Friday, October 22, 2010

Dutch Squatters: International Solidarity

Dutch Squatters: International Solidarity
Radical Left (Berlin) 

The Netherlands after the squatting ban - what's next?

The left scene of europe watches the netherlands. After the Squatting Ban we did not hear much of the resistance against it over here. It is very hard to get information for someone who can't speak dutch. We're many over here who wouldt travel to the Netherlands at this time to support the struggle of the squatters there. The problem is, that we have no information about future protest actions or anything. I know that Indymedia is not the right place to ask, but we don't know other plattforms: So, where can we get information about next protest actions, if there are any? Is it the wish of the dutch squatters, that some of us come to the Netherlands and fight with you against that law? Are there any protest actions in the future, on which we can participate?

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nn - 22.10.2010 17:35

Well, Saturday the 23rd (tomorrow) there will be a demonstration at The Hague and 7 November there will be a Squaters Demonstration in The Hague.

Both are promoted on indymedia.

As for support, all support is welcome of course, alot of the future protesting climate in The Netherlands will depend on the response of police forces tomorrow and 7 November.

Any more Actions? 
Autonomous Berlin - 22.10.2010 18:18

Thanks for response. Is there any left-wing event-calendar for amsterdam? Are there any Actions between the 31st of october an the 3rd of november? Where can we get information about (public) spontaneous protest?
nn - 22.10.2010 18:57

I would suggest to just keep an eye on,
it is daily updated and has been a reliable source of information and platform for announcements regarding the squatting community (and others ofc).

dutch on-line agendas 
radar - 22.10.2010 20:28

You can keep an eye on Indymedia but Indymedia is not an on-line agenda. Events are not classified by date. It might be difficult to keep track of what is happening, when and where. There is a huge traffic on the dutch Indymedia, postings won't stay long on the front page because of the amount of postings. Indymedia does offer an agenda page [] but you won't find everything there. Also, most events posted on Indymedia are not appearing in this agenda page because people are forgetting selecting the "Agenda" criteria.

Two on-line agenda are already existing for years: Aktie Agenda [] and Radar []. Actually, you'll see Radar is not only covering the Netherlands but also other countries like Germany, Switzerland, UK...

As you are outside the Netherlands, you can filter events on Radar by selecting "Nederland" or just go to []. If you want to know more about Radar, you can read the last update posted a few days ago on the dutch indymedia [].

In case, you are doubting Radar can inform about political and cultural events around Europe, check this page, all events everywhere are listed here []. Not everything might be there. People in the Netherlands are often forgetting to announce their events and actions on Radar and the Aktie Agenda but we are working on it.
Where ever you are, in the Netherlands or abroad, keep posting your events and actions on Radar. You might want people to visit your space, support your struggle, show solidarity.

Finally, two other useful websites with announcements too: Kraken-post [] and Kraak forum [].

k.raker - 22.10.2010 22:34

I've been also hearing people abroad are missing more info/updates about the dutch squatting situation.Thats ashame,solidarity is a strong tool.

Today was made a flyer in german about hollands squatting situation for a demo tomorrow in Hamburg.So if i turn the question around:where is a good place to post this kinda stuff in other countries?

And would be nice to anounce the demo of 7 november international also?

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