy.

* Global capitalism is unsustainable per definition. We must stop over-production for over-consumption. You can't have infinite growth in a finite planet.

* All should have equal access to the global commons through community control and sovereignty over energy, forests, land and water.

* We must acknowledge the historical responsibility of the global elite and rich Global North for causing this crisis. Equity between North and south is essential.

If we put humanity before profit and solidarity above competition, we can live amazing lives without destroying our planet.

Get active, come to the Climate camp!

It is with all this in mind that a broad group of activists from Belgium and abroad have come together to create this summer's Camp for Climate Action. This year's camp is taking place from 29 July to 3 August. Different options for the location and the target are being considered. Sign up for our multi-language newsletter to stay up-to-date on our preparations (low email flow guaranteed!).

While regional camps prepared the ground for climate action in previous years, a first national climate camp took place in the harbour of Antwerp in August 2009. More than 400 people participated in a week full of education, direct action, encounter and exchange. There were actions against the meat industry, the Lange Wapper, nuclear energy etcetera. During one day, we occupied the most important coal hub in the harbour.

Everybody is welcome

We want the camp to be as inclusive as possible and we are reaching out to all those who share our vision. The camp is a place for anyone who's fed up with empty government rhetoric and corporate spin; for anyone who's worried that the small steps they're taking aren't enough to match the scale of the problem; for anyone who thinks present climate policies are only increasing inequalities and injustices; for anyone who wants to find concrete alternatives here and now; and for anyone who's worried about our future and wants to do something about it. It is not only a place for experienced activists, but also for all those who are interested, who want to learn more, and are looking for ways to become active. And everyone is free to participate in direct action – or not!

We try to organise the camp in an ecological and carbon-neutral way. Briging people together in the camp is is our way of building a climate justice movement capable of tackling the root causes of climate change.

Get involved!

Come to the camp, or, even better, join in the preparation process! We are all volunteers and all help is welcome. Whatever your background, there is a role for you.

Other Camps Around the World

french climate camp, 22/07 - 01/08
climate camp UK
climate camp sweden, 14/07 - 20/07
climate camp switserland, 22/07 - 02/08
climate camp Germany, 17/08 - 23/08

Spirit Of Squatters Collective : This is solidarity action(like most of our videos). The solidarity is stronger when it is seen by as many people as possible.So...Please use it ! Pass this info to everybody who could be interested !!!
Feel free to embed,link it,send it,screen it etc. Use it=don't loose it. Reclaim the media with us !

... So get inspired. TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER !!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Climate Camps

hi all,

A collection of this-year's climate camps and gatherings (as far as i am informed). Belgium climate camp will be 28th of july - 4 augustus near Liegge. Dutch EF gathering will be 28-29 augustus.


European Social Forum Turkey / Istanbul (TR)
Thursday 1st Jul. – Sunday 4th Jul. 2010

Nordic Climate Action Camp Sweden / Skåne (SE)
Wednesday 14th Jul. – Tuesday 20th Jul. 2010

ROBIN WOOD-Floßtour "Klimaschutz selbst gemacht" (DE)
Tuesday 20th Jul. – Wednesday 18th Aug. 2010

Climate Action Camp France / Le Havre, Normandy (F)
Thursday 22nd Jul. – Sunday 1st Aug. 2010

Climate Camp Swiss / Gals/Chules (CH)
Monday 26th Jul. – Sunday 1st Aug. 2010

Attac Sommerakademie Bewegung für Veränderung/ Hamburg (DE)
Wednesday 28th Jul. – Sunday 1st Aug. 2010

Climate Action Camp Belgium / Liége (BE)
Thursday 29th Jul. – Wednesday 4th Aug. 2010

Earth First Summer Gathering / Derbyshire (UK)
Wednesday 4th Aug. – Monday 9th Aug. 2010

Localize this! Creative Tactics for Land and Sea Artful Action Camp/ West Coast (US)
Sunday 8th Aug. – Saturday 14th Aug. 2010

Climate Camp Cymru/ Wales (GB)
Friday 13th Aug. – Tuesday 17th Aug. 2010

Climate Camp Ireland/ Victoria Bridge, County Tyrone (IRL)
Thursday 16th Aug. – Monday 20th Aug. 2010

Quebec Climate Action Camp (CA)
Wednesday 18th Aug. – Sunday 22nd Aug. 2010

Camp for Climate Action UK / Edinburgh (UK)
Thursday 19th Aug. – Tuesday 24th Aug 2010

Climate Camp Germany by Young Friends of the Earth / Erkelenz- Borschemich (DE)
Saturday 21st Aug. – Sunday 29th Aug. 2010

CJA meeting at the EF gathering Netherlands /South of NL
Saturday 28th Aug. – Sunday 29th Aug. 2010

Attac Sommeruni / Delémont (CH)
Friday 3rd Sept. - Sunday 5th Sept 2010

No Boarders Camp Belgium / Brussels (BE)
Wednesday 29th Sep. – Sunday 3rd Okt. 2010

Camp for Climate Action Australia/ Bayswater Power Station (AU)
Wednesday 1st Dec. – Sunday 5th Dec. 2010
mehr unter:

Climate Camp Aotearoa/ Wellington (NZ)
Thursday 16th Dec.– Tuesday 21st Dec. 2010