Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Action "EXPRESSION" tomorrow,Wednesday 1st June at the Dam

Yesterday 30th May, part of the ACTION workgroup met, and together
with other people in the square, we propose to do the action called "EXPRESSION" next
Wednesday 1st June. The idea is that everyone (who
wishes to) participates, not only the action group. We will meet next
Wednesday 1st June at 20:00 h in the Dam and with the people who wants
to participate we will decide the exact form of the action.

- Expression: it consists on a group of people in line (one next to
each other although other configurations are also possible if all the
people of the group is visible by the public) with the mouth covered
by tape or plaster (in a horizontal line or as a cross) symbolizing
the system oppression. After a few minutes and when the group has
reached the public attention (just by standing still with the tape
covering their mouths), one by one, each person in the group removes
his/her tape and shouts loud a word or demand (for example:
solidarity, freedom) symbolizing that we are ready to rise our voice.

The material needed (tape or plaster) will be provided by the action


ACTION workgroup