Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Klimaatactiekamp 6-11 juli Antwerpen



Capitalism is a system in crisis. Emissions increase, the social inequality grows, banks and multinationals continue to invest in fossil fuels. Emissions trading would not solve this problem. But there is also reason for optimism: the global climate movement is growing and is increasingly active. "System change, not climate change" is a message that sounds ever louder.

Climate Justice Action in recent years was the basis for a series of direct actions and two climate action camps. This year we chose the theme of offsetting and emissions trading. On the opening day of climate talks in CancĂșn we occupied the premises of IETA, a lobbying group for emissions trading.

Together with groeNoord and other partners (Ademloos, Climaxi, Climat et Justice Sociale, Masereelfonds and others), a climate action camp will come to Antwerp again this year. There will be focus on emissions trading and on the impact of road infrastructure for the livability of Antwerp.

The climate action camp will be one week full of interesting workshops, meeting people, ecological living and direct action. It will also be a lot of fun! You can contact us at  info@klimaatactiekamp.org

Come and save the St. Annabos!


Website: http://www.groenoord.be/

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