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Egypt shuts down Al Jazeera bureau

Network's licences cancelled and accreditation of staff in Cairo withdrawn by order of information minister.

Last Modified: 30 Jan 2011 10:01 GMT

Al Jazeera denounced the closure of its bureau, saying the move was designed to stifle free reporting
The Egyptian authorities are revoking the Al Jazeera Network's licence to broadcast from the country, and will be shutting down its bureau office in Cairo, state television has said.

"The information minister [Anas al-Fikki] ordered ... suspension of operations of Al Jazeera, cancelling of its licences and withdrawing accreditation to all its staff as of today," a statement on the official Mena news agency said on Sunday.

In a statement, Al Jazeera said it strongly denounces and condemns the closure of its bureau in Cairo by the Egyptian government. The network received notification from the Egyptian authorities on Sunday morning.

"Al Jazeera has received widespread global acclaim for their coverage on the ground across the length and breadth of Egypt," the statement said.

An Al Jazeera spokesman said that the company would continue its strong coverage regardless.

'Designed to stifle'

"Al Jazeera sees this as an act designed to stifle and repress the freedom of reporting by the network and its journalists," the statement said.

"In this time of deep turmoil and unrest in Egyptian society it is imperative that voices from all sides be heard; the closing of our bureau by the Egyptian government is aimed at censoring and silencing the voices of the Egyptian people.

"Al Jazeera assures its audiences in Egypt and across the world that it will continue its in-depth and comprehensive reporting on the events unfolding in Egypt.

"Al Jazeera journalists have brought unparallelled reporting from the ground from across Egypt in the face of great danger and extraordinary circumstances. Al Jazeera Network is appalled at this latest attack by the Egyptian regime to strike at its freedom to report independently on the unprecedented events in Egypt."

As their signals have been taken off Nilesat, our Arabic sister channels are now broadcasting on the following new frequencies:

1) New frequency for AJA & AJM on Nilesat 7W:
10949 vertical (new)
SR: 27.500 Msps
FEC: 3/4

2) New frequency for AJA & AJM on Arabsat 26E:
11585 vertical (new)
SR: 27.500 Msps
FEC: 3/4

3) Arabic and Mubasher on Hotbird:
12111 MHz Vertical (Old)
SR: 27.500 Msps
FEC: 3/4

4) Arabic and Mubasher on Arabsat Badr4 (Old):
12034 MHz Horizontal
SR: 27.500
FEC: 3/4

5) Arabic and Mubasher on Arabsat Badr4 (Old):
11996 MHz Horizontal
SR: 27.500
FEC: 3/4

Source: Al Jazeera

Yoga Power.Brandweerkazerne Gekraakt part 4

Monika Stepak has lived and worked in ot301 since 1999.For several years she has been active as a radio Dj and regulary organize art events.Additionally she is a Meiso Shiatsu therapist and student of Oki do Yoga.
Since 2000 she has been artistic leader of power vs power project, and since 2004 of Cirkus World Wild Foundation and organizes art /movement workshops here in ot301. In her work , Monika places the emphasis on an integration of art/life and health.

Demonstratie tegen onderwijsbezuinigingen 4 februari

4 februari: Lawaaidemonstratie voor goed en toegankelijk onderwijs!

Na het protest op het Malieveld waar maar liefst 25.000 mensen demonstreerden heeft premier Rutte aangegeven de bezuinigingen toch door te voeren. Dit is een middelvinger naar iedereen die mee heeft geprotesteerd en een poging om ons te intimideren. Daar trappen we niet in. Wij stoppen niet voordat deze belachelijke plannen van tafel zijn! Goed onderwijs voor iedereen!

- Geen verhoging van het collegegeld voor 'langstudeerders'
- Weg met boetes voor universiteiten
- Behoud van de stufi, ook in de masterfase
- De Studenten-OV moet behouden blijven
- Investeer in hoger onderwijs
- Goed en toegankelijk hoger onderwijs is een recht!

Om onze eisen kracht bij te zetten is de week van 31 januari tot en met 4 februari uitgeroepen tot landelijke actieweek. Er worden acties in verschillende steden georganiseerd. In Amsterdam zal de actieweek afgesloten worden met een zo groot mogelijke lawaaidemonstratie langs verschillende UvA-locaties (waaronder OMHP).

Verzamelen vrijdag 4 februari 15.00 op het Binnengasthuisterrein.
Vergeet vooral niet je trommel, fluitje en neem zoveel mogelijk mensen mee. Spread the word!

We verzamelen om 15.00u op het binnegaasthuisterrein op de UvA.


zie ook het facebook-event

Cairo protesters stand their ground

Warplanes and helicopters flew over the main square and more army trucks appeared in a show of force but no one moved.
Last Modified: 30 Jan 2011 19:03 GMT
Protesters have rejected the president's cabinet reshuffle and are demanding that he resign [AFP]

Egyptian air force fighter planes buzzed low over Cairo, helicopters hovered above and extra troop trucks appeared in a central square where protesters were demanding an end to President Hosni Mubarak's rule.

State television said that a curfew has been imposed in the capital and the military urged the protesters to go home. 

But the thousands of protesters in Tahrir Square choosed to stay on Sunday.

The show of defiance came as Egypt entered another turbulent day following a night of deadly unrest, when looters roamed the streets in the absence of police.

Opposition groups in the country have called for national unity, and Mohamed Elbaradei, a leading opposition figure, has arrived at Tahrir Square to join the protests.

The National Coalition for Change, which groups several opposition movements including the Muslim Brotherhood, appointed ElBaradei with negotiating with Mubarak's government.

Broken 'fear barrier'

As the protests continue, security is said to be deteriorating and reports have emerged of several prisons across the country being attacked and of fresh protests being staged in cities like Alexandria and Suez.

Al Jazeera's correspondent, reporting from Alexandria, said that as of Sunday night, people were moving around the barricades that were meant to keep the streets clear.

