Wednesday, January 30, 2008

squaters video archivum - lot off videos mainly from amsterdam but not only

GMO civil disobedience - Aug. 2007 - Portugal

GMO civil disobedience - Aug. 2007 - Portugal
Video wysłane przez parasitemotion

The action of the Movimento Verde Eufémia in Silves, on August 17, 2007, brought attention to the problem of growing transgenic in Portuguese agriculture. However, in general, the media presented only a partial view of this political action, classifying it as an act of violence and vandalism against a farmer without defense.

A video released today on the Internet shows a different view of the action. On the images one can see activists preventing attacks of farmers and trying to pacify the conflicts that were created. These images are a reflection of the two principles that the activists announced: the non-violence on people and an attitude that seeks to mitigate the conflicts.

The film also shows that there are several activists who participated in the action without covering the face, assuming their act publicly in defense of the common good, in a political act to be considered as fair as necessary.

The final images are proof of symbolism of the act of civil disobedience in Silves, which affected less than 1 hectare of a property with more than 70 hectares of intensive monoculture of corn (of which 51 hectares were of transgenic corn). Unlike the image that the media transmitted, the way of living of the farmer Jose Menezes was not at all threatened. Moreover, at the time of the action, participants in the protest made an offer of organic corn sufficient to re cultivate the 51 hectares of transgenic corn, and this proposal was rejected by the owner.

The film is available in Portuguese and English for streaming and download at http:// / The video is published under a license CreativeCommons - NonCommercial that does not allow reprint, but allows free distribution and exhibition for non-commercial purposes.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Draft invitation for videoactivist evening

a copy of the ealier flyer is on

Do you think you can do something with it?

meeting on wednesday, ????.
Filmevening with short films from/about amsterdam - bring your own to include
inthe screening

and afterwards borrel for filmmakers to see whether we can do some more things


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Alarm at Rozbrat Squat in Poland

08.01.2008 - ALARM AT ROZBRAT!

Today, around 10 a.m. bailiff together with cops came to Rozbrat squat. The policemen drilled the lock of the gate, the bailiff had a court's permission to come in and estimate the price of the ground. The middle part of Rozbrat squat (including both concert halls, gallery, bars, library and part of the living area) was indebted for a long time by a company that doesn't exist anymore. The ground price evaluation today means that the ground can be auctioned witthin one or two months - that can mean the end of Rozbrat squat - the longest occupied space in Poland.

We'll keep you informed. We count on you being ready to organize solidarity actions by you and your groups!

We're not gonna give up without fight!
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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

15 Years of ASEED !! benefit party

A SEED Europe bestaat 15 jaar als internationale actiegroep die zich
inzet voor sociale rechtvaardigheid en het milieu. Dit vieren we met een
feestje in de OCCII in Amsterdam op zaterdag 12 januari a.s. De
opbrengst van dit verjaardagsfeest gaat naar de strijd van Paraguayaanse
landbezetters, georganiseerd in de Movimiento Agrario y Popular (MAP),
tegen soja-expansie in hun regio. Het is tegelijkertijd ook een reunie
voor oud-ASEED-leden dus een audio-visuele terugblik hoort ook op het
programma. En verder:

Son 5 - Cumbia Texmex Latin Folk
Ratatoeska - Berlijnse Reggae Ska Jazz
Piece of Salam - Rootsreggae Raphop uit Frankrijk

Dj's: Hola DJ + DJbean + DJ Tia

Met info over de strijd van MAP (en ASEED) tegen soja-expansie,
dia-projecties uit de ouwe doos en de beste bio-sangria ter wereld!!!

Dus zie je daar en dan!

Zaterdag 12 januari
Occii - Amstelveenseweg 134 - Amsterdam
Entree: 7 euro
Open: 21u - 3u /


A SEED Europe exists 15 years as international action group fighting for
social justice and the environment. We will celebrate this with a party
at the OCCII in Amsterdam on Saturday January 12. The proceedings of
this birthday party will go to the struggle of Paraguayan campesino land
occupations, organized by the Movimiento Agrario y Popular (MAP),
against soy expansion in their region. The event is at the same time a
reunion for old- ASEED-members some audio-visual nostalgia has to be in
the program as well. And furthermore:

Son 5 - Cumbia Texmex Latin Folk
Ratatoska - Berlin Reggae Ska Jazz
Piece of Salam - Rootsreggae Raphop from France

Dj's: Hola DJ + DJbean + DJ Tia

With info on the struggle of the MAP (and ASEED) against soy expansion,
slide shows from the old days, and the best organic sangria in the world!!!

So hope to see you all there and then!

Saturday January 12
Occii - Amstelveenseweg 134 - Amsterdam
Entrance fee: 7 euro
Open: 21u - 3u /

Save Stara Planina !!!


The Government of the Republic of Serbia adopted Decree of mountain tourism
development program in the area of Stara Planina Mountain (Official Gazette
of Republic of Serbia: No. 85/2007) in September 2007. That led to violation
of at least 6 Serbian laws and decrees and more than 10 international
conventions on nature protection that Serbia signed and ratified and has an
obligation to obey them! This Decree opens a path to degradation of the most
valuable habitats and landscapes of the Nature Park Stara planina – the
biggest protected area of Serbia. The Stara Planina Mountain is one of the
most important areas in Europe in terms of plant diversity (at least 1742
species and subspecies on 115000 ha), with 160 local and regional endemic
species and subspecies. Many of those plant species are on the European Red
List, World Red List, Serbian Red List, CITES list, IUCN list of threatened
species, Bern Convention and are protected in various ways by the national
legislature. There is also 205 bird species, 60 mammal species, 134
butterfly species, 26 fish species, 18 species of amphibians and reptiles
and many of them are protected by various international and national
legislations and conventions. Beside enormous irreversible damage over
fragile ecosystems, Decree of Mountain tourism development program on Mt.
Stara planina will cost citizens of Serbia 56.700.000,00 Euros only during
2008. Mentioned funds will be invested in ski infrastructure of the planned
ski-resort. Such public money spending is based on superficially conducted
analysis and without participation of local communities in designing their
own development. Also, project is considered as absolutely unsustainable and
economicaly ungrateful due to the climate changes, terrain characteristics
and great competition in the region. The implementation of this Governmental
program would have as a final result only severe degradation and loss of the
Serbian, European and World biodiversity, and therefore it is our moral
obligation to stop this attempt of our Government and the „ski lobby“

If You share our concerns and our decision to STOP this illegal act of
nature destruction, we appeal to You to support and SIGN OUR PETITION
( and demand the
Decree of mountain tourism development program in the Stara Planina Mountain
to be put out of force.

Dear friends around the World,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

to you all and let's hope we will manage

to save this Planet while it's still not to late !!!.

Milan Boric

"Yugo Cycling Campaign"

Decanska 5/ mezzanine
11000 Belgrade

mob: +381 63 372 752