Monday, July 4, 2011

A demonstration with clearly recognizable undercover police

All right, one of the intentions of the demonstration "Kraken draait door" Sunday, July 3rd was to don't have police in the demonstration. But of course you'll need some undercover police to keep order! A great task for Inspector Green, Inspekteur Grün and Inspecteur Vert. Next to it there were some other colleagues in the demonstration, but it wasn't easy to find them...

General info about the demonstration:

It was a beautiful sunny day in Amsterdam. We arrived 17.00 at the Dam square: 7 members of the undercover police from the special department 'Inspector Green, inspekteur Grün and Inspecteur Vert'.
Immediately we started to make some rounds. Why? to find our colleagues who might feel lonely in an enthusiastic crowd of squatters and symphatizers. It wasn't easy at all... Did they get lost? Did they disappear?

After hearing some very interesting speeches finally the demonstration started. With unstoppable energy we looked and looked and looked, but where the hell were our beloved colleagues?!
Only in the tail of the demonstration we found a few candidates; we gave them company for a while. The best way to don't feel lonely as an undercover cop!

But to be honoust: we were still in doubt about the question - do they really belong to us or do they belong to them? In the past it was so easy to recognise undercover police, but now...

At least we were recognizable as undercover police! And that's the way it should be! Let's shout it loud and clear: "this country needs order!"

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