Monday, October 25, 2010

Rekening Retour-Do It Yourself !

Are You pissed off with governments funding banks at the cost of social cuts ? Do You disagree with the fact that your money is being invested in the Weapons Industry, Wars, Pornography and a whole list of other destructive enterprises.
There is one very simple way to change this ! Deflate the balloon by sticking in a hard steel needle and take the power from banks. This can be done by withdrawing all your cash, yes it's really that simple. Why give your 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week hard earned spondoolies (cash) to those greedy bastards anyway. What, so that they can give themselves a nice extra bonus. I say take your cash and shove it under your mattress.
The action of putting your life savings under the mattress will not give You any extra percentage, maybe even less security, but come on what benefits did you get from having your hard earned cash being submitted to the bank every month anyway??? Banks are getting your future cash, these gits are getting your pension by making you work longer and die before you get the chance to enjoy your retirement.
If You need to use banks there is an alternative. Use ethical banks like Triodos bank which invests in sustainable projects and not destructive projects. Come on people let us all work together and support ethical banks. Don't be part of destruction by supporting bad business. We have the power, it's so simple, it's not even about belief, fuck that. We do have the power we just have to take action and transfer!!
Take the power back ! Rekening Retour Do It Yourself ! Or together would be even more fun ! If more people would do it they would have to "dance to our music not we to theirs"!

Get clued up and change your present situation, don't moan about it just do something about it!!

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