  In pictures: 'Day of Anger'
  Update: Egypt protests
  Unrest in social media
  Debate: First Tunisia, now Egypt?
  Can Egyptians revolt?
  Egypt's protests on Twitter
  Pictures: Anger in Egypt

"This protest, this march, has been going on for seven hours now. Clearly, no sign that it's going to abate any time soon," said our reporter.

"We have to remember that Egyptians broke a massive fear barrier on January 25 when they took to the streets ... there's probably not a single main street in Alexandria - no exaggeration - that this march has not passed through."

Thirty-four leaders from the Muslim Brotherhood were freed from the Wadi Natroun jail after guards abandoned their posts.

The protesters in Cairo, joined by hundreds of judges, had collected again in Tahrir Square afternoon to demand the resignation of Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian president.

Al Jazeera's correspondent, reporting from the scene, said that demonstrators confronted a fire truck, at which point army troops fired into the air in a bid to disperse them.

He said the protesters did not move back, and a tank commander then ordered the fire truck to leave. When the truck moved away from the square, the thousands of protesters erupted into applause and climbed onto the tank in celebration, hugging soldiers.

Main roads in Cairo have been blocked by military tanks and armoured personnel carriers, and large numbers of army personnel have been seen in other cities as well.

The air force in Cairo has been attempting to disperse protesters, with fighter planes flying low over Tahrir Square on Sunday.

Al Jazeera correspondents say the noise from the planes was deafening and that the planes repeatedly flew over the crowds.

The security situation in the capital has prompted the country's interior minister to hold meetings with top officials on Sunday.

Habib al Adli met Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, the defence minister, and vice president Omar Soliman, state television reported.

As the police withdrew from streets across Egypt, Adli has been the target of growing criticism by the protesters who have called on him to resign.

The absence of police has given looters a free rein, forcing ordinary citizens to set up neighbourhood patrols.

According to Dina Magdi, an eyewitness, unidentified men on Sunday morning came out of the interior ministry compound in a car and dumped a body on a street. They then opened fire on people present in the area and fled. There were no immediate reports of casualties in that attack.

'Chaotic' scenes

Al Jazeera's sources have indicated that the military has now also been deployed to the resort town of Sharm el Shaikh.

Sherine Tadros, Al Jazeera's correspondent in the city of Suez, said the city had witnessed a "completely chaotic night", but that the streets were quiet as day broke.


Citizens are forming neighbourhood patrols
in several cities to protect their property

She reported that in the absence of police and military, people were "tak[ing] the law into their own hands", using "clubs, batons, sticks, machetes [and] knives" to protect their property.

"People are trying to get back to normal, but of course this is anything but," she said, adding that as the day wore on, the military had set up several checkposts in an attempt to "show people that they are here and ... will provide some kind of security".

Our correspondent in Alexandria, reported similar scenes, saying that people were particularly concerned about their personal safety and that of their property. 

She reported that the military in Alexandria was not focusing on protesters, attempting instead to prevent any further damage or theft of property.

Anti-Mubarak protests have engulfed Middle East's most populous nation since last Tuesday. More than 150 people have been killed in the unrest.

On Saturday, an embattled Mubarak sacked his cabinet and appointed a vice-president and a new prime minister. But the move has failed to douse anger on the streets

Dutton said that protesters are unlikely to stop demonstrating, as they "want one thing, and one thing only: they want the leadership to go".

As international powers express concern regarding events in Egypt, the US state department has reduced its diplomatic presence in Egypt, saying it had authorised the voluntary departure of dependents of diplomats and non-essential workers.

Cairo protesters stand their ground - Middle East - Al Jazeera English

Cairo protesters stand their ground - Middle East - Al Jazeera English

Berlin - Riots after Liebig 14 demonstration

(....) - 30.01.2011 16:14

A demonstration against the eviction of Liebig 14, which is anounced for 2nd February, was followed by heavy riots saturday evening in Berlin-Friedrichshain.

When about 2.000 people marched from Kreuzberg to Liebig Strasse / Rigaer Strasse some hundreds of them attacked police with lot of stones.

About 40 police are injured, may be 17 people arrested.

On Friday evening a demonstration against the international police summit in Berlin saw an attack against a federal police squat, which smashed three of their cars. Later a police car was ambushed in front of Köpi.

Fotos from today:


More trouble next days!


Our friends from all over the world will find an infrastructure as an organizational base for action on the weekend before 2nd of February, which will be briefly explained here.

The Infopoint – Scharni38, Scharnweberstr. 38
(see location:

Place to go for information, material, help, travelers from outside Berlin. The infopoint will be working during the demonstration (29.01.) and starting from tuesday (01.02.), 4 p.m., until thursday (3.02.), 4 p.m., and provide information for you at any time. An Infopoint can only work if it is fed with information, so feel encouraged to write and describe what's happening all over the city, so we can spread it.
Apart from that there are infodesks during the Liebig14-Anti-eviction-festival.

The Infotelefon – 0049 (0) 157 / 872 107 77 und 0049 (0) 176 / 383 413 42

At the same time there is an information number operating. You can call it, report ongoing developments or ask for information. Important here as well: The info-number is as good as it is fed with information. Knowing about what's going on around Friedrichshain might be a crucial factor in the night of 2nd of febraury.

Infomail –

You can also reach the Infopoint via email.

The Ticker – adress is yet to be published

All news will be published on a web ticker. It is the result of the news received on the infopoint, the info number an the infomail as well as your own actions.

The Ermittlungsausschuss (EA) (help when getting arrested) – 0049 (0) 30 / 69 22222

The EA will establish a contact between you and a lawyer in case you get busted and takes care that busted people get released properly again. If you observe any detention and if you know about personal data (name, adress, date of birth) of the busted person, pease call the EA. The EA number will operate directly or as an answering machine.

