Monday, January 23, 2012

Walk like a Somali

Walk like a Somali

Webradio Program on Friday Jan. 20th  from 4 p.m. till late

Live Webradio: M2M stream:

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Young Somali refugees who are forced to survive in the streets in Holland have taken the lead in organizing demonstrations and camps to demand their basic human rights. The Dutch right wing governments drive to harrass undocumented mighrants out of the country leads to thousands of humans from Somalia, Iran, Afghanistan, Guinee and other countries having to live on the street. There is no shelter for them in official centers and the charity shelters that existed before are at best full or had to close for lack of money. Or the first time in Dutch history a powerful and proud group of illegalized refugees has taken action in its own hands, demanding a chance to live.
On Friday 20th of January Dutch activists join hands with the Somali activists for a "Public Conspiratorial Meeting" on how to make a change in Dutch migration politics. Together we can walk tall!

No more human beings on the street without a chance to live here or in their homeland.

Join the show, come to Amsterdam on January 20th from 4 p.m. till after midnight.

Beat the Borders

Walk like a Somali!

Venue: OT301, Overtoom 301

Program and Info

Live stream with M2M Radio  and on Radio Patapoe at  FM in Amsterdam

Listen to Nuredin, Halad, Sarah and friends in Vught talking with Jo M2M:

part 1 Welcome!

part 2 Jump like a Somali!

part 3 Somali Anthem

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