Saturday, January 11, 2020

Fwd: [Doorbraak Info] Goede voornemens: prikkelender, vindingrijker, en provocatiever

Nieuwe artikelen

Solidair met de hongerstakers van Grup Yorum!

İbrahim Gökçek, gitarist in de revolutionair-linkse muziekformatie Grup
Yorum uit Istanboel, heeft afgelopen vrijdag besloten zich dood te
vasten als de eisen van de vervolgde muziekgroep niet worden ingewilligd
door de Turkse staat. Daarmee is de hongerstrijd van de in de gevangenis
van Silivri opgesloten Gökçek en vier andere Grup Yorum-leden in een
nieuwe, kritische fase beland. Lees meer±

Mijn voornemen voor het nieuwe jaar

Mijn voornemen voor het nieuwe jaar: meer delen op Twitter over wat ík
wil voor deze wereld. Dus artikelen over radicale democratie, socialisme
van onderaf, duurzame en solidaire economie, open grenzen, veganisme,
etc. Ophouden met het reproduceren van rechtse frames en de spins van
Baudet. Lees meer:


12 januari, Leiden: nieuwjaarsreceptie van onderop

Op 12 januari 2020 houdt Doorbraak in de Leidse Vrijplaats een
nieuwjaarsreceptie van onderop, met gezelligheid, hapjes en drankjes, en
een terugblik op 2019. Volop gelegenheid dus om kennis te maken, bij te
praten, contacten aan te knopen en inspiratie op te doen. Kom ook langs!
Zondag 12 januari. Van 14:00 tot 17:00 uur (vrije inloop). Vrijplaats,
Middelstegracht 36, Leiden. Lees meer:

25 januari, Den Bosch: landelijke bijeenkomst over KOZP-campagne

Op 25 januari organiseert Kick Out Zwarte Piet (KOZP) haar eerste
bijeenkomst in 2020. "Tijdens deze bijeenkomst zullen we gezamenlijk
invulling geven aan de landelijke campagne #2020ZwartePietVrij. De
bijeenkomst is besloten en alleen toegankelijk voor betrokkenen en
iedereen die in 2020 samen met ons in actie wil komen voor een
racismevrije Sinterklaastraditie. Tijdens de bijeenkomst werken wij
acties uit die in 2020 het hele jaar door zullen plaatsvinden", aldus de
oproeptekst van KOZP. Zaterdag 25 januari. Van 15:00 tot 18:00 uur. Den
Bosch. Verplichte aanmelding. Na aanmelding ontvang je bericht over de
locatie. Lees meer:

29 januari, Den Haag: actiebijeenkomst voor een hoger minimumloon

Op 29 januari organiseert de Haagse Mug een actiebijeenkomst over de
beweging voor een hoger minimumloon, in samenwerking met Voor
14-activisten. Tijdens de bijeenkomst komt aan de orde wat er in Den
Haag gedaan kan worden om bij te dragen aan die beweging. Woensdag 29
januari. Van 19:30 tot 21:30 uur. Boekwinkel Opstand, Beatrijsstraat 12,
Den Haag. Lees meer:

Nieuws elders

Open Brief aan JS Brabant: Niet borrelen met extreem-rechts!

Iran: naar nieuwe ronde opstandigheid?

KOZP Eindhoven mag niet spreken op Eindhovense anti-racisme fakkeltocht

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Monday, January 6, 2020

Polarities Tantra Massage

Using and playing with opposite polarities is not only keeping the receiver fully awaken but it creates very deep energies and profound experience. Take for each part at least 5 minutes.
Massage by Michal Kali Griks.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Tantra Movement call for volunteers and community members call and vision

Hello Lovely People! Pappy New Year! New energy! New beginnings! <3

The main intention of this text is to attract exact people in Tantra Movement as volunteers and/or as housemates for our community home.