Don't know where to sleep in Berlin? – schlafplatzberlin @

For travellers who don't know where to sleep, there will be a „pennplatzbörse", which is a structure that provides you with a warm accomodation. If you want to OFFER such places, please tell us the adress, for how many people you can offer space, which preferences you probably have, and how we can get into contact with you via phone call. If you LOOK FOR places to stay overnight, please do the same.

We still need people to offer such places.

Important websites – / / /

On these websites you will find all important news (mostly in german), events, calls and material. Please carefully verify articles on indymedia and check iy you find the same information on the other websites. You can send input to or wba-internet

Upcoming events

* 17.-30.01. Liebig 14 Anti-Eviction Festival
* 22.01. Liebig 14 Streetparade, 17h, Bersarinplatz
* 27.01. Plenary Assembly, 19h in „Subversiv", Brunnenstr. 7
* 29.01. Demonstration: „Hausprojekt statt Luxuslofts – Liebig 14verteidigen – Wir bleiben Alle!", 3 p.m., Kottbusser Tor
* 02.02. day of expected eviction attempt, 8 a.m., decentralised action all over the city
* 02.02. in case of successful eviction 7 p.m., Boxhagener Platz

Liebig 14 forever.

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Like a fire in Cairo

Like a fire in Cairo

Op 18 december 2010 stak Mohamed Bouazizi, een fruitverkoper met universitair diploma, maar zonder ventvergunning, zich in het Tunesische Sidi Bouzid in brand uit protest tegen de inbeslagname van zijn fruitkarretje. De demonstraties die hierop volgden, groeiden uit tot de Jasmijnrevolutie die president Ben Ali op 14 januari 2011 het land deed ontvluchten.

Het slagen van de revolutie leidde de volgende dagen tot demonstraties en acties in Algerije, Libië, Sudan, Yemen, Egypte en Jordanië [ 1 |2 ]. Terwijl de Jasmijnrevolutie zich verder ontplooit blijft het in een groot aantal Arabische landen onrustig.

In Egypte werd woensdag 25 januari uitgeroepen tot actiedag voor de revolutie, die tot een stuk in de nacht doorging. De dag na de dag van de revolutie bleek dat dit slechts een begin was, de strijd gaat onverminderd door.

Live blogs/ tijdlijnen:

Update zaterdag 29 januari
Enduring America
English Al Jazeera
Live stream

vrijdag 28 januari
Enduring America
English Al Jazeera
The Guardian

Garizo blog,Rooieravotr,D4net,Egypte volgt Tunesië,Van Sidi Bouzid tot Bab-el-Oued,Dear Kitty", ElshaheeedDemocracy Now, The Real News

Foto's en video:
[ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 ]

Social media: Facebookpagina "dag van de revolutie",Elshaheeed op Facebook, Twitter #Egypt, de #Sidibouzid Twitter tag wordt gebruikt voor het samenbrengen van info over alle opstanden.

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Haeuser,Hass und Strassenkampf-Die Revolte der Westberliner Hausbesetzer

Vor 26 Jahren, am 22. September 1981, wurde während eines Polizeieinsatzes der
18-jährige Hausbesetzer Klaus-Jürgen Rattay von einem Bus erfasst und getötet.
Dieser Unfall war der traurige Höhepunkt der Auseinandersetzungen um besetzte
Häuser in Westberlin. Straßenkämpfe waren damals fast an der Tagesordnung.
Der neue Innensenator Heinrich Lummer (CDU) versuchte den Hausbesetzern
gegenüber eine Politik der Stärke. Die Lage eskalierte, Hass und
Gewaltbereitschaft gab es sowohl bei Hausbesetzern als auch bei Polizisten.
Viele Jahre lang waren vor allem in Kreuzberg alte Häuser entmietet worden -
um die leeren Häuser dann abzureißen. 1980 begann die linksalternative Szene in
Westberlin, solche Häuser zu besetzen.
Die Hausbesetzer glaubten nicht an die tradierten Lebensentwürfe. Die
Gesellschaft der Bundesrepublik schien ihnen vor allem dem Konsum nachzujagen.
Sie hingegen versuchten, andere Modelle des Zusammenlebens und -arbeitens zu
Die Szene suchte Räume, um sich zu verwirklichen, und sie fand sie auch in den
Hunderten von leer stehenden Häusern.
Die Dokumentation rekonstruiert die Hintergründe und den Ablauf der Ereignisse,
die zum Tod Rattays führten.

1973 Rauchhaus allein machen sie dich ein

Sag niemals nie - Räumung der Mainzer Straße (1990)

Sag niemals nie - Räumung der Mainzer Straße (1990)
Dokumentation der brutallen Räumung durch die Polizei

Kollektiv Mainzer Strasse, german/deutch, 1990, 100 min.


(de) Die Räumung der Mainzer Straße im Bezirk Friedrichshain in Berlin am 14. November 1990 war eine Straßenschlacht um zwölf besetzte Häuser und gilt als einer der massivsten Polizeieinsätze Berlins in der Nachkriegszeit.

Der Film "Sag niemals Nie - Räumung Mainzer Straße" dokumentiert das Leben und den Kampf der HausbesetzerInnen gegen Faschismus und staatliche Räumungsmaßnahmen im gleichnamigen Straßenzug.

Nach der Wende zog es viele Autonome aus der Kreuzberger Hausbesetzerszene in den Osten der Stadt. Am 29. April 1990 wurden zwölf Häuser in der Mainzer Straße besetzt. Am Morgen des 12. November wurden daraufhin drei neu besetzte Häuser von der Polizei geräumt, worauf es mittags auf der Frankfurter Allee zu einer Demonstration der Bewohner in der Mainzer Straße kam. Aufgrund errichteter Barrikaden und ausgehobener Gräben am Ende der Straße kämpfte die Polizei mit Wasserwerfern und Räumpanzern bis ca. drei Uhr früh und zog sich anschließend zurück. In der Nacht zum 14. November wurden die Barrikaden von den Hausbesetzern erhöht. Mit dem Einsatz von Wasserwerfern, Hubschraubern, Tränengas und Schusswaffen stürmten etwa 4.000 Polizisten gegen sechs Uhr morgens die Straße, die von ca. 500 Autonomen mit Steinen und Molotowcocktails verteidigt wurde. Sie war nach zwei Stunden vollständig geräumt. Insgesamt gab es mindestens 300 Festnahmen und viele zum Teil schwer Verletzte. Etwa 10.000 Demonstranten versammelten sich am Abend um gegen die Räumung zu protestieren.

