Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Toxic soy flyer action at Albert Heijn Supermarket

The text is from other action but it express the motives of the action at the video
4-12 July 2011: toxic soy sticker actions at Dutch AH supermarkets PDF Print
Wednesday, 29 June 2011
This week the 3rd sticker action against toxic soy took place at an Albert Heijn branch in The Netherlands. From 4 to 12 July several groups are organising sticker actions at Albert Heijns spread through the country. Actions are in preparation in Groningen, Nijmegen, Dronten, and Wageningen. The next sticker action in Amsterdam is planned Tuesday 12th of July, Albert Heijn @ Museumplein, 17:00 – 18:30. Let us know if you want to join so inform you of the Meeting point.

If you want to participate in one af the action, or if you want to organise your own sticker action, please contact us: info@aseed.net. We can send you stickers and flyers.

Third sticker action gets again more respons - short report from gifsoja.nl:
The first action in Dronten might have missed the attention, the second one in Jodenbreestraat noticed by just a few supermarket employees, this time the welcoming committee was much more active. The manager and the security reacted nervously and asked for help from the police to protect the products in the store against revealing 'toxic-soy' stickers. Filming and taking pictures was not allowed, because the outside world must not see which products have been made by feeding animals toxic soy.

Constumers generally reacted positively to the action and many people could enjoy our stickers on meat, dairy and eggs, and the flyers. Some costumers even helped us with stickering! This made the stickering even more enjoyable :)

Watch the video from a previous sticker-action

The Netherlands imports millions of tons of soy from South America, to feed Europese industrial lifestock, but also to use as a ingredient in processed foods and cheap oily products. This soy production causes, because of massive pesticide use and other problems associated, suffering and environmental damage in rural South America. Large soy producers, importers and processors, including Albert Heijn, have joined the Round Table for Responsible Soy of WWF and Solidaridad, allegedly with the goal to make the soy industry sustainable. We do not believe in it: such large-scale pesticide-resistant GM soybean cultivation, that is being shipped all over the globe to feed lifestock, that can never be responsible or sustainable. If Albert Heijn claims to become sustainable with this kind of policy, that is consumer fraud.

We want to do sticker actions at a regular basis, so we can build up the pressure for Albert Heijn to do something about their misleading communication regarding soy. And of course we still want to inform more people in different neigbourhoods and cities about the devastating effects of large scale soy-production and trade for animal fodder.

Join our actions, help them organise or other campaign activities!

You can still send an angry letter to super markets all over Europe: http://www.gifsoja.nl/Gifsoja/Actie/actie.html (letter in English!)

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