Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stop the greenwashing of (Ir)Responsible soy @ Albert Heijn

Responsible soy!? That's only possible if it has been produced without chemicals, land conflicts and deforestation. Albert Heijn claims to source their soy sustainably through the Round Table on Responsible Soy. This is pure greenwashing and misleading consumers. We will help Albert Heijn once again with communicating honestly about the huge damage that large scale soy production is causing in South America.

After meeting at the ASEED office we will visit one of the Albert Heijn supermarkets to inform consumers about the effects of soy production in South America and its connection to the bio-industry in the Netherlands. To help us doing this we have banners, flyers and stickers.

For more information also see www.gifsoja.nl

We're also collecting signatures for the petition against the greenwashing of soy by supermarkets. We're planning to offer these signatures in October, so please sign:  http://www.gifsoja.nl/Gifsoja/Actie/actie.html

- E-Mail: soja@aseed.net Website: http://www.aseed.net/soja

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