Saturday, July 30, 2011

5th of July Solidarity Banners Action CALL OUT

DIY or together is even better


Three of our comrades, who were arrested during the eviction of Schijnheilig are still in jail. The reason for that is just that they're suspected for not being born in EU. This was enough to put them in the prison.
Before government was intimidating people because of the shape of their nose. Now it's doing it because lack of papers. The same racism just different rules.
Three of our comrades in solidarity with migrants without papers are opposing to be identified. Our friends should be nobbled for sacrifying their time in resistance in this racist policy of intimidation.
That's why we should show as much as possible solidarity with them. That's why we call ( aside from other actions ) for massive solidarity banners action.
Do not ignore it ! They're there for us and for migrants without papers. We should be here for them. Solidarity is our strength. If You will decide for such heroic step, You also would like that the movement would support You strongly. Just do it now. Let the banners shout from every squat !
PS: For those places what can't hang the banner i would suggest to stick the posters in the windows.
PS2: Maybe to do together banner making, workshop/session could be provided some place, material and time

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