(en) at 1990′s berlin, mainzer street was squatting this doc. which is made by "kollektiv mainzer strasse",you'll watch the eviction attempt of the policemen and the answer that they got.

The eviction of Mainzer Street in Friedrichshain in Berlin on 14 November 1990 was a street battle over twelve occupied houses and is considered one of the most massive police operations of postwar Berlin.

The film Sag niemals Nie - Räumung Mainzer Straße (Never Say Never – the Eviction of Mainzer Street) documents the life of the squatters and their struggle against fascism and the state's measures to evict them from a block on this street.

After reunification, many autonomists from Kreuzberg's squatting scene were drawn to the east of the city. On the 29th of April 1990 twelve houses on Mainzer Straße were occupied. On the morning of the 12th of November, three newly occupied houses were evicted by the police, which prompted a midday demonstration on Frankfurter Allee by the residents of Mainzer Straße. On the basis of the barricades erected and trenches dug at the end of the road, the police fought with water cannons and APCs until about three in the morning and then withdrew. In the night of the 14th of November, the squatters' barricades were raised higher. Towards six the following morning, about 4,000 policemen, with water cannons, helicopters, tear gas and guns, stormed the block, which was defended by about 500 autonomists with stones and Molotov cocktails. It was completely cleared within two hours. Altogether there were 300 arrests and many injured, some seriously. About 10,000 demonstrators gathered in the evening to protest against the eviction. (adapted from

This film, collectively produced by former residents of the squats on Mainzer Straße and others, brings together footage, interviews, recollections, and music in a document about an often overlooked moment of the uneasy transition from Wende to Wiedervereinigung.

(sk) Začiatkom 90tych rokov bola v Berlíne zasquattovaná ulica Mainzer Strasse. V tomto dokumente uvidíte pokus polície o jej vysťahovanie a reakciu, ktorú vyvolali u squatterov.

(tr) 1990′ da almanya' nın berlin şehrinin mainzer sokağında bulunan işgal evlerine yönelik polisin tahliye denemesine anarşistler ve otonomcular çok sert bir yanıt vermişlerdi.
Mainzer sokağı kollektifi tarafından hazırlanan çalışmada bu süreç gözler önüne seriliyor.

Watch online / Pozri si to online:

Download (the doc. tells it's story so you wont have problem with the language):


Not found. Help transcribe/translate this documentary!

Voor Squat Wilhelminabunker video from fakkel optocht

Buurtregisseur Tjeko van Drenth dreigt met oorlogstaal

Hoewel de krakers de kraak van de derde etage hadden gemeld aan de
politie, was de politie al snel weer vertrokken omdat zij geen leegstand
mochten controleren.


 De agenten reageerden wat geïrriteerd omdat ze graag
binnen een kijkje wilden nemen, maar zij konden foto's van de leegstand en
de meterstanden vinden op onze website; volgens ons genoeg bewijsmateriaal.
Vandaag is ook buurtregisseur van de cremerbuurt, Tjeko van Drenth(noot 1), door de krakers gebeld om hem op de hoogte te stellen van de

In dit telefoongesprek meldt buurtregisseur van Drenth per direct het pand
te willen ontruimen en de kraker Steff met alle mogelijke middelen te
zullen vervolgen.

Van Drenth gaf aan dat hij kraken passé vindt en dat het maar eens snel
afgelopen moet
zijn. Zijn letterlijke woorden zijn: 'Ik ga me maximaal inzetten en ben
jullie zo zat, dat ik de 1e, 2e en 3e etage zo spoedig ontruimd wil zien.'
Ontruimen zou hier dus niet zijn voor een nieuwe gebruiker van het pand,
maar puur om de krakers die hij "zo zat is" op straat te zetten. Van
Drenth ontruimt blijkbaar liever voor leegstand en voor een eigenaar die
niet vies is van knokploegen, dan dat hij zich inzet om jongeren met
huisvestingsproblemen te helpen.

Wij hebben aangegeven aan de eigenaar, de advocaat en aan van Drenth dat
wij per direct uit de 3e etage gaan, als hier een persoon voor gevonden is
die hier komt wonen met een huurcontract. Wij zijn namelijk bang dat de
huiseigenaar op de 3e etage een knokploeg installeert met alle gevaren van
dien. De knokploeg van dhr Jaggan is nooit vervolgd. De kraker die 1,5 uur
gegijzeld was, was zo geïntimideerd dat hij geen aangifte durfde te doen.

Achtergelate jerrycan met benzine

Als de politie op initiatief van buurtregisseur van Drenth zo ver gaat om
de 3e etage te ontruimen dan zou dat betekenen dat er ontruimd wordt voor
leegstand. In tijden van hoge woningnood en exorbitante huur/koop prijzen
vinden wij dat een misdaad tegen de bewoners van Amsterdam.

Buurtagent Drenth

Om onze woorden kracht bij te zetten zullen wij a.s. Vrijdag om 18.00
vertrekken uit de Wilhelminastraat 195 om wat lawaai te maken. Wij nodigen
je als kraker,sympathisant, buurvrouw/man, en woningzoekende uit om je bij
ons te voegen.

Kraakgroep Wilhelminastraat 195
Wilhelminastraat 195
1054 WE Amsterdam

Chávez tackles housing crisis by urging poor to squat wealthy parts of Caracas


Move to exploit 'unused' land in capital rattles Venezuela's middle class, as troops also take over 'unproductive' farms

    Venezuelans left homeless after December's torrential rains gather in a wealthy Caracas suburb Venezuelans left homeless after December's torrential rains gather in the wealthy Caracas neighbourhood of La Castellana. Photograph: Carlos Garcia Rawlins/Reuters

    Hugo Chávez has sent out troops to take over farms and urged the poor to occupy "unused" land in wealthy areas of Caracas, prompting a wave of squats that is rattling Venezuela's middle class.