However, I wish it is also valuable for everyone to read it.
When you could not attend the meeting but you're interested in supporting, you may join online Tantra Movement Crew group and start working with us from distance

Let us begin with Tantra Movement Vision.

It's all about sharing Love.

We see learning about how we can love better and then doing it as one of the best intentions in life.

To love better, especially at the beginning of our spiritual journey, we have to heal our sexuality from past traumas, shame, guilt, desires and addictions.

We have to transform it into Sacred Sexuality, what is one of the most intimate, most beautiful, most close and most energising expression of more and more Unconditional Love.

That's what we do here, in Tantra Movement on the deepest, most profound, and highest levels for you and us.

As much you, we are ready for. When not we work on the readiness inviting you (NOT PUSHING) into the place out of your comfort zone, where real change is possible.

Transformation on all possible levels, bodies and dimensions is another strong intention in Tantra Movement:

*Healing past, presence and future, body heart, mind and spirit, masculine and feminine, all other aspects of love life and tantra

*Liberating from conditionings which we didn't choose for, which are holding us back from living fully.

*Expanding in Love

* Expanding in Ecstasy (pure from desires and addictions)

That's what we share in Tantra Movement.

We are blessed with so much abundance in our life that we would like to share it in the most efficient ways.

We see Tantra, Sacred Sexuality, Unconditional Love as one of the best gifts and contributions as one of the most potential solutions for so many crises which we are facing on the global and individual levels.

Sharing is caring! <3

You, your beloved, Friends, family, humanity, Mother Earth - they all need our support and Love like never before.


Could you feel it?
Tantra transforms this beautiful belief into a real experience.

We dedicated our lives to sharing it.

There are not so many people there who give tantra workshops with such intensity.

At the Rainbow Gatherings, where we do not have to take care of our food, promotion, house, legal stuff etc.

Where Nature and Love fully support us, we can give the workshops 7-9 hours almost daily, month after month (btw. we do not get any money for this :) ).

No, it doesn't make us tired. It makes us alive because it is our passion.

Rainbow Gathering time we participate only 2-3 months in a year, so we use it fully :)

The Rainbow experience empowers us. It gives us the wisdom that it is possible to run an intense program in proper ways without getting tired, with having days off to enjoy life in different ways, to recharge our batteries to have even more power.

That's why we would so much appreciate you and your support.

That's why we need the community of volunteers around Tantra Movement.

As much daily tasks get organised, and as many things could be taken away from our shoulders than more energy, we may dedicate into using our authentic potential-sharing tantra.
As less energy, I have to put into other things than more quality and the depth of my teachings improve.

There is an abundance of ideas, projects which I would love to share with you and whole humanity:

Online courses, videos, movies, books, new teachings, new workshops, courses etc.

By supporting us in any possible ways, you're creating those things with me.

Thank you so much

What do we offer?

As an exchange for your fair work, We offer you as much as possible access to our teachings. At the courses close as possible you would be treated as other participants.

As in Tantra Movement, we do not only give you wisdom, teachings, theory and practice. We also support you in your process of healing, liberation, in Love, expanding in Ecstasy.

Authenticity is appreciated a lot :)

As Volunteer and/or as a housemate, we connect on the working and on the community levels. This connection creates the potential for more profound process and growth.

The intention of our teaching and/or working and/or living together is creating best Friendships and connections possible. I'm pleased that we are succeeding in this field as well.

Do we create a better world together?
Yes, we wish, we do :)

What do we not offer?

Our house community is not just low budget accommodation. We appreciate people who are fully dedicated to the process of growth, who are enthusiastic towards tantra.

As Tantra Movement is not the space to act out of your sexual desires and addictions but rather place where you may transform them into Sacred Sexuality

To follow an example, we appreciate working with couples because it may go deeper. Tantra Movement intention is to strengthen the connection within you and what mostly follow is improving your relationship as well.

We are looking forward to meeting you.
Connect, ask further questions, join
Best is to contact me through fb:
Michal Kali Griks