Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dutch Bank and Authority Financial Market attacked with paint :)

Tonight we found this pamphlet (in Dutch) and we're putting it here for its news value:

A building of the Dutch Bank (at the Sarphatistraat) and the building of the Authority Financial Markets at the Weteringcircuit have been hit with paint tonight.

Both fulfil a malicious role in contemporary capitalism, and form a link between the state and private bankers. The Dutch Bank, amongst other things, gives money to the big bank corporations when they have that need, and try, with all sorts of measures, to guarantee the interests (=profit) of those corporations. The AFM is supposedly a watch dog of the state, but has shown in recent years that it does not care about the risks for the people, average people who do not enjoy the profits that flow from the risks that are being taken. The AFM is more like the maffia accountant: now and then, in the 'common interest' of the entire maffia, she will say something against certain capricious individuals, but all only to make the maffia function better.

We do not think to achieve anything major with these couple of paint bombs. Probably they won't even make it to the media. But we hope to inspire others, to make the struggle visible, and to hassle our enemies. The Amsterdamse Boefjes are getting excited again. But hopefully the same will happen in other cities.

The destruction of all the last social provisions in our society is now bigger and more radical than most of us have ever experiences in our life times. Take a nightly tour on your bike now and then for a small round of painting. Make our struggle visible, hassle our enemies, make it costly for them, and do not forget to enjoy yourself! Enough choices: temp agencies, police stations, villa neighborhoods, banks, your old employer that you so hate, media buildings, and so on.

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