    The move by Venezuela's president to step up the campaign to "recover" land and other property follows a housing crisis that has left millions of people in shabby conditions and affected his popularity in the run-up to next year's election.

    Squatters wearing red T-shirts from Chávez's socialist party seized 20 spaces in a co-ordinated strike in the well-off Caracas municipality of Chacao last weekend, a move which shocked even some government supporters. Additional groups have targeted other cities.

    Chávez has also announced a series of laws and deals with China, Russia, Belarus, Iran and Turkey, among others, in a breakneck effort to build 350,000 housing units in Venezuela in the next two years.

    "The fundamental goal of socialism is to satisfy human needs … the needs of all, equally, without privilege," Chávez said in a television broadcast yesterday.

    Opponents claim the government has failed to build enough houses over the past decade and has been offering "empty promises". Previous house-building deals with foreign allies reportedly produced just 10% of the promised number.

    Emilio Grateron, mayor of Chacao, described Chávez's exhortation to seize supposedly unoccupied land as demagogic, and a move that would kill what little private investment remained. "There is irresponsible rhetoric without heed of the consequences. This is a very dangerous game."

    The government has stepped up rural expropriations by deploying 1,600 troops at 47 farms in the western states of Merida and Zulia, claiming the farms were unproductive. The state has taken control of 2.5m hectares since Chávez gained power in 1999.

    The government is now looking at cities in response to the housing crisis and to its fading support in the slums, once Chávista heartlands, which have voted for opposition mayors and governors.

    Floods last year ruined hillside slums and displaced thousands of families, highlighting the shortage of 2m or so housing units. Residents have had to erect shacks on top of shacks on precarious slopes.

    Under Chávez the government has built fewer than 40,000 units a year – some say only 24,000 – in contrast to previous governments, which averaged 70,000. The president admits to problems but rejects accusations of incompetence and corruption. He has said that the rich keep all the best land, especially in the capital, but often leave it idle. The government has closed six golf courses and recently had its eye on the Caracas Country Club, saying thousands of poor families could be settled on its greens.

    Such a move would take several years, however, and the presidential election calendar requires speedier results. This month Chávez said the government would take over unoccupied spaces and any incomplete structures. Last weekend he urged the poor to join in, and hours later, at 4am, militant supporters laid claim to 20 areas of Chacao. Police expelled them but the "invasions" caused uproar, with even pro-government newspapers such as Ultimas Noticias voicing concern.

    Chávez decided the squatters had gone too far, saying "the middle-class cannot be an enemy of this democratic revolution". However, the government made clear the squatting would continue, saying the correct term was "occupation".

    Even hotels have become skittish since being asked to host those displaced by the floods. They have obliged, but some proprietors now worry they will be the next industry to be nationalised.

    Chacao's five-star Marriott hotel is hosting about 60 displaced families on its third and fourth floors. It has replaced doors with curtains and removed TVs, lamps and other fittings, but Maria Patino, 52, and her sister Blanca, 55, had no complaints. "We're supposed to use the service entrance and not go near the lobby, but we get treated well. Three meals a day, everything free," said Maria. .

    "It [was] like being in the desert, and then you get to an oasis."

[a*dam]Fakkel optocht naar het politiebureau in A'dam West

Afgelopen maandag hebben de krakers de ingebruikname van de 3e etage gemeld. Tjako Drenth wilt alsnog de kraker die de ingebruikname melde, arresteren en p.d. het pand ontruimen.

Dit pikken wij natuurlijk niet!

Om onze woorden kracht bij te zetten zullen wij a.s. vrijdag om 18.00
vertrekken uit de Wilhelminastraat 195 om wat lawaai te maken bij het bureau waar Drenth werkzaam is. Wij nodigen
je als kraker,sympathisant, buurvrouw/man, en woningzoekende uit om je bij
ons te voegen.

Kraakgroep Wilhelminastraat 195
Wilhelminastraat 195
1054 WE Amsterdam

- E-Mail: Website:

"We willen hier vandaag hun gedwongen isolement doorbreken";

Vanmorgen omstreeks 8 uur ...

Vanmorgen omstreeks 8 uur werd het gesloten asielcentrum te Merksplas door activisten geblokkeerd. Het is de bedoeling het gesloten asielcentrem een gehele werkdag te blokkeren. "Vluchtelingen worden onzichtbaar gemaakt, tot cijfers gereduceerd. Vandaag willen wij hier hun verhalen naar buiten brengen. De gedetineerden kunnen ons van binnenuit bellen en hun verhaal vertellen op het nummer 0486 23 16 49. We willen hier vandaag hun gedwongen isolement verbreken." Aldus de actievoerders.




Egypt protest leaflets distributed in Cairo give blueprint for mass action


Anonymous flyers provide practical and tactical advice for confronting riot police, and besieging government offices

    Illustration from an Egypt protest leaflet Illustration from an Egypt protest leaflet

    Egyptians have been urged to come out after Friday prayers tomorrow and demand the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak's government, along with freedom, justice and a democratic regime.

    Anonymous leaflets circulating in Cairo also provide practical and tactical advice for mass demonstrations, confronting riot police, and besieging and taking control of government offices.

    Signed "long live Egypt", the slickly produced 26-page document calls on demonstrators to begin with peaceful protests, carrying roses but no banners, and march on official buildings while persuading policemen and soldiers to join their ranks.

    The leaflet ask recipients to redistribute it by email and photocopy, but not to use social media such as Facebook and Twitter, which are being monitored by the security forces.

