Saturday, January 9, 2021

Conscious Relationships as best way of living

Especially Conscious Relationships are making us growing faster in Love, sexuality, spirituality and tantra.
So when you're not in the relationship connecting with someone are you not wasting your time and life?
Think and meditate to answer your self this crucial question what, I wish may change your life.
Koh Phangan 9.1.2021
Michal Kali Griks

Monday, January 4, 2021

The Earth accepts the Unconditional Surrender of the US

Rev Billy Radio Episode 36

Soft Earth:

The Earth is a community to which we belong.
Hard Earth:

There are two governments: the Earth and the nation-state.  We live in both.  Most of us love the Earth and obey the state.  Now we need to make a choice.

photo by Matt Liu

And in the spirit of the Earth community - we are renaming our radio show "The Church of Stop Shopping".  Reverend Billy and Savitri D, the Stop Shopping choir and the Fiery Eagles of Justice, will carry on as before.  The name suggests our spiritual gathering, and the need to stop domestic consumption, which puts 2/3's of the CO2 in the air.
We are a community of about 50 Earth activists and we make this show together.

Happy New Year!

--- Rev Billy