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Rozbrat Collective: "Solidarity Beyond Borders" info tour

Rozbrat Collective: "Solidarity Beyond Borders" info tour
Social Initiative "Common Cause" - 07.10.2010 23:33

Social Initiative " Common Cause" in cooperation with local groups, collectives and autonomous centers organize Rozbrat Collective: "Solidarity Beyond Borders" info tour. People from Rozbrat squat will travel through the Netherlands and Germany from 9th until 17 th October.

The people from the Rozbrat collective are coming to talk about their long-term strategy concerning the collective, their initiatives, actions, protests etc. and of course they will explain everything about their struggle to keep the Rozbrat squat!

The Rozbrat collective originated in regular squat that was occupied in 1994 in the town of Poznan. It started as a squat where people could live and organize some punk concerts, but has grown to be a very active political-social center. It is one of the most important and interesting places on the anarchist map of Poland. The Rozbrat collective initiates plenty of activities but is under threat of eviction since the beginning of 2009. However, the Rozbrat collective has since then won two battles to keep the squat. The first battle was in May 2009 and the second one in March 2010. The protests were quite large according to polish standards. The one in 2009 had around 1500 people joining in and in 2010 there were around a 1000 people. This second demo had a more militant character. Until now potential buyers are afraid to buy the ground where the Rozbrat squat is situated.

Saturday 09.10.2010
21:00 Info evening (movies and discussion)

Wandelweg 60,

Organized by Zaanse Anarchistische Groep

Sunday 10.10.2010
19:00 dinner
20:00 info evening (movies and discussion)
After concert

Hornweg 6
Amsterdam (industrial terrain)

Organized by ADM

Monday 11.10.2010
19:00 dinner
20:00 info evening (movies and discussion)

Autonoom Centrum
Willem Van Outhoornstraat 17
The Hague

Organized by Autonoom Centrum Den Haag

Wednesday 13.10.2010
18:30 Soepcafé (with salads and bread)
20:30 info evening (movies and discussion)

Politiek Eetcafé "de Klinker":
Van Broeckhuysenstraat 46

Organized by Anarchistische Groep Nijmegen

Thursday 14.10.2010
20:00 info evening (movies and discussion)

Infoladen Aachen
stephanstrasse 24
Aachen, Germany
(the infoshop/laden is on 2th floor so there is a bell that you have to ring)

Organized by Infoladen Aachen

Friday 15.10.2010
19:00 dinner
20:30 info evening (movies and discussion)

Knoflook squat
Havendijk 3
Den Bosch

Organized by Knoflook

Saturday 16.10.2010
19:00 info evening (movies and discussion)

Ubica squat
Ganzenmarkt 24

Organized by Anarchistische Kollektief - Utrecht

Sunday 17.10.2010

19:00 vegan food
20:00 Zbuntowani ( The Rebels ) - acoustic solo punk
20:30 info evening (movies and discussion)

1e Schinkelstraat 16
tram 2, end of Vondelpark

Organized by Anarchistische Groep Amsterdam/ Vrije Bond

Mediations Biennale: "Poznan is not a company" exhibition about gentrification in National
Museum. Michelle Teran, canadian artist prepared the exhibition in cooperation with the Rozbrat Collective:

Movie from demo 2009:

Movie from action "City is not a company!" - 37 anarchists detained in Poznan after clashes with cops (with english subtitles):

Movie from demo 2010 (english):


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