Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Call-Out!!!

A proposition with intent to keep things "up" in the struggle atmosphere.
Random ideas put together in the search of new ways of resisting and existing.

This is a resumed,un-edited,un-double-checked,un-spell-checked version of a bigger and more detailed kinda manifesto-ish thingy...

In reference to recent events as well as old ones (I think we can all agree that around 30 000 years or so of institutionalized oppression against humanity are somewhat enough),this is a call-out for a constant and progressive action undertaking.

No long poetic manifestos here. Just the idea that the time is upon us. We have been actually blessed to be alive now in these times where all can happen and all leads to the idea that it's going to happen now. So let us put some oil in the flame and see where it goes.

- Systematic mental "fuck-up" of state collaborators, especially cops - now more than ever,anywhere, anytime, show the cops how you feel about them. The idea is to mentally terrorize the cops by personal intimidation (as in person to person, not anti-authoritarian to an authority figure) by staring, following, obstructing, talking/questioning - nothing worth being arrested/charged for but effective none the less. Let them get paranoid, let them realise we are everywhere and we want them to resign, let them realize that what they are doing is wrong.

- Over-flooding of insurrectionist propaganda - posters, banners, graffiti, flyers, stickers,shouting, paintings, anonymous letters, theater, poetry... any of these nasty things, and a lot, everywhere, people must be put to track, they must understand that now is the time to think about those things.

- Poetic terrorism - the masses must be provoked, challenged intellectually to think and wake up, the revolution and evolution of humanity must become the number one news, the main topic of social interaction.

Done in a constant and numerous way, these (example) actions will grow their fruits. The aim is to increase the static charge in society. Let the atmosphere get heavy, let the tension rise
till a boiling point - I believe this is the first step.

Destruction of distinction is indispensable. It is not about class war anymore, if it ever was.
We are people, and people are us. Love and solidarity between all human beings is aimed here. Not the division and the overpowering of one team against the downfall of the other.
We must spread the human awareness, we must try to convert the people before we try to fight for what they've taken and not giving back.

Depoliticizing of the revolution. This is not about anarchism. This is not about capitalism,
statism, syndicalism, situatianalism or whatever else. We should abolish these ridiculous de-focusing and distracting concepts and return to more natural ones - basic natural habits, tribalism, horizontal non-hierarchical organization, the basic, natural and very simple irrationally rational and primal idea of "we are all in this together".

We must. At least try. Time itself is running out. If we are to act it must be now. And by now it is understood the very second you read this. It's halfway through 2011. No matter where you look at it from, things will change, one way or the other because we're closer to a total annihilation more than ever before. Now the prophecy of the yet-to-be-named sin of taking the future away from our children's hands, of making this planet unfit for another generation of life, is about to be fulfilled.

A set of radical interpersonal actions may have to be undertaken specially by those already involved in activism and those who profoundly seek a global change. Jobs must me quit, rented houses deserted, personal monetary income should be at its minimal or non-existent, addictions should be challenged, etc... the above mentioned represent chains that keep individuals away from hitting bottom and blossoming like a phenix. Not having a lot involves robbing the system and sharing with one's comrades, solidarity is built from there. Having nothing to lose equals "all is a possibility". Having nothing to lose liberates. Having nothing to lose obliterates the past and future and revives the present.
Materialism should be overcome in search of lost human values. Tribalism and tribal values are to be (re)found.

The perspective, understanding and definition of life and existence must be reviewed and changed. New inspirations, desires and shapes will then arise from our liberated hearts.
(in later stages, planetary nationalism to be expected and avoided)


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