Thursday, November 26, 2020

[Newsletter] nov2020 newsletter, an important update from the eyfa office

Dearest eyfa network,

TL:DR synopsis: 
Since there is no opportunity for an eyfa network meeting this year, we are keen to share the renewed priorities that 2020 brought to the eyfa office. We want to be better at our solidarity work and particularly with how we show up for racial and disablity justice struggles. It's our aim to be aware of intersectionality and to apply this lens in our understanding of issues, both internally and in our projects & collaborations
Read on to find out:
    How to organise together with us next year
    How our decolonizing process is going & tips*? for those interested in reflecting on the dominance of white supremacy culture in your activist groups
    How to participate in any of the trainings eyfa is offering next year
    We would also like to know how you are doing. Things are hard, but we believe in the ongoing will to collaborate!

...
    2020, a year of internal reflections on collective and societal racial dynamics
    In case you've been wondering what we at the eyfa office have been up to these past months (as so much of our programme has been either canceled or postponed), we wanted to share with you a bit about the internal, structural processes that we've been busy with. There are 2 highlights that might interest you:
        1) we've been working on putting our values better into practice, particularly in terms of what 'intersectionality' needs to look like in our movements (this means an increased focus on racial justice and disability justice!)
        2) we've been working on decolonizing our modes of working, dismantling white supremacy culture in our office, and reimagining what it means to be a truly anti-racist organisation
    In order to make these interventions, we've utilised various anti-racist tool(kit)s (that we are happy to share with those who are interested!), challenged ourselves to have more conversations about race, relied on some valuable support from our board members who are indeed comrades and friends, traversed some difficult interpersonal landscapes together, putting in varied amounts of emotional labor, and stuck to our commitment to each other and to collective liberation/justice. We decided to structure our internal processes by breaking it down in to several different aspects of how we organise and work together (e.g. how we interact with the network, staff recuitment, office agreements, etc.). We've approached these different aspects now weekly for quite a few months and we're in a pretty constant state of evaluating the process.
   What's been most challenging for us in all of this
    The whole process (of keeping up with all of our conversations taking notes, checking again for consensus, revising, questioning our own terminology, then proposing a new thing/idea - all while working mostly virtually!) in itself is lengthy and requires patience especially in these uncertain circumstances. It can be demotivating to stay stuck in a visionary phase with wanting to make some structural changes but without much opportunity to actually take any action.
    Also, it's been difficult to maintain consistency during moments of emotional/mental drainage. At different times, on different days, we've all felt more or less anxious or demoralised by the state of the world and so we struggle to put in the energy to tackle the heavy topics (like the harm that we may have caused each other unknowingly) when we finally manage to meet together.
    Maybe that's why it has taken us so long to reach out to you.
    What does this mean for our future work and how we're organising?
    In general, we are pushing for applying intersectionality as a lens for all our projects, as well as our collaborations with other groups, initiatives, and ourselves. In our upcoming projects, we want to give a more central role to the topics of migrant solidarity, anti-racism, critical whiteness, decolonization, etc. This means we wish for more of our white comrades to be engaged in reflecting on their whiteness, white supremacy culture, and their role in anti-racist movements, while at the same time we want to reach out and collaborate with more groups and individuals working within BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) and migrant communities.
    We are in the process of recruiting new office staff so that we can have more BIPOC representation in the office and on the board. A critical element in this process is how important we see the normalizing of difficult conversations surrounding racial dynamics, particularly in spaces/groups professing non-hierarchical structures!
    Where is the eyfa network in all this?
    We aren't able to have a network meeting this year, so would instead like to take this opportunity to envision collaboration with and among you all.
    Participation Call Out:    In case you would be interested in participating in 1 of 2 trainings that we hope to conduct in Berlin early 2021:
    1) *Empowerment workshop for BIPOC activists*
    2) *Antiracism and Allies*
    write us for more info and to see if there is still space available.
    Orga team call out + looking for tips:    Our overarching workplan for next year is to explore the intersection between disability and racial justice, within which we are hoping to conduct study visits, create a publication, host an international youth exchange, and develop an online course. We are looking for people to get involved in the organisational process of these activities, from basic conceptualizing and planning logistics, to more specific tasks like graphic and/or web designers for the online course. We look forward to hearing from those of you who would be interested in organising together! Also please share this general info with your trusted comrades who might not be on this list. Because of the topic of the workplan, we are expressly commited to involving more disabled and BIPOC comrades in the orga teams. Further, if you have any suggestions for groups or organisations that we should contact to collaborate with on this workplan, share your tips with us!
    Put some anti-racist tool(kit)s to use in your own contexts: we would like to invite any of you who would be interested in conducting some similar interventions in your own groups, to contact us so we can share some of the materials that we have gathered. We acknowledge that there is a hurdle sometimes in overcoming the different contexts from which the materials are sourced, but we would be interested in future collaborations involving translation and contextualization of these materials. Maybe this is a future collaboration we can plan together!
    Share with us what's up: it's been already quite a while since the last newsletter, the one connected to the crisifund, and we are curious about how you are doing. How are you organising during these difficult times?
    Proposals for collaboration: we would, now more than ever, like to create space for collaboration amongst different groups/memebers in the network - in the spirit of intersectionality. If that means that you'd need any support from the office to share your materials or announcements wider, or to simply find potential collaborators to bounce ideas off of, let us know. You can also, if you haven't already, request to be added to the Network mailing list, which is one that is more interactive and intended for this exact purpose.

