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EYFA Newsletter : May 2012 : on A Spring of Action


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.on A Spring of Action

As the weather gets warmer and the crisis in Europe shows no signs of
slowing down, resisting is heating up too. Days of Action and networking
events are happening all over the place, so get involved!

Below is a sampling of stuff happening in May. Do you know about something
else we should spread the word about? Email eyfa@eyfa.org and we'll add it
to the list or include it in our upcoming annual .on Summer Events



*1. Counter Congress 2012: Against the European Economic Congress
*2. Blockupy International Days of Action
*3. International Squat Convergence
*4. Anti-Frontex Days: Euro Apartheid 2012
*5. ANARCH Bookfair and Festival
*6. Baltic Anarchist Meeting
*7. Anarchist Pinksterlanddagen
*8. Baltic Pride


*1. Counter Congress 2012 - Against European Economic Congress
Katowice, Poland, May 13-16

Between May 14-16 the European Economic Congress will take place in
Katowice, PL. Over last few years it became the most important meeting
place of business and politics in Central Europe, with four and a half
thousand participants from Poland and abroad (among which, Robert J.
Shapiro, adviser to the US president Barack Obama). Behind the back of
ordinary people, financial and political elites will discuss EU financial
crisis, energy politics (including shell gas exploitation) , public health
and education system reforms, and competitiveness of the European economy.
More than one hundred journalists and TV stations will cover the event.
Once again, the most important issues for every European society will be
discussed by a narrow group of politicians and businessmen, and the
results of these discussions will be imposed on every one of us. Once
again, the elites expect us to duly accept the fact that we have no
control over our own lives.

We' re not going to accept this. That's why the members of Silesian
Anarchist Federation are organizing the CounterCongress - an international
gathering of activists resisting the authoritarian ideas behind the
European Economic Congress, the rule of financial and political elites and
the deepening inequality that results from present capitalist system.

Contact: antykongres@gmail.com


*2. Blockupy International Days of Action
Frankfurt, Germany, May 16-19
http://17to19m.blogsport.eu/ ; http://blockupy-frankfurt.org

We are calling for massive protests in Frankfurt this May against the
crisis regime of the European Union. On May 17 we will occupy parks and
main squares in the city center with our tents to create spaces for
discussion and exchange. On May 18 we will advance from different points
toward the financial district: our vision is a full blockade of the ECB
and all the other important financial institutions in Frankfurt to stop
their running business. On May 19 we will show our magnitude in a mass
demonstration and make it known that we will not allow our societies to be
destroyed by financial institutions.

For a transnational movement to end precarity and impoverishment!

For international solidarity, freedom and real democracy now!


*3. International Squat Convergence
Brighton, England, May 17-20

Following the success of previous squatting convergences across Europe
(Dijon '07, Leeds, Berlin '08 & Bristol '09) the Squatters Network of
Brighton (S.N.O.B) invites YOU for a weekend by the sea for the next
squatter convergence! With a bit of luck there should be some workshops
(nominate yourself to run one!) and plenty of opportunities to get rowdy
with your fellow squatters.

Celebrate squatting, meet squatters from all over the UK and other
countries, spread the word about what's going on in your city, and
mobilise for action against the squatting ban right on Mike Weatherly's
door step. In true squatter style this event will be focused on D.I.Y. and
autonomous ethos so bring ideas, friends and things to share.

For more information or if you want to get involved in organising, hosting
workshops or other events at the convergence please contact
convergencebrighton@riseup.net or phone 07583010898

Expect crowded floors and gak galore!


*4. Anti-Frontex Days: Euro Apartheid 2012
Warsaw, Poland, May 18-23

Throughout May and June of this year, Warsaw is to become the exhibition
center of European apartheid. During these months, as Euro 2012 fans take
in the international atmosphere of the tournament in beer parks especially
set up for them around the city, Frontex, headquartered in Warsaw, will
celebrate its 7th anniversary.

For last year's birthday festivities the agency organized "European Border
Guard's Day," a networking event with film screenings and presentations of
the newest border control technologies. This May, however, is of
particular importance as Euro 2012 will allow Warsaw itself to become a
showcase of segregation and discrimination, or the tactics of human
selection predicated by market value that European authorities call
migration management.

The Warsaw Noborder collective and occupied social center Syrena is
preparing a week of actions against Frontex and Euro Apartheid 2012.
Throughout the week starting on May 18th we will engage in direct creative
interventions in public space around Warsaw and various other activities,
including film screenings, discussions, book presentations and concerts.
We would like to invite you to join our action days and ask your
collective to support our financial expenses.

To know more about Anti-Frontex Days, visit:


*5. ANARCH Anarchist Book-Fair and Festival
Maribor, Slovenia, May 25-26

Pekarna magdalenske mreže, Maribor, Slovenia

An open call for participation to anarchist groups/organizations and
individuals, anarchist publishers and distribution. Federation for
anarchist organizing (FAO), an anarchist federation in Slovenia, is
organizing Anarh, anarchist book-fair and festival for the second year in
the row. Following the idea of decentralization this year's event will
take place in Maribor, the second largest city in Slovenia, at Pekarna
magdalenske mreže (Ob železnici 8).

The main concept of our event is a book-fair with anarchist
literature/materials and other autonomous production, cultural events,
public kitchen, different workshops and public discussions with guests
from Slovenia and abroad about open issues of capitalism and anarchist
alternatives to it.

We would like to invite you to support this event with your materials and

The stalls are of course free of charge; we are also arranging free
accommodations for visitors from abroad. We would like to host
individuals/groups with anarchist distributions (especially literature),
but if somebody has interests in other areas let us know. We are also
interested in your participation at the discussions and workshops. Any
other ideas are welcome!

All information you need is or will soon be available on our website.

Please contact us if you are interested in participation or if you have
any other questions or proposals.

Contact: inter@ a-federacija.org


*7. Anarchist Pinksterlanddagen

Appelscha, Netherlands, May 25-28


The Pinksterlanddagen is the Dutch annual anarchist gathering. Three days
of workshops, discussion, lectures, and a variety of stands from several
anarchist groups, libraries and distros. Always a varied program: from an
update on interesting debates in anarchofeminist literature, to accessible
practical activism workshops, historical lectures, legal support and what
not – the whole scope of the anarchist movement is represented. And yes,
music too! Plus other performances, and movies and more cultural
entertainment for the revolution. Cause well, if you can't dance…. And on
top of it all, there is an extensive program for kids as well.


*8. Baltic Pride
Riga, Latvia
May 30 – June 2
http://www.mozaika.lv ; http://www.balticpride.org

Programme of the Baltic Pride 2012 will be announced at the beginning of
May, 2012.

If you have any suggestions or you would like to support Baltic Pride
2012, please contact us via e-mail: balticpride2012@gmail.com or


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