    Protesters in Cairo are advised to gather in large numbers in their own neighbourhoods away from police and troops and then move towards key installations such the state broadcasting HQ on the Nile-side Corniche and try to take control "in the name of the people". Other priority targets are the presidential palace and police stations in several parts of central Cairo.

    The leaflet includes aerial photographs with approach routes marked and diagrams on crowd formations. Suggested "positive" slogans include "long live Egypt" and "down with the corrupt regime". There are no signs of slogans reflecting the agenda of the powerful Muslim Brotherhood. It advises demonstrators to wear clothing such as hooded jackets, running shoes, goggles and scarves to protect against teargas, and to carry dustbin lids – to ward off baton blows and rubber bullets – first aid kits, and roses to symbolise their peaceful intentions.

    Diagrams show how to defend against riot police and push in waves to break through their ranks. "The most important thing is to protect each other," the leaflet says.

    It is important to prevent policemen penetrating the ranks of demonstrators, it adds. If they do, they should be persuaded to change sides and reminded that their own families could be among the people.

    Banners and posters should be hung from balconies and windows, it advises, and it provides handy models for posters – one showing a visor-helmeted riot policeman flanked by an elderly woman in traditional peasant dress and a younger one in modern clothes over the slogan "Police and people together against the regime".

    The president's son Gamal – often thought likely to succeed his father – is labelled "Cowardly Mubarak", with the words "Where's Daddy now?" Another idea is the country's national symbol of an eagle with "Egypt's Liberation Day" underneath it.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Solidarity with squat Liebig 14 in Berlin

As solidarity sign Spirit Of Squatters Collective tv is uploading some documents about german squatting. To inspire and mobilize. GO !

International Call to Action for Solidarity Demonstrations at German Embassies

Liebig 14 is one of Berlin longest running autonomous housing projects, serving as a space for collective living as well as community and political organising for over 20 years. After a 4 year legal process the owners of the building have finally been given legal permission to evict the house on the 2nd of February 2011. Squatted shortly after the fall of the wall in what was a derelict area of east Berlin, Liebig 14's attempted eviction is just one sympton of a rampaging processes of gentrification which is rapidly forcing poorer residents out of the city centre and tearing apart the city's radical infrastructure.

Liebig 14 is proud to be a part of a long history of autonomous spaces in Berlin and around the world. In working against capitalism, social hierarchy and discrimination, autonomous spaces take small but concrete steps towards wider political emancipation and self-determined living.

The eviction of Liebig 14 will be a loss not only to Berlin's alternative project infrastructure but also a wider attack on projects everywhere attempting to build alternative, more socially just, and more sustainable modes of social organization. Solidarity with free spaces under threat in Berlin, Amsterdam, London and worldwide is key if we are to sustain these vital resources.

Stop gentrification from tearing apart our cities!

Support autonomous spaces!

Save Liebig 14!

Locations of German Embassies

Duitse Ambassade
Groot Hertoginnelaan 18-20
The Haag, Nederland


Honthorststraat 45(?)something like that


3, Daniel Frisch Street,
64731 Tel Aviv, Israel

31 Trimleston Avenue,
Booterstown, Blackrock,
Co. Dublin, Ireland

23 Belgrave Square
London, United Kingdom

90-92 Hobson Str, Thorndon
PO Box 1687
Wellington, New Zealand

4645 Reservoir Road, NW
Washington DC
District of Columbia, USA

Good day KLM-policy = hypocrite Beatrice slaver

Good day KLM-policy = hypocrite Beatrice slaver

Omschrijving doos maaltijdpakket KLM
Omschrijving doos maaltijdpakket KLM

Chiquita fruitsalade etiket uit deze doos
Chiquita fruitsalade etiket uit deze doos

" Good Day
"The doors we open and close each day decides the lives we live"
Flora Whittemore
Enjoy our meal KLM "

" Environment
For decades KLM has been carrying people to the most beautiful destinations on earth.
We strive to continue to do so for centuries to come. This is why we will maintain out lead in the industry in corporate social responsibility, so that people, planet and profit develop in balance and harmony.
For more information see "

But then the contents of above meal-box contain:

" Chiquita Just Fresh Fruit!
Chiquita Fresh BV/BA
Rijnkaai 37 Antwerpen"

'Para-politics' Goes Bananas, The Nation -

Chiquita to Pay $25M Fine in Terror Case, ABC News -

Chiquita faces Colombia lawsuit -

+ all the people that got sterilized working with their chemicals

The ties between KLM and House of Orange have always been very warm, if not almost exactly the same.

Battle of Tuntenhaus part 1 and 2

dir. Juliet Bashore.25min UK 1991.The Tuntenhaus („House of Queers") was originally a squat on Mainzer Str. in East Berlin. This gritty verité documentary follows the fortunes of the Tuntenhaus throught the days of anarchy and riots that followed German reunification to the sudden invasion by 3000 West German police, armed with tanks and tear gas in a massive operation to evict them.

chess tournament ADM

Friday there is a big chess tournament on the ADM with spectacular prizes.
see the flyer see you there!!!!

Lucia Vargas Political Hip Hop at benefit in OCCII for Calais Migrant Solidarity - video concert

Lucia Vargas is geboren in Bogota (Colombia) en werkt sinds een aantal jaren in de wijken Usme en La Calera met jongeren via hiphop rondom mensenrechten, het gewapende conflict en collectieve geschiedenis. Ze is in december en januari in Europa op speakerstour, waarin ze onder andere Duitsland, Denemarken, Nederland en Spanje aandoet.

and the tekst below its coming from:

Calais Migrant Solidarity

What we do

Calais Migrant Solidarity have been doing solidarity work with some of the hundreds of migrants in Calais on a daily basis since June 2009.

There are currently around 200 migrants in the Calais, sleeping in the streets, and constantly subjected to police chases, arrests and beatings. Any attempts to set up shelters are promptly crushed. The repression is severe, but the growing movement of resistance there has been inspiring.

