Thursday, October 21, 2010

Solidarity with EZLN, Zapatista rebels in Chiapas

Solidariteit met het EZLN vanuit Autonome Zones
This is a call to all autonomous zones in the Netherlands on 17 November to openly show solidarity with the Zapatista rebels in Chiapas Mexico. We hope that people do this by hanging a EZLN/Zapatista flag or banner at or near their autonomous zone. Take a picture of it and put it on indymedia. We will send these on to Indymedia Chiapas, Mexico.

EZLN vlag/flag
EZLN vlag/flag

Zapatista vlag/flag
Zapatista vlag/flag


Under autonomous zones we mean places where people live and organize without State grants. The activities should be aimed at improving the living conditions of local, regional, national or international communities, the fight against racism and the struggle against capitalism and should not be affiliated with a hierarchical structure or hierarchical political party.

English background info:

On 17 November 1983, the EZLN (Ejército Zapatista National Liberation) was founded by a collective of non-Indians and Indians in Chiapas to fight against oppression and exploitation by the Mexican government. The rights Mexicans had won for themselves during the Mexican Revolution of 1910 were ruthlessly squandered by the political elite to make a good impression on the United States and Canada. These countries have for years urged for the release of rights to the rich soil of Mexico. Neo-liberalism saw its big chance and Mexico was offered on a platter by politicians.

The impact on, mainly, the Indians in Chiapas and Oaxaca was disastrous. Land expropriation, repression, poverty and destruction of their environment was, and is, the order of the day.

The Zapatista movement gained international attention in 1994 when the EZLN uprising began. The uprising was brutally suppressed, but Zapatismo had already taken root in Chiapas and persisted. Since then, the Zapatista struggle in a peaceful manner against neo-liberalism, exploitation, racism and other forms of repression. They do this not only in Chiapas, but with their international ideas they support anyone who fights for his or her autonomy.

The Zapatistas occupie (squat) land so that they can start their own Autonomous Zone. In the Zapatista villages organization of education, social cohesion and food-production are the spearhead of the movement. Everyone is involved in the decisions and developments.The Autonomous Zones provide security to all those oppressed and for those who want to help the Zapatistas. Their comprehensive communiqees back to the world can be read on the internet so that you can see what the views and goals of the Zapatista are.

In recent years it has become difficult for the Zapatistas to continue their fight. The Mexican government does not shirk to buy off local people and transform them into para-military. These then attack Zapatista villages and terrorize the area. Because of poverty and fear much of the Zapatista Indians give their land to the paramilitaries, not knowing that their land will then be completely destroyed by the U.S. and Canadian mining industry.

Right now it is necessary to show the world that we have not forgotten the Zapatista. They are an inspiration for many to try and fight for a better world. A world without capitalism, racism, sexism, homophobia and oppression. If a group of poor Indians in the mountains of Chiapas dare fight for a better world than we can, too!

Create an Autonomous Zone!

Consider actions to support the Zapatistas!

Put pressure on the Mexican government!

Put pressure on the U.S. and Canada and tell them that they must respect the rights of Indians!

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