We acknowledge that the eyfa network has a somehow amorphous shape and it's not always what we all want it or need it to be. We would like this announcement to start a process where we can invite new groups to join the network, so we can put our values into practice together. We remain curious about what shape the network has the potential to take, amidst all its ambiguity and contradictions. We, in the office, are all finding 2020 pretty difficult, and we definitely didn't anticipate that we'd have to go so long without seeing each other again. But that's all the more reason to take these opportunities for reflection... so we're sure when we do meet again, we'll have plenty to talk about!

in commitment, in collaboration, in solidarity,
the eyfa office
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Sunday, November 22, 2020

Black Friday ! The Cost of Convenience

Reverend Billy Radio Episode 30
The Cost of Convenience

The Church of Stop Shopping, New York




As Black Friday approaches, we are undoubtedly the Church of Stop Shopping. Let's turn to the dirtiest retail company in the country.  The Amazon Corporation puts 1M metric tons of CO2 into the air every week, while working conditions leave 20,000 of its working infected with Covid. Human injustice and Earth injustice always show up together.


At noon on Black Friday Nov 27th we'll be at the New York mansion of Jeff Bezos, at 26th Stand  5th Ave. Check social media for Live Stream. Wear black and mourn with us the pain and suffering and death caused by this company. Singing at the top of our voice, we'll find joy in the presence of workers who fight such a giant. Join US


So grateful to Neil Young Archives The Times Contrarian for carrying our show since Week 1. Stay Safe friends, Earthallujah! Rev

Reverend BIlly and The Stop Shopping Choir // POB 1556 NY NY 10013 //

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Tantra Movement as nr.1 Sharing Source?

Hello Lovely People! πŸ’œ Sharing is Caring!
Tantra Movement as nr.1 Sharing Source? - Check yourself.  πŸ’œ πŸ’œ   
There is no better time than setting up this healthy ego competition than now! ;)
Tantra, Love and Sacred Sexuality had never such strong potential for solving so many issues what humanity is facing now. 
Tantra Movement is choosing for sharing Love <3
Now, with possible translation into many languages!
Through our constantly upgrading website:
Through our Youtube channel full of practical and theoretical videos and playlists not only with Tantra Movement Teachings.  
Through our main FB page and many smaller, more local pages and groups: 
Through our newsletter updating and sharing with you some surprises ( ebooks, new videos, playlists etc.)
And for those who would like to go deeper and support us back, we are creating more and more online courses or you may pre-book our live courses when the borders will be open again.  
Thank you for sharing, liking and purchasing our content. 
We wish we are inspiring others in creating "sharing is caring trend" not only in the Tantra circlesπŸ’œ
Michal Kali Griks and Tantra Movement

Thursday, November 12, 2020

The Earth Ends MAGA and Starts What?

Episode 29: Reverend Billy Radio

The Church of Stop Shopping, New York

Life and Death in the Age of Convenience


Greetings in these strange, strange times. We steel ourselves for the onslaught of shopping at the holidays. Now its not the door-buster sale. Now it's Amazon. We have 100 jets and 30,000 trucks to stop. Amazon puts a million metric tons of carbon dioxide into the air each week. Its life and death, Children! What's the direct action protest that will work against this extraordinary threat? Let's find it!  Let's invent it! Earthalujah!

Flower Shields & Lightning Bolts Protest NY Police Union- photo by Barbara Lee

 Watch us in action at our Strike!! the PBA Protest!!

Reverend BIlly and The Stop Shopping Choir // POB 1556 NY NY 10013 //

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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

FREE Call with Marianne Williamson Thursday

Dear Friend, I learned a lot this year. I thought of myself as a pretty empowered woman, but I learned a lot about resistance to female pow
Your New Audio

Join Marianne for a FREE Preview Call
Personal Letter from Marianne

Dear Friend,

I learned a lot this year. I thought of myself as a pretty empowered woman, but I learned a lot about resistance to female power that lives quietly and insidiously inside our heads. Not all walls are visible. Not all chains are external.

For many women, the chains that bind us are invisible. The walls that keep us in place cannot be seen by the physical eye. We're told how to see the world, what to say about the world and where to take the world in subtle ways that often run counter to the intuitive knowing in our hearts.

Never has it been more important for women to own our truth, express our truth, and stand up for other women who are doing the sameOnly when we find our voices, our gifts and our courage to participate in co-creating a more enlightened world will human civilization begin to repair.

I will be sharing my thoughts about the emerging woman on November 20 & 21 during my in-depth virtual course, Women's Wisdom in Times of Crisis.