Following the No Borders Camp in June 2009, French, British, Belgian, Dutch, German and Italian activists set up a permanent presence in Calais. We do a variety of activities, aimed at showing resistance to the police harassment of migrants, raising awareness about the situation in Calais, showing solidarity with the migrants, as well as simply trying to make people's lives easier. We are overtly political and in the long run we aim to build a stronger transnational movement against migration controls, comprised of those with and those without papers.

Work we are doing in Calais:

  • Monitoring police activity, and directly intervening in the daily raids and arrests. These can be very successful at times, as we can alert people in advance and give them time to get away. This activity works best with more people.
  • Working with the migrants to hold public protests and take direct action.

In February 2010, we were involved in organising a rented warehouse for migrants and activists. This coincided with one of the longest and coldest winters in Western Europe in recent history. It also came at a time where the Franco-British policy of driving migrants away from the port by persistently destroying tents and indeed anything that resembled a shelter was in full swing. 75-100 migrants and half a dozen to a dozen activists broke through police lines to access the legally occupied shelter and everyone had a warmer night's sleep. However, determined, the French police evicted the legally rented space the following day.

  • Distribution of water, blankets, tents and firewood. However, we favour solidarity over pure charity. This means that we strive to do 'humanitarian' work in an empowering and migrant-led way. For example, we often live and prepare food with migrants rather than just hand it out.
  • Doing outreach with the local community to try to get more Calais residents involved in challenging the repression and to show solidarity; through posters, stalls, leaflets, etc, giving out information, such as legal information on the situation for migrants in France and in the UK, and holding English and first aid classes, doing humanitarian work, such as first aid, providing emotional support,  giving out tents, blankets, clothes, tea, SIM cards so that people can call home, English books, footballs & other stuff for minors, taking water and firewood to the squats etc.

"I can't come to Calais, but I want to help…."

There is a huge amount that can be done beyond Calais, both to support the ongoing  work here, and in the form of solidarity actions. We are always looking for people to help with the following – if you can help please contact us:

  • Fundraising and information nights to raise awareness and pass on much needed funds. Click here to donate.
  • Regional autonomous support for people who have made it across to the UK and are seeking asylum, especially for minors.
  • Generally making people aware of the situation in Calais; putting journalists and NGOs in touch with us
  • Donating tents, blankets, clothes, bikes etc.
  • Providing support for people who have been in Calais – whether for a short time or if people are working in Calais over a long period what you see and witness is very affecting and people need to have a chance to try and make sense of what they experience. This can happen face-to-face or by phone or email. See activist trauma support.

Please publish details of solidarity actions to any of the following sites:







Spirit Of Squatters Collective
Spirit Of Squatters Collective
Spirit Of Squatters Collective

Spirit Of Squatters Collective : This is solidarity action (like most of our videos). The solidarity is stronger when it is seen by as many people as possible.So...Please use it ! Pass this info to everybody who could be interested !!!
Feel free to embed,link it,send it,screen it etc. Use it=don't loose it. Reclaim the media with us !

... So get inspired. TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER !!!
Spirit Of Squatters Collective is always trying to report and support good things what are happening around us. We trying at least one time a week show You some news. Our goal is to do it daily but 1st we can not be everywhere and 2nd We don't have enough time mainly to edit ( there are many projects waiting for their time...) That's why we waiting for You to help us support good things with our video channel and with creating independent media.

and that's few words from our pages:
With our activities we want to make this world a better place.Reclaim the media with us.Feel free to use our videos.Now all up to you !!!Real life is beginning when you turn off the tv, computer. See you on the streets in actions !!!
If You think its important and good what we are doing You can donate what can help us to find more time to improve our activity. Click here:

LOVE !!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Defend Squat Liebig 14 in Berlin

Berlin-Update Liebig 14 eviction
.... - 22.01.2011 19:23 

More information about expected eviction of squat Liebig14 in Berlin 

More information about expected eviction of squat Liebig14 in Berlin 

People from all over Europe will defend Liebig 14 in Berlin. 
The day of eviction will be 2nd of february. 
May be riots around this day. 
Info point in Berlin Friedrichshain from 29.january till 3.february is in Scharnweber Straße 38 
Info telefon in this period: 0157 / 872 107 77 and 0176 / 383 413 42 
or wba-actionweeks (at) 
Legal team: 030 / 69 22222 
Sleeping places: schlafplatzberlin (at) 


On 2. February 2011 the cops will try to evict the house-project Liebig 
14 in Berlin-Friedrichshain – and this we take very seriously. The 
threatening eviction is an attack against us all and we are not planning 
on giving in so easily! For this reason we will take our anger to the 
streets with a powerful demonstration on 29. January 2011. 

Of course we are furious about the planned destruction of yet another 
free-space but this is only one outbreak of a larger problem. In 
Friedrichshain as in many other city districts Gentrification has been an 
integral part of all day vocabulary for quite some time already. Only a few 
colorful stains manage to break through the mirror-finished citymadness. 
Surveilance and control of public spaces continue to increase. But more 
and more annoyance is growing wider, because the neoliberal city- 
restructuring does not only concern the leftist, uncommercial subculture 
of this city but especially people of lower social position, immigrants and 
people of other citizen-groups who are already being pushed to the edge 
of society anyway. Increasing rents force them into places where they 
have socially already been for a long time: far away from those things that 
make life pleasant, like grown social networks or a vivid self-made 
culture. What ́s left is a cultural uniformity-mush in the shape of faceless 
cocktailbars with overexpensive prices and unified ready-made half- 
houses of cement which greatest creativity mount in their different 
nuances of grey. All of this is decorated with private security-companies 
and surveilance-cameras everywhere. 
Our struggle is not about saving our own ass, so we can live an 
undisturbed life for little money and with nice people in our own little 
No! We demand a city for all! 
We are aware that the reality in our projects often doesn ́t match all of our 
nice claims. It is most important to make our ideas practical here and 
now. We experiment, and together we try to find the best way to a 
different with-each-other outside the various forms of social hierarchy like 
racism and sexism. It is a struggle against those things that we have 
spiritualized, against the temptation of giving up our ideas and going the 
simple, submissive way leading to a little bit better life in the Wrong. It ́s 
not about building a safe and sound little world, but about creating places 
where resistance against the reigning conditions is organized. We know 
very well that increasing rents, displacement and evictions are – despite 
the burning topicality – only a part of the problem: the normal capitalistic 
state. We think that it is correct to not only criticize the certain 
conditions that socially lock out and repress people, but to attack 
them as well. 

