Saturday, July 23, 2011

Terror attack in Oslo made by anti-Muslim and anti-left terrorist

Oslo anti-Muslim anti-Left terror, Wilders, Alphen, medi

Christian conservative Breivik is suspected of terrorist massacre in Oslo, Norway. What do Geert Wilders, the Alphen massacre, and the media have to do with this?

Yesterday, there was horrible terrorism in Oslo, the capital of Norway. Over eighty people, mainly children at a Social Democrat youth camp, were murdered.

Let us look at media yesterday, just after the terror in Norway; when no one still knew who did it. No, I have not even bothered to look at the Murdoch empire media and other outfits known for anti-Muslim and/or anti-immigrant bias.

The Huffington Post, usually considered a non-xenophobic left of center news source in the USA, published articles speculating about "al Qaeda" and/or other Muslims being the culprits.

Reality turned out to be very different from these extremely premature speculations.

Breivik, arrested by the police, hates Muslims and socialists.

He admires Dutch xenophobic politician Geert Wilders. Like the perpetrator of the Alphen massacre (Dutch media were very shy in pointing out this political sympathy, as they were afraid that Wilders'party would accuse them of being part of a "Linkse kerk", Left church, conspiracy).

Like the Alphen murderer, Breivik, according to the Norwegian police, perpetrated his murders with licensed firearms.


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