Saturday, July 30, 2011

Zbuntowani(The Rebels) in Vondelbunker

Spontanious concert dedicated for arrested at Schijnheilg eviction

5th of July Solidarity Banners Action CALL OUT

DIY or together is even better


Three of our comrades, who were arrested during the eviction of Schijnheilig are still in jail. The reason for that is just that they're suspected for not being born in EU. This was enough to put them in the prison.
Before government was intimidating people because of the shape of their nose. Now it's doing it because lack of papers. The same racism just different rules.
Three of our comrades in solidarity with migrants without papers are opposing to be identified. Our friends should be nobbled for sacrifying their time in resistance in this racist policy of intimidation.
That's why we should show as much as possible solidarity with them. That's why we call ( aside from other actions ) for massive solidarity banners action.
Do not ignore it ! They're there for us and for migrants without papers. We should be here for them. Solidarity is our strength. If You will decide for such heroic step, You also would like that the movement would support You strongly. Just do it now. Let the banners shout from every squat !
PS: For those places what can't hang the banner i would suggest to stick the posters in the windows.
PS2: Maybe to do together banner making, workshop/session could be provided some place, material and time

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Action Training Video tutorials

Filmed during Climate Action Camp in Antwerpen
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NNers stories one who is free (Video) and one who still in jail

Statement from Prisoner NN1153
July 27, 2011, Zaandam, Netherlands

Here is a little morsel out of the mind of an anonymous prisoner. Here I am,
with my good behaviour, in the hopeless cycle of the illegal alien policy of
a system with borders which know no borders. Oh yes, there is a way out of
course: have someone bring my passport, and Abracadabra! — You may
participate again. *NO* I won't participate. This system which excludes
people and locks them up only causes me great disgust, and showing my
passport is for me equal to going along with the system.


Passports do not exist in order to make travelling easier. On the contrary,
they mean that whoever doesn't have one can't move around freely. (I am
consciously avoiding the issue of work and money, because you can always
work if that's what you want, and money is a fiction, but that's another
story). Is it, then, in order to guarantee a smoothly functioning system of
laws and rights? Sure, keep right on dreaming. This system doesn't exist. It
is their word against yours, and who do you think is going to win that? And
shouldn't you have the right to appeal to a higher judge? (Pop! — sorry, one
less balloon). As a Dutch person you are assumed to know the law. OK, but
I'm not Dutch, after all (tee-hee). Do I get a lawyer, then? Yes and no.
Yes, but a lawyer costs money, which I don't believe in (apart from  the
question of whether or not I actually have any). Won't the lawyer get paid,
then? Yes, the state will pay the lawyer. The problem is simply that in
order to receive the state subsidy for the higher appeal, the lawyer will
have to have my name, which I won't give to anyone, and I don't believe in
Money, so I also don't want to pay it myself, and I also don't want to have
other people pay it for me, out of solidarity with the people who don't have
any money. I simply see no way out of this cycle. I'm aware that this isn't
exactly juridical language, and perhaps a little over-simplified, so if
anyone can explain this better, please do. Maybe I'm just misinformed. I
haven't studied law. And what happened to the presumption that you're
innocent until the contrary is proven? Simsalabam, no passport, you will be
locked up. So, it looks like I will be staying here a while longer, but my
staying here is in some way a choice. My heart goes out to all the people
who haven't made this choice voluntarily, but really don't have a passport,
and can't or don't want to go back to their land of origin and are swallowed
up by this system. Thanks for all the cards, letters, puzzles, phone credit
and noise-demos.

No-Name Prisoner Number NNpL133cm1107051153
unique number: 218

Greetings from the Prison-boat.