Saturday, October 30, 2021

My interview, podcast hosted by Emmi of Feminine Revered airs on Monday 1 November.

Hello Lovely People! - This time, mainly Goddesses. Since the beginning of my Tantric Path about 15 years ago, I followed the call to support women liberation, empower the Goddesses, bring them healing, grow in Love and expand in ecstasy. Shortly after, I discovered I had to begin with my own Inner Goddess - my feminine energy. Since then, I have worshipped her as inside as outside. Again, I'm trusted and invited to support feminine, divine goddess energy work. I feel honoured and excited to be featured on the Sacred Feminine Power podcast hosted by Emmi of Feminine Revered. My interview airs on Monday 1 November. I will talk about the importance of balancing feminine and masculine energies within our bodies, the difference between mature and immature masculine and feminine energies. I will also share the lessons I learned whilst raising my daughter. From a practical side, I will guide you through meditation about recognizing inner feminine and masculine. You can listen to the episode here: And if you'd like to hang out with me, Emmi and like-minded listeners, please, join us here:" #tantramovementschool #tantramovement #sexualalchemy #sacredsexuality #sexualextasy #sexualmeditation #useitdontloseit #loveandextasy #tantra #tantriclove #tantriclovemaking  

Michal Kali Griks

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Here we GO!

backchannels and bywaters

We have an amazing Fall -  London to COP26  Earth Riot Tour with the Stop Shopping Choirs! of New York and London. Yes, we are happy to say there is a London choir now, 12 beautiful singing activists rehearsing every week! Together we'll be singing to gardeners, farmers, unions, essential workers and fellow activists.  After the climate conference we return to NYC for the 20th anniversary of our Earth church at Joe's Pub at the Public Theater. We have a whole new body of songs, born of Covid and the Earth, full of the Community and our shared experience.

Activism is in a strange place.  How do you deal with the domination of the police and the courts?  The sleep of Covid and Consumerism. The Fairy Creek old growth forest defenders in BC are at a thousand arrests.  The Line 3 indigenous water protectors in Minnesota - pushing 700 in the courts now. Here in NYC the City is about to destroy 1000 mature trees in the name of resilience....what? The criminalizing of dissent is the twin demon of voter suppression.  

The Earth, meanwhile, has blown by us all.  The wind and waves and virus, the fire and red California midday sun. The oil companies are racing ahead and the Earth is on fire.  As we watch the slow horror, suddenly we get the news that the organizers of COP26 have fired the corporations, because their net-zero claims - the numbers don't add up.   Officially the oil-producers have no role in Glasgow... So let's make it real, lets stand in the back channels and fill up the windows.


Rev & Savitri

Reverend BIlly and The Stop Shopping Choir // POB 1556 NY NY 10013 //

photo:John Quilty

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Chakras in Tantra Lovemaking, new workshop i open Thailand!

Hello Lovely People

We are just explaining it at our last FREE masterclass. However, you will get much more through experience. That's why we are inviting you to this workshop. We are upgrading to the next level. Thailand, world are opening their borders. Time to unleash the power of Love in us, in you, everywhere. Join us now!

Michal Kali Griks and Trisha Croft