Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Sacred Sexuality Masterclass Youtube Video

Hello Lovely People!
Here we give you one of the masterclasses that would be one of the subjects of next week, 6 days retreat in person.

We would go to other subjects that we also focus on following masterclasses.
1. Chakras in Love - ready for you to watch in this YouTube playlist
2. Sacred Sexuality
3. Conscious Relationships. (It's coming!)

During those 6 days,we would focus on experiential teaching of the practice that may change your life and future or present relationship.

You may learn it all and more also at our online course when you cannot attend us live.
All links are in descriptions of below-linked playlist "Tantra For Couples Free", where you may benefit from more transformative videos (subscribe!)

Details about the retreat and Free taster this Friday, you will find in Tantra Movement facebook events.

Happy to share with you so much 💜

Trisha Croft
Michal Kali Griks

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