Thursday, January 13, 2022

Conscious Relationship 6 Days Course

Hello Lovely People!
First, respond to FAQ - Singles are welcome too but book quickly. You are all welcome for tomorrow FREE demo at 6.30 and of course 6 days course from Tuesday.

Our main intentions are to guide you on how to love better what is one of the primary purposes of Tantra ( Life ? )

We want to empower, to improve, to bring back the spark, a never-ending honeymoon and more and more unconditional Love to your present or future relationship.

We introduce you to a conscious relationship, which uses our union's power to create even more Love for ourselves and our Beloved.

Thankful of the techniques of modern Tantra, we guide you to: liberate from the conditioning, what you didn't choose, we guide you to heal from the past wounds that are affecting our lives, we guide you to expand in Love and grow in ecstasy.

For more info, join the events, check the website, and do not hesitate to ask the questions
Michal Kali Griks

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