Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dutch weapons sales to dictators in Egypt etc.

The Dutch government plans to sell weapons to repressive regimes, including Egypt and Indonesia; like they have done in Bahrain before.

Dutch arms sales to dictatorships?

Translated from Nieuwsuur TV in the Netherlands:

"Unrest over arms deals

Added: Thursday, January 19, 2012, 15:02

In the Dutch Parliament alarm is growing about arms deals which the government is considering to make with countries that are controversial. Tonight in Nieuwsuur political reactions and conversations with the ministers Hillen and Rosenthal. Will they continue with those deals despite the opposition of the House?


Thus, the Netherlands are said to negotiate with Indonesia, about the sale of Leopard tanks discarded [by the Dutch army]. For Minister Hillen"

Minister of war … err … of "defence"

"this is interesting, because the proceeds from a possible deal could be used to soften cuts in the armed forces. Parliament has decided that supply to Indonesia is not allowed because the weapons can be deployed against its own people.


The MP Voordewind (Christian Union) has evidence that the Netherlands has plans to deliver to Egypt as well. Also on this country, Parliament ruled that arms deals are not currently allowed. Minister Rosenthal [of foreign affairs] has an afternoon meeting with Joel Voordewind, who proposed the decision on Egypt. Previously it had been showed that Dutch material was used during the unrest in Bahrain and in Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt."

So, earlier this year, the Dutch government decided to stop foreign aid to Egypt, which had continued all the time during the Mubarak dictatorship. The decision to stop the aid was just after the fall of Mubarak. It seemed the Rightist minority government in the Netherlands feared more democracy in Egypt. However, now that the military junta in Egypt continues with at least some of the brutal practices of Mubarak, they want to sell the top brass in Cairo Dutch arms.

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