Friday, August 17, 2018

Namaste tantric way: I LOVE YOU AS I LOVE MYSELF

This is "Relationship book with Goddess and God within me and outside of me." Part 3 (?)

When, I know that, we are all one, I see it clearly to treat in the best possible way, all the mirrors around me. Especially those closest one. Those, we feel much better.

We will love ourselves much better, our life would become happier, more in the heaven, here and now , on Mother Earth.

When we love ourselves better, from this abundance of love , we share more and more unconditional love to the others. It circulate. It have to circulate. The way to make it flow is just to make it flow. Remove, heal all blockages, all barriers.... Nourish all aspects of your being, all chakras...

When you do something to others, always remember, that you do it for yourself first.

When, you love someone, do it, because first you love yourself. You wan to see others happy just because you know that their happiness, it is your happiness....

Healthy Ego. I love it !

When I love someone, let´s observe this love as reflection of love to myself. Is it in balance ?

Do you love someone, because you love yourself ?

Namaste tantric way: I LOVE YOU AS I LOVE MYSELF

Is this close to reality in your present relation?
Not yet ? Don´t try to change another person. Recognize her/him as mirror and see, what universe is giving to you in this relation. Even in challenging situation, find the hidden gift, sacred lesson, a healing, a liberation from the conditionings, from the patterns, that they will not repeat anymore in your life.
Very often the biggest challenge it is the biggest grow opportunity as well. See the bright site of life in everything :)

It´s easier to change our own aspects of our self, what the mirror it´s showing to us, than struggling with trying to change someone else.
Everything it´s always coming first from inside. Find the change of your inside, then the outside change may follow, may manifest.... - it is easier that way than other way around. Believe me ;)

Even before relation is starting physically, it already is starting long time before on other dimensions and different levels. For example on the level between your inner man and inner woman and between the ¨outside couple¨

... so why not to work on your relationship even ¨before¨ it starts ?

Maybe this time , do not write , what is  your dream relation, what would you would like to attract. Write instead, who you would like to become through this relation.

This is intention of our life:
To become best version of ourselves, stay there as long as possible in order to have the most happy, loving life as for ourselves , as for the others ( tantric namaste again :)  )
To learn how to love ourselves and others better and better... deeper and more and more unconditionally.

As you wake up: First thing what you do: Ask yourself a questions: What I can do today, to love myself better. How I could become better version of myself ? What Is my today lesson from universe?

Is it sharing my wisdom and energy through retreats or maybe through writing ? ... or maybe today just through resting, recharging and enjoying life in another more ¨lazy¨ way ?

Never forget enjoying - even if you work hard.

World had enough martyrs. Nowadays the humanity seems to be searching for REAL fun. Tantra, Love, Sacred Sexuality and Sexual Spirituality it may give it to them.

Let´s find the way together.

Together we are stronger. Together, we are winning. Together it is more fun ...

We are all ONE

Michal Kali Griks
21.7.2018 European Rainbow Gathering Poland

Monday, August 13, 2018

Tantra Movement employing people

Hello Lovely People !

Tantra Movement would like to expand, so we would like to employ volunteers or in some cases even paid people, creative people with who with could co create more beautiful energy of love and tantra in all possible ways.

We need :

- Menagers

- Organizers

- Movie makers, editors, filmers, photografers

- Models

- Translators

- Correctors

- Assistants

- Website and facebook page moderators

- Promotors

- Artists, Designers, Musicians

- People with who, we could co create

- ???

Connect to connect :)
Michal Kali Griks (fb)Tantra