For self-shaped city-restructuring!!!!! 
Gain free-spaces by force!!!!! 
Defend Liebig 14!!!!! 

Demonstration on 29. January 2011 at 3:00 pm - 
Subway-Station: Kottbusser Tor 
And if the eviction on 2. February 2011 should succeed: 
2. February 2011, 7:00 pm – at Boxhagener Platz. 
Further infos: 

Mobilisation material for the demo on 29.01.2011 at 3:00pm is ready to take. The flyers and posters are available at Liebig 14, infoshob „Daneben", KuBiz and soon in Bethanien. The flyers are written in german and english. Spread the word! 

here the way….. 

Kottbusser Tor (start), Adalbertstr., Oranienstr., Manteuffelstr., Waldemarstr., Lausitzer Platz, Eisenbahnstr., Wrangelstr., Skalitzer Str., Oberbaumbrücke, Warschauer Str. (stop at Liegenschaftsfond and trainstation), Warschauer Str., Petersburger Str., Rigaer Str. ( stop at Rigaerstr corner to Liebig-Str.), Rigaer Str., Proskauer Str., Niederbarnimstr., Grünberger Str. (the end in the corner Grünberger Ecke Gabriel-Max in front of Zielona Gora) 

A timeline: events & actions during the squatting ban pt. II

A timeline: events & actions during the squatting ban pt. II

This timeline is meant to inform our comrades in other countries about what's going on with the squatting ban here in the Netherlands. Please translate it and spread it to Indymedias all over the world!

Also, if we've forgotten something, mention it in the comments.

A timeline of events and actions in the Netherlands during the squatting ban, part II

First part of the timeline can be found at:

November 16th
The squatter arrested on the 7th of November in suspicion of sedition gets sentenced to 25 days of jail, the maximum penalty for his charges.

November 19th
A YouTube channel, called Squatter Sounds, is started in order to collect and share squatting-related music.

Check it out:

November 21st
A house is squatted in Amsterdam.

November 25th
Around 60 people demonstrate in Utrecht to symbolically bury the failed law. garrested the police decides to confiscate the cargobike with the sound system and attack the people around it. Police horses ride through the protesters injuring people.

November 26th
Court case about the eviction on the 1st of November in Utrecht takes place. It is the first court case based on article 138a, the new squatting ban. During the court case a demonstration under the slogan "Your laws, not ours" gathers around 150 people.

Six out of the eight accused get sentenced to 40 hours of community service or 20 days in jail. Two of the accused, who were both arrested outside, get acquitted because it can't be proved they were inside the evicted building. The judge declares the eviction unlawful but the actions of the public prosecution service (that led to the eviction) acceptable. The squatters do not get the house back. In the evening a new house is squatted in the center of Utrecht.

In miniature city Madurodam, a major tourist attraction in The Hague, pro-squatting banners appear on the tiny houses.


December 4 th
The person arrested on the 7th of November in The Hague is released from prison after serving his sentence of 25 days. The whole time he refused to tell the cops his identity and he is still anonymous when released.

December 6 th
A building is squatted in Ede.

December 17th
A building is squatted in Wageningen.

December 20th
A call out for countrywide squatting days is published on Indymedia. The squatting days will take place in the beginning of January.

The call out:

December 26th
The city of Zaandam announces that the squatting ban will not change their policy towards squatting, stating that executing the squatting ban would lead into increasing emptiness of buildings.

January 8th
Nationwide squatting days begin! In Arnhem the municipality is obviously scared of squatters and places security in a neighbourhood where several municipality-owned buildings are squatted. A house is squatted in Utrecht. In Tilburg 250 people attend a demonstration and afterwards a squat a building. In Doordrecht squatters invite children to see a puppet show about squatting.

Photos of the puppet show:

January 9th
In Utrecht a house is squatted and evicted during the same day. A few people get arrested. Later the same night the squatters get released and immediately proceed to re-squat the building.

In Amsterdam 100 people participate in squatting three buildings. Two out of the three buildings had been squatted before and left voluntarily months earlier when the owner was supposed to start renovating these social rent houses. A few hours later another building, owned by a known speculant, is squatted in the city center. A huge banner is hung from the house, stating "These Amsterdammer squatters wish all speculators an exciting 2011!"


January 13th
The legendary radio Patapoe is on air again!

Listen to radio Patapoe:

January 14th
A squat in Amsterdam wins their bodemprocedure/main proceedings. The verdict states that the owner couldn't prove to have enough interest for the eviction of the house and that an eventual eviction would only lead to emptiness.

January 17th
Squatters make noise outside the building where the VVD, a right-wing party known for their hatred of squatters and having just demanded immediate evictions for the houses squatted during the action weekend, is throwing having their new year party.

January 22nd
Two squats in Utrecht receive letters from the public prosecutor, stating that the houses will be evicted based on the new law.

January 23rd
A building is re-squatted in Utrecht. The former autonomous center was left voluntarily in November when the squatters got told it would be used for a homeless shelter. Since then nothing had happened with the building. The squatters plan to open a give away shop there.

An appartment is squatted in Amsterdam.
Squatting action Wilhelminastraat 195/3 23th of january

January 24th
In Amsterdam the mayor, the public prosecutor and the district chief of the police release a statement announcing how squats will be evicted in the future based on the new law. In general, the squatters will be informed that the eviction will take place within the next eight weeks, and will then have one week to take the case to court in order to challenge the eviction decision.