Saturday, April 3, 2021

Fwd: Extinction and the Urban Hipster

Rev Billy Radio Episode 17 Revisited

Reverend Billy & The StopShopping Choir   

This week we are revisiting episode 17 and sharing this 2 minute film of our cold, wet rehearsal on a garden rooftop in Brooklyn, features the end of our new song

"I am the X in Extinction".  Here are the words to the song:


"What did you do to the great out-doors?

and to our children's children, why and what for?

Couldn't decide about that thing called life

You wanted more gas more guns more sacrifice.


"Will a child knock on your door?

Will she say 'I'm a dead kid from 2044?'

You seem not to want the future anymore

The future wants more life, not war.


"Extinction takes a vacation.  I walk in your door.  

Your population's bodies are my white sand shore.  

The pandemic of humans  …has lost its roar

You're my scenic view now.  You're my forest floor!


X in Extinction Rooftop Rehearsal

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