If you are thinking about attending Women's Wisdom in Times of Crisis but would like a bit more info, Please Attend my FREE Preview Call that takes place this Thursday, November 12, at 5:30pm PT / 8:30PM ET. During the call I'll outline concepts that I'll be discussing in-depth during my weekend course.

Attend my FREE PREVIEW CALL and decide if my in-depth course is for you.

The PREVIEW CALL is FREE and everyone is welcome (Yes – Men Too!)

I look forward to seeing you on Thursday.


Unable to attend the FREE Online PREVIEW CALL Live?
Everyone who registers will receive an audio recording of the Preview Call.


Marianne Williamson P.O. Box 70 Frederic, Wisconsin 54837 United States

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Tantra Movement nr.1 Sharing Source?

Thankful nowadays technology we may get most of the content translated into many languages on pretty dissent and understandable level. This is a huge step towards connecting people and against Babylon when by mixing the languages we get divided against each other.

Do you remember our wish about Tantra Movement becoming as one of the most generous sources of information about Tantra, especially the practical aspect of it? 

The ability of our Tantra Movement Youtube channel to being translated to all languages it gives a great step forward into realizing our dream. 

Whatever language you speak now you can understand our message of Love. 
 πŸ’œ By supporting us whatever way ( viewing, sharing, liking, subscribing...) you make us more recognizable by the YT and Google Searches, and they work on the auto translations much better. 
You may check the Love what we share here: 

We made special playlists for you: 

The one about practice:

Tantra Movement International Playlists ( with real live translations )  
This one where I share a lot of myself :)
This one, one of the more advanced, for those who are passionate about Yoni Massage Healings:
Tantra and Sexuality: here, because we are all One, we are supporting many other good teachers and their wonderful teachings:
To respond to the nowadays situation and needs, we are creating online courses. You may check already our offer: 
Besides on our website you may find a lot of more free and advanced materials. 
When you write to us, you may get free Ebook about how to use one of the most powerful methods in Tantra or introduction to Tantra Massage Course for free. 
We are proud of being on the way to becoming one of the most sharing sources of Love in Tantra Circles. Use it. Don't Lose it <3 
We wish the others would see also that the times are ripe and it's time to share Tantra, Love and all solutions to make our world a better place

Michal Kali Griks  

Monday, November 9, 2020

"Love-making Mantra" video clip

There are many deep reasons why we made "Love-making Mantra" video clip. 
First, to state that any consensual sex is better than no sex at all. 
Especially when it is connected with Love, even before, I experienced Tantra; I quickly discovered that sex without love, is missing paramount quality. That's why we are singing, not about fucking but Love-making...
...Specifically as Tantra Movement about Tantric Love-making vs typical sex.
Through Tantric Love-making, all sexual energy, one of the most essential energy what humans have ( it creates life! ), we are bringing that power to our hearts instead wasting it mainly through the ejaculation ( but the clitoral orgasm as well ).
By using not losing this energy, we are nourishing our hearts, so we become more loving, and what is most important, we may continue Love-making and create even more energy ( aka ecstasy ). 

That's how we are making Love, longer ecstasy, higher orgasms, sexual satisfaction and more energy in our hearts. That's what is making "Use it. Don't lose it. Methode" as one of the most spiritual and powerful practices, in my opinion. 
Maybe you would not read those words if this song would not exist. 
Now, we wish you would find on Tantra Movement website or videos further instructions to" Use it. Don't Lose It. Methode" and this would change your life and world for better. 
That's another reason for this song.  
Through generations, many teachings and religions are conditioning us by repeating the same message that Love-making is bad, shameful, dirty, sinful etc. 
Power of Mantras it is repeating the sacred message, and by this, it is influencing not only our holy Spirit but our subconscious mind as well. 
That's why melody is easy, hypnotic, staying and glueing into your mind for a long time. 
We wish you would be singing it through many days and whole life not only within your head :)
"Love-making is good for us" - time to root this uplifting message in our ( every ) beings. 
Another reason is that this clip is "totally unprofessional". 
Honestly; I'm proud that this is "One Day Production". 
I woke up with this song. I sang it to my beloved, I sang it by the river, on the beach, then in the jungle, I recorded in on my phone, then my beloved made clip, then before evening it was already out on Tantra Movement youtube channel. 
It's not perfect, but we like it for its authenticity and spontaneity. 

I see so many great projects are ending up in the drawers because their authors are holding back, stopped by pressure of being perfect.

I feel humanity and individuals are lost enjoying the playfulness of creation because of fear of being ridiculed. 

Feeling fear but still doing it, that's what makes us stronger, that's what is healing and liberating us. 

I choose Love, but I'm scared that some of you would not take seriously such a crazy Tantra teacher. 
Another beautiful reason is that we had good laughter during working on this Mantra clip. :)
Thank you, my beloved, for cocreating and for your whole support and Love <3
Now your turn! 
Would you support the reasons, like, support and maybe even share the video?
Would you become curious, and would you look for further information?
Would you feel attracted and maybe you would subscribe to stay connected? 
Or maybe you would stand on the ridiculing side one way or another.
In any case, thank you for your support and/or attention.  

Michal Kali Griks