Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Conceptagenda General Assembly Occupy Amsterdam Saturday januari 28th, 18:30

Saturday the 28th of January, at 18:30, there will be the next weekly General Assembly at Beursplein. Everyone is more than welcome to join and contribute!

If we publish the agenda in advance, this will make it easier for us to prepare for the General Assembly by thinking about the issues that will be discussed. This is why heyou find a concept version of the agenda.

Please suggest additional topics to it or share your feedback so that we can improve it. It really helps if for every agenda point there is a person who can introduce that point at the meeting. If you can do this for one or more of the points, Great! In that case, please let us know.

About the discussion points: it is important that these are prepared in advance by discussing them in smaller groups. We have found that discussions about new topics can take a lot of time. Of course in-depth discussion is very worthwhile, but we have to find a balance. It is too bad when the discussions in the GA get so long and heated that it tries people's patience.

So please, find some time to think about the discussion points during the week and to discuss them with others. Also, if you want to introduce a new discussion point, prepare it by discussing it in a smaller group. This will help you get a sense of what others think, and what aspects are important to work out further before introducing the topic in the GA.


  • Update about portacabins: during the meeting on the 21st of January, three people
  • offered to research the possibilities of using portacabins. Let's hear what they have to
  • tell us.
  • Update about the roster for taking care of our stuff and info point
  • Update about discussion-evening at Schijnheilig. See also www.
  • Update about contact with other Occupies nationally
  • Update about bank account Triodos:
  • Update finance: During the meeting on the 21st, Pepijn has offered to make a digital
  • spreadsheet for us to fill in and get a more detailed overview of our finances
  • Update action Occupy public transport
  • Update action February 11th
  • Update action fuck weapons, January 24th in The Hague

Discussion points

Rearrangement of tents etc in the camp: We are expecting to hear new information during the 'announcements' part of the meeting. We can discuss this further during the 'discussion' part of the meeting.
Finance: this was also discussed in the GA the 21th of January. Because we didn't fully reach agreement there, the topic has been put on the agenda again. Important points are:
- What agreements do we want to make about the way we want to use the
bank account that has been opened for us at Triodos bank?
- What do we want to use the money for that we receive as donations?
- What agreements do we want to make about the way we will administer and registrate the flow of donation money?

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