Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New energy, Full potential, Wide program with new options in School Of Tantra Movement

Here I'm back. After 2 months in full nature ( no electricity, no Internet etc...) on Rainbow Gatherings, after giving there about 50 workshops (most of them about 5 ha, some of them for more than 100 people ), after sharing great energy, liberation, healing, experience, life, love and passion in all different way, here I'm, with my full potential, with new ideas, new plans, new visions,new energy and love for you.

I hope wide range of options would give you opportunities to get the best out of School of Tantra Movement.

First shortly:
1. Course for all in saturdays https://www.facebook.com/events/325781714250020/
2. Course for couples or people who are willing to work together in Sundays http://tantramovement.blogspot.nl/2014/09/workshops-for-couples-or-people-who-are.html
3. Tantric Massage course once a week. The full program would be updated but you may already get impressions here http://tantramovement.blogspot.nl/2014/05/tantric-massage-course-in-school-of.html
4. Intensive weekends of extended program of 1 and 2 (see the link above in point 1)
5. Intensive Tantra massage weekends (see the link above in point 3)
6. Intensive 5 days of extended program of 1 and 2 (see the link above in point 1)
7. Intensive 10 days of extended program of 1 and 2 (see the link above in point 1)
8. Private sessions by individual approach http://tantramovement.blogspot.nl/2014/01/private-sessions-and-workshops_28.html

The price range depends from amount of the people participating in the workshops. By inviting your friends you may get nice discounts - let the Tantra Movement grow. Another way of exchange energy is also possible ( for example translating in to dutch, publishing, announcing the event, spreading leaflets etc. )

The range of the workshops is suitable:
-  for singles, couples and people who are willing to work together
-  for just beginners to more advanced people with tantra
-  for those who would like to grow slowly and those who like to go fast,
-  for those who live in Amsterdam and for those who are coming from abroad and for those in other countries as well - yes I like to travel wherever you invite me and organise me the event -  this is also great way of exchange energy (very appreciated by me)

Beside maybe the greatest transformation, liberation, healing of your past, presence and future, strongest love and experience of you life,  after finishing the course, you may also get the 1st level certificate, what allows you to go to the 2nd level and also to other higher schools of tantra like for example Rasayana Tantra Academy in Rotterdam. With the time (but you could already start from beginning) you may get the qualifications of assistant, masseur, masseuse or teacher in School Of Tantra Movement.

As sooner you get in touch to book your place as better. Do not hesitate to ask the questions. Soon more updates and details would come.

Love and Light

Saturday, September 27, 2014

France: Zad Activists Light Barricades, Vow Continued Resistance

September 24, 2014 – Barricades were lit on RN165 in response to the eviction of the Herbin family, from the village of Liminbout on the ZAD de Notre-Dame-Des-Landes to make way for construction of the airport project.

In a statement released by the Zad activist they declare "Each step of the project, each attack against the movement of struggle (work, trial, etc.), will bring an immediate response.

Everything we have achieved so far, adding failure of the César operation until the suspension of the construction, was by a common determination of resistance and tactical diversity.

All of these victories were also possible through actions of solidarity everywhere in france."

They continue in the statement with a declaration of solidarity.

"It is our turn to be present at the side of the various struggles. Space and the autonomous political force gained by the ZAD have served to inspire and strengthen the revolt of those who do not fit in the row.

Thus, we support materially and morally people without paper from Nantes who, after being expelled from their place of life this summer, organize themselves to take up again recently. At Calais, facing the police and evictions in repetition, refugeess congregate. Without papers or airport, the ZAD is land of asylum."

"'We are wholeheartedly with the SEITA de Carquefou workers, reviving offensive practices (destruction of stocks, occupation of factory, sequestration) giving confidence to those who feel reduced to impotence by political parties and trade unions.

In Picardy, the farmers opposed to the project of the factory farm of 1000 cows stated their position by blocking several days the arrival of the dairy.

Bure, against the nuclear waste disposal centre, the struggle continues on the ground, and a campaign for action, Bure 365 is launched.

On the ZAD of Testet plays a decisive moment for opponents to 16 dams. By our action, we wish to achieve the warm breath of Notre-Dame-Des-Landes to this struggle that crosses a turning point."


Diinsdag actie

Aanstaande dinsdag is cruciaal. Bekijk de online versie.

Diederik 'em vandaag nog!
Beste vriend

Hadden onze Nederlandse politieke leiders maar het lef van Ban Ki-Moon. De secretaris-generaal van de VN liep afgelopen zondag mee in de grootste klimaatmars ooit en sprak historische woorden op de klimaattop in New York. Vanuit de Nederlandse politiek blijft het oorverdovend stil. Je zou bijna vergeten dat Diederik Samsom, leider van regeringspartij PvdA, ooit een bevlogen Greenpeace-collega was. Het is nu of nooit voor Samsom: harde eisen voor schone energie en energiebesparing in Europa of tekenen voor gevaarlijke klimaatverandering.

Help Diederik wakker schudden: Toeter in zijn oor dat hij nú in actie komt voor ons klimaat!
Maak in drie muisklikken je eigen oproep aan Diederik.

Help Diederik Samsom (PvdA) aan zijn groene idealen te herinneren:

Zo werkt het:

  1. Vul in het tekstveld jouw groene boodschap voor Diederik in.
  2. Klik op de button 'Diederik 'em!' om je afbeelding te maken
  3. Klik op een van de share-knoppen om de foto met je vrienden, familie en collega's te delen.
  4. Tip: Vergeet niet de PvdA te taggen, door @pvda in jouw Facebook- of Twitterboodschap te typen. Of laat een bericht achter op de facebookpagina van Partij van de Arbeid
Geen Facebook? Stuur dan een mail naar Diederik Samsom en vraag hem zijn groene idealen niet te vergeten.

Waarom is dit nu belangrijk?

Aanstaande dinsdag debatteert de Tweede Kamer over het eisenpakket voor CO2-reductie, schone energie en energiebesparing in 2030, waarmee minister Kamp volgende maand naar Brussel moet. Dinsdag is cruciaal om gevaarlijke klimaatverandering tegen te houden. De ambities van zowel de Europese Commissie als ons kabinet liggen nu véél te laag. PvdA-leider Diederik Samsom kan minister Kamp naar de onderhandelingstafel sturen met een eis voor ambitieuze, bindende klimaatdoelen. Vandaar dat we je vragen om in de huid van Diederik te kruipen. Wat wil jij van Europa op het gebied van schone energie en energiebesparing? Laat het luid en duidelijk weten!

Toeter tot Samsom groen ziet. Veel plezier!

Joris Thijssen, campagnedirecteur

Ja, ik maak een Diederik Vind een evenement bij jou in de buurt

Lees het nieuwsbericht over het Kamerdebat en EU-klimaatdoelstellingen

Geef je mening, deel je ideeën en kom in contact met andere supporters:

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Workshops for couples or people who are willing to work together

Sundays 20.30 ~ 23.30 for all
( 28.9.14,  12.10.14, 9.11.14,  30.11.14,  14.12.14,  28.12.14 )

WG-terrein, Ketelhuisplein 41 Amsterdam

25 Euro per person, 45 per couple, 10 times card only 200 E

[ NL vertaling beneden ]

Workshops for your relationship

This our proposal is addressed to couples who:
- just get to know each other
- they want to develop an intimate relationship
- they would like to open up to the needs of the partner.
- They want to dissolve the barriers,

- who are looking for way to heal themselves but also looking for understanding and harmony in the warm arms of the lover
- for long time relationships, who would like again awake the senses, who would like to bring new energy and inspiration to their life
- who want to recognise the transcendent nature of partner relationship
- who want to progress together,
- who would like to develop energy of partnership
- who would like to achieve cosmic union
- who would share the essence of love with the world.

As a tantric couple, We share our personal and individual experience. While we respect our and your boundaries, we are also keeping in mind that real progress begins outside of the comfort zone. That's why we will systematically encourage you to leave secure limitations and meet the adventures of your life. But in the same time, We will also encourage you to establish clear boundaries and say "no" when you really feel that way at that moment.If you're not ready to change, we will work on that readiness

What you can expect:
Deepening intimacy in relationship
Exploring synergy effect in meditation and in the transformation of sexual energy

Inviting more ecstasy and passion in your life

We use methods such as :
Tantric and Taoist techniques for transformation
Games, fun, dance and movement
Visualisations , meditations and relaxations
Prayers and affirmations
Massage and healing touch
Open communication

For more info check: http://tantramovement.blogspot.nl/

Don't hesitate to ask the questions mgriks@gmail.com ,
Sending email means confirming your reservation. Amount of the places are limited.
Finishing the course may be honored with the certificate, what would open the door for your, second level class, further experience and higher education.
For updates, more info or to invite Your friends:

[ NL vertaling ]

Workshops voor je relatie:
Dit ons voorstel is gericht tot paren die:
- Gewoon om elkaar te leren kennen
- Ze willen een intieme relatie ontwikkelen
- Ze willen zich openstellen voor de behoeften van de partner.
- Ze willen de barrières oplossen, die op zoek zijn naar de weg om zichzelf te genezen , maar ook op zoek naar begrip en harmonie in de warme armen van de minnaar
- Voor lange tijd relaties , die graag weer wakker maken van de zintuigen , die graag nieuwe energie en inspiratie brengen in hun leven, die willen herkennen de transcendente aard van partnerrelatie.
- die samen willen in proces willen,
- die graag energie van partnerschap willen ontwikkelen
- die graag kosmische eenheid willen bereiken
- die de essentie van de liefde met de wereld willen delen.

Als een tantrische paar ,delen wij onze persoonlijke en individuele ervaring. Terwijl we onze en uw grenzen respecteren, we zijn bewust dat de echte vooruitgang begint buiten de comfort zone . Dat is waarom wij u systematisch zal aanmoedigen om veilige grenzen te verlaten en te voldoen aan de avonturen van je leven. Maar in dezelfde tijd , zullen we u aanmoedigen om duidelijke grenzen te stellen en 'nee' zeggen als je echt het gevoel op hebt op dat moment. Als je niet klaar bent om te veranderen , zullen we werken aan de bereidheid

Voor meer info check: http://tantramovement.blogspot.nl/

Aarzel niet om de vragen te stellen: mgriks@gmail.com,

The program of the course for couples would be similar than course for all. The subjects would be the same, just in this one the exercises would be mainly done together. Below you can read more about:

This Course as whole is created in the way that you would go deep in your inner ecstasy, bliss and healing.
Are you ready for the biggest change in your life ? Go for intensive transformation of Sexuality and Love to the higher levels.
List of the workshops what may be included in the course. The choice would depend from the needs and energy of the group
1. Taste of Tantra. Introduction to practice.
Expanding the consciousness. Being here and now.
Love yourself - recognising your inner lover
4. Sacred energy - worshiping your holy body, recognising your wild soul
5. Theory about practice. Tips for improving relationship with yourself, with your partner,with others, with animals, whole nature and entire universe.
6. Male and female energy
7. Dance with tantra
8. Sacred Sexuality
Journey to Awaken the Senses ceremony
10. Preparing for awakening the Kundalini energy
11.Secrets of tantric touch. Introduction to tantric massage

More detailed description of those workshops you could read below

Ad 1: "Taste of Tantra" - Introduction to practice

At this introduction workshop we give small examples of simple safe exercises, which you can continue practising later with your partner or on your own. Anyone who would follow instructions from this introduction may already dramatically improve her/his life. We let you get a taste of what tantra is and what we teach as a whole course at the School of Tantra Movement.
A little bit of everything:

- Theory; what tantra means to us and our practical use of it
- Sexual meditation
- Recognising and training the pc muscle
- Open communication
- Recognising your Inner man and Inner woman
- Awakening the senses
- Breathing together in Shiva Shakti position

Ad 2: Expanding Consciousness.

We invite You to create the space for expanding consciousness.
You going to find out:
What is consciousness ?How to get ready to open Yourself for full consciousness ?
How in the conscious way dissolve blockages and open Yourself for a flow of energy of Love?
How in daily life we could develop and cultivate our inner consciousness?
Expanding consciousness that's one of the main purpose of tantra. At this workshop we going to awake, discover, explore and expand, consciousness of here and now, consciousness of female and male energy, consciousness of the witness, consciousness of energy... This workshop may open Your eyes, hart and mind in the way that You 
would never be the same

Ad 3: Love Yourself!

Loving ourselves is the foundation of real love, when we love ourselves we can truly love others. When we feel good about our self we will have the self esteem needed to act in love towards another being. To truly love ourselves may increase the chance of amplifying the love shared with our partners, family, animals, nature, whole planet and the universe. So how You may notice it have nothing to do with selfishness but rather with expanding love in healthyway...
Ad 4: Sacred energy. - worshiping your holy body, recognizing your wild soul
Together we create at the workshops safe space and together we experience transformation processes, remembering, however, that the real change happens outside the comfort zone. We work in a group, in pairs and individually. This day we will focus on the flow of energy through the body, how we experience it and how to inspire and cultivate that. What is blocking us and how to be consciously permeable for those blocking energies.
Tantric path opens us to experience our own, our partners and groups deep energy levels. Thankful Tantric and sexual Tao techniques, we become aware of subtle energies which link the apparent opposites: spirit and matter, sexuality and spirituality, light and darkness, consciousness and unconscious, masculinity and femininity ..
By using the keys to the door of connections, to regain our inner strength, we are giving right direction to the flow of energy.

Ad 5:
Theory about practice. Tips for improving relationship with yourself, with your partner,with others, with animals, whole nature and entire universe.
This exceptionally would be more lecture than workshop. If you're new in tantra and would you like to find out more, to feel and see what is there for you, this would be good for you to participate. There would be also the moments for questions and answers

Ad 6: Male and Female energy

Nowadays not so many people are aware that within us exist male and female energy. Doesn't matter what sex we are, from balance of those energies depends our health, our contentment, our happiness and fulfilment in our relationships.
At this workshop we would met our inner woman and man within us. We would recognise their energies. We would hear from them how is to live with us, what are their needs, what are concerns. How we can improve their (our) life...

Besides of that we would get to know differences between male and female bodies. We would learn how to approach them in the way, that beautiful sexual energy of love would flow freely, would not be forced or imposed on someone and would not be blocked by some wrong behaviour.
Ad 7: Dance with Tantra

Like from all my invitations, you may already learn and experience something very useful from them. But only when you would read it also with your heart and follow with your body... only when you use it, not loose it :)
There are few passions in my life. One of course is tantra, so being love making love, giving and receiving love. The other passion is dancing, what is very connected to tantra. like making love, massage ( my other passion ) and dancing is best if I let my mind off. This is not time for thinking. It is time for feeling. To fall in dance, to follow the sound or even become a sound, to unite with the music. Being tuned as instrument fully harmonised with the music. Here and now. Letting go all your thoughts.When we are able to be in that state there is more space for our heart, for our body. Then is easier for the connection. Deepening in to ourselves... in to the others
This is my journey what I would like to share at this workshop with you. To get more connected we will use some tantric methods like shaking of the stress, dancing with the blindfolds, different music and movements activating different glands, hormones and different chakras. We will use various touches and approaches. We will awake ecstatic dance in you :)

Ad 8: Sacred Sexuality

At this workshop we would go for a journey to the past to heal our memories mainly connected to our sexuality. We live in the society where very often sex is considered as something bad, dirty, what develop guild and shame in us. We going to heal our wounds in intention to bring sacredness and pride to not only to genital parts of our bodies but to whole concept of sex in our life. We going to free ourselves from stereotypes what are stopping our love.

According to tantra human sexuality is located in the centre of spirituality. Over the millennia, was pushed only to have role of procreating. The wider truth was available only to a few. At the present time the consciousness of humanity is mature enough that the truth of the sacred sexuality is revealed to all.
The consciousness of humanity at the present moment goes beyond the circle of material activities and experiences. It rises together with the energy of the Earth. Old Masters now revealing ancient mysteries , which before often were available only for the elites. Using those secrets could be solution for all sort of crisis what the humanity and individual people are facing nowadays.
On the other hand, we have at the present time wide available pornography , which massively distorts the image of human sexuality . On large scale , we are bombarded with sexuality ragged of beauty, holiness , power, and intimacy....

At the workshop You would have chance to deeply answer to Yourself for the questions below:
How sacred sexuality is different from the usual sexuality ?
How can I have access to sacred sexuality in my life?
In what way, based on sacred sexuality I can shape reactions with myself , with a partner , with other people, with nature and whole universe ?
These and other questions will not get ready answers , but in a series of our workshops we offer opportunity to experience the methods which can help you to expand your consciousness in the field of sacred sexuality.

On that workshop we will focus on the dissolution of the concepts and blockades, what had accumulated around the topic of sexuality. We will recognise patterns , which we toked over from family, from school ,society, Hollywood movies etc. To recognise the sacred sexuality, we will unfold veil of ignorance.
To achieve that we will use :
touch, massage

You may establish an intimate relationship with yourself .
You may enrich , raise to the higher levels relationship with your partner.
You may attract into your life partner and lover of your dreams.
You may heal the wounds from your sexual life and those passed to you from generations to generations. 
Ad 9: Journey to Awaken the Senses.

Listen to the quiet whispers of your own body. Shhhh.....

When we fully experience our senses, we enter into the heart, into love with existence. And instead of thinking about and analysing the world, we love it, we feel it, we become a part of it. We experience the bliss, ecstasy and deep fulfilment that can come to us through our senses.

To practise this, we do a ritual that awakens each sense in turn and allow ourselves to absorb this bliss in our hearts. This is a totally yummy, luscious and deep meditation that touches the body, heart and soul. For anyone who wants to expand the experience of their senses or use the body as a gateway to the self. Done to each other it is great way to connect and feel gratitude and more love, sympathy to Your partner. It bring a child in us, a child
,who is playing in the adult games of love...
Ad 10: Preparing for Awakening Kundalini energy.
Kundalini Energy, serpent power, strongest energy possible to use for human body. By some cultures awakening the Kundalini energy is recognised as enlightenment, blessing and goal of live, biggest liberation...
Suddenly all your senses would be awaken on 1000%. You may see, feel, experience things what You never before was aware about. Your ecstasy would shift to other higher level. Intensity of life at that state may increase to the point that may scare You.
Be prepared. Be aware. Observe and accept.... or eve better permit Yourself to be. To be who You really are. Recognise god/goddess within - feel it and become one. Life would never be the same. You're not alone.

Ad 11: "Secrets of Tantric Touch" Introduction to tantric massage workshop

This workshop is composed in such a way that you can get the best of it, that You could learn and feel what is sacred touch, that You would allow healing energy of love into your body and life .

Mastering the art of giving and receiving tantric massage is opening us on many levels :
- Helps to recover energy
- Teaches us sacred touch
- Raise awareness of the body
- Is Introduction to tantric sex
- Developing our potential of love .

Is not possible to mention all benefits of tantric massage but first of all it is an experience of deep inner joy , bliss , cleansing , peace and ecstasy. It is the experience of being whole.

We will mainly focus on the feelings in the body and not only on the techniques . First of all, we want to ensure that participants would experience the touch, that they would open up for receiving and giving on the body level, that they would open up for feeling the pleasure of being a giver and receiver of a massage.

We want to go deep into the levels of feeling pleasure, bliss , flow of the love energy. We want to free all the tension out from our bodies, let them go away to make more space in the body, to make in the place of the blockades space for flow of life energy.

Vision Of School Of Tantra Movement

Three years teaching, one year School Of Tantra Movement - time for anniversary gift. It is a Vision... 
Our vision is: 
Sharing love, being love, making love... 
Sexuality as one of most close, most intimate expression of love...
Unfortunately no one thought us, this one of the most important thing in life for majority of us. We could be lucky if we got some good and not bad examples from our parents... 
How it come that this big power, what is love, this tremendous energy what is within each of us, our sexual energy is not known, not used, suppressed, ashamed or/and used mostly in wrong, dirty way ? 
How it come that our sacred body is brought in to the only role, to sell the products or to addict to sex through pornographic perversion ? 
Lucky, We experience that in completely different way... Our sexuality is giving us power, is healing our wounds, is bringing us higher on all possible levels - physically, spiritually, materially.... It strengthens our love in to the deeper levels and is bringing us in to not known yet to us other dimensions. 
Tantra is giving us tools to liberate ourselves, to increase intimacy in our life, to bring ecstasy and passion in to every good thing what we are busy with. Tantra is rising our consciousness together with the consciousness of the planet. 
We feel is necessary to share with others this whole, never ending and constantly developing us experience.  For goodness of their lives, for surviving of their relationships, for healing the wounds of the past in individuals and in whole society. For bringing solutions for all types of crisis what humanity is facing nowadays. 
There is strong reason that this, hold in the secrets for centuries wisdom now is revealed to all of us. Don't miss the chance. Joint the movement. Create your own way or share the path with us !

What we are busy with ?
School Of Tantra Movement is a initiative to spread wisdom of tantra, love  and sexuality through workshops, courses, lectures, texts and other ways of energy...

What is our vision ?
-To bring the knowledge of tantra to wider parts of the society, 
-To create the movement based on love, what would help in changing the world in to the better place...
-To build community around us where we would create more healthy and free society

How we going achieve that ?
-With you 
... so we going to involve everyone who feel the same in to creative process of bringing those changes. ( time for you to make a move in to our direction ? )
-By continuing sharing our experiences in School Of Tantra Movement
-By printing and publishing more things what may in simple way help everyone use wisdom of tantra 

What are our further dreams ? 
-Building the place where we may share tantra... 
-Creating the communes (something like Osho, but not exactly)
-That everyone use tantra. That each person is able to benefit and use of the PC muscle and use of observing the breath. That such a things are learned in basic schools. That intimacy, love, tantra and sexuality is not more tabu but is consider as main thing in human education. That, We are able to fill up whole dam square with loving couples sitting in shiva shakti and everyone respect it as sacred love...
-That social, mental, environmental, economical crisis is solved with great help of tantra 

How you can help?
-First: we would like to thank to all who are already participate in School Of Tantra Movement for supporting us. Every workshop what you are been is helping us to sustain our vision of life what is tantra. So keep on <3
-Second: think, feel, see how you can support our vision in any other way, share ideas, don't hesitate to ask the questions... and just do it... bring the thoughts in to ideas, ideas in to action.Create Love on all possible levels. 
-Let's do it together. Together we are stronger. Together we can do much more. Together we win...

Love and light