Thursday, January 26, 2012

Awakening 7 Beat the Borders and Tantra

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We would continue with Beat the Borders in next show as well

Awakening i  Polonia   Aktywna
Awakening and Polonia Aktywna
Awakening it's a program on radio patapoe.It's talkactive. It means we talk for more than three hours, mainly about politics,squatting,activism,ecology,tolerance,human and animal rights,punk,spirituality,freedom,love,cultural life in Amsterdam.First we start with the agenda for the squatting scene in Amsterdam( not only),then we have some main subject,sometimes guests.The last ha we do as polish part in this language.The music what we are playing that mainly punk,but this is just as background(package) and in the breaks when we are preparing our self,equipment,material,etc.Patapoe is a pirate, underground,squatters radio. We are playing our program every Tuesday from 3.30pm till ~ 7.00pm. In Amsterdam You can listen us in the ether 88.3 FM and everywhere else on
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Invitation to our program Awakening in radio patapoe 88.3fm
To all positive organizations &
To whom it may concern,
If you would like to come to on our show called awakening to talk about, ecology, squatting, local politics, food, animal rights you are more than welcome.
Ps: There are also possibilities to make interviews through phone or skype
Pass this information further. Let the media to be free.

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Awakening MP3,agenda,mobilization for squatting days in 1 year of squatting ban.
Awakening MP3,agenda,True Nature,Parmaculture
Yes Men In Valreep
radio awakening every tue from 15.30~19.00 in radio patapoe 88.3 fm (links below)
Beat the Borders, Walk like a Somali!
Invitation for a Public Conspiracy

Young Somali refugees who are forced to survive in the streets
in Holland have taken the lead in organizing demonstrations and
camps to demand their basic human rights. The Dutch right wing
government's drive to harrass undocumented mighrants out of
the country leads to thousands of humans from Somalia, Iran,
Afghanistan, Guinee and other countries having to live on the street.
There is no shelter for them in official centers and the charity shelters
that existed before are at best full or had to close for lack of money.
For the first time in Dutch history a powerful and proud group of
illegalized refugees has taken destiny in its own hands, demanding a
chance to live.
On Friday 20th of January Dutch activists join hands with the Somali
activists for a "Public Conspiratorial Meeting" on how to make a
change in Dutch migration politics.

Together we walk tall!

January 20th 2012
OT301, address Overtoom 301, 1054HW Amsterdam
Open from 4 p.m. Till after Midnight
Public Debate starts at 8.30 p.m.

Live on Webradio Patapoe and M2M Radio

Program and Info at:

Entrance is free for the undocumented
Donations at the door
Bankaccount: St. M2M, Amsterdam ref: Walk like a Somali

"Mogadishu is one of the world's most dangerous places," said Leslie Lefkow,
senior Horn of Africa researcher at Human Rights Watch. "Returning people
there is not just risky; it's a potential death sentence. The Dutch authorities should
quickly reconsider this plan, which is at odds with their obligation to protect those

whose lives are at risk." (July 2010)

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