Friday, February 19, 2021

[AGA-Nieuws] DEMO this Saturday: Corona is the virus - Capitalism is the crisis!

The virus has been going around the world now for more than a year. 
Entire sectors of public life have been put to a standstill. The
capacity of the Dutch healthcare system is pushed to its limits. While
public money is being used to bailout big corporations, the health care
system is underfunded and increasingly more privatied. Health care
insurance is expensive and health care is not accessible for those who
cannot pay. People in marginalised and vulnerable groups cannot be
treated properly or are not treated at all. Hundreds of thousands of
people have lost their jobs, their homes, and their livelihoods. Many
lives have been lost because of the pandemic and the state's
mismanagement of it, but it does not and it did not have to be like
this. Let's not believe their lies, we are not "all in this together".
The rich get even richer because of this crisis from the safety of their
beautiful homes, while the (frontline)workers, the poor and the
marginalised carry the biggest burden and are forced to risk their

We did not create the crisis, and yet should we now bear the
consequences? We should "tighten our belts" because we are now "all in
the same boat"? Yes, now we are all in the same boat - but the
capitalists, bosses, landlords, politicians, and managers are in

Corona Crisis? Not on our backs!

Come in action – let's make the rich pay for Covid 19!

Another World is Possible!

20.02.2021 | 3PM | Amsterdam, Mercatorplein.

Your Promised Land or Mine?

Rev Billy Radio Episdode 43

The Church of Stop Shopping   

Dear Souls of Earthalujahville,

This week's golden 29 minutes, titled "Your Promised Land or Mine?" is
dedicated to Asha Greer, who is recovering from successful surgery in
the UVA hospital in Charlottesvile.  Asha is the mother of our family,
my partner Savitri's mom, and our daughter Lena's "gando"...

Our effort in this Earth Church is to get activists in different
social movements to more easily talk with each other.  Especially
during the struggle of The Sixth Extinction, it's good to reach over
the fences we erect between our passionate causes.  One People, One
Earth needs to be the way.  Amen?



Thanks for sharing all your radio station leads. We will pursue all requests. 

Friday, February 12, 2021

The Earth Goes to Washington

Neighbors in Earthalujah!  Come to the Earth Church!

Ooh I think this is a GOOD one.  We would love some responses from the faithful.

We're up to 30 radio stations now.  Be sure to share a favorite
station with us if you think you know someone that will broadcast our
Earth praise.

This one we're posting today:  "The Earth Goes to Washington", finds
the funky earthy eco-system that is coming up from under the spewing
of hatred in DC.



The Church of Stop Shopping
